Just thought I would quickly update everyone on what is up. Just like the name, things have been pretty quiet lately. Really not much happening, and I guess in a way, it is good.

Labour Day Weekend, Anker and I joined my family in a short road trip to Salmon Arm, to help celebrate my dad's aunt's 80th birthday! It was a great time. Luke met up with us there, so that was really fun. We ended up going the family, as our car needed work done, and we didn't want to risk driving it. It was a fun short drive..talking about various things. Our family grew up with no T.V in the car, so even though I think the boys find it a bit boring, at least they aren't fighting over what movie to watch!! They always wanted us to talk and interact with one another, or read a book..lol. Mom and Dad were given the gift of the night in a motel, so we went there first, and had a quick swim in the pool. Anker had to quickly go and buy some swim shorts, first, though!! We ended up getting ready at the motel, as Anker and I were staying with dad's cousin, and we went there after the party.

The party was quite fun, and a great evening. Anker doesn't generally like crowds, and finds it hard to talk to people he doesn't know, but every time I looked at him, he was talking to someone, so I think he really enjoyed himself. I didn't sleep that night, due to my hernia bugging me, so I coughed pretty much all night. The next morning, there was to be a breakfast hosted at D's house, so we puttered around with that. Their house is beautiful, which they pretty much built from the ground up. So, the breakfast was wonderful, and it was great chatting with everyone. It rained for a few minutes, but it didn't dampen the spirits. There were a fair number of people there, so it was good to get some more visiting in. We left at about 11, and home around 1. I am soo glad we went, and hope to go back to visit them who live there again!!

Unfortunately, that was the start of my hernia bugging my again, which lasted for about a couple of weeks. I have found that pretty much losing weight "cures" it. I don't even know if the meds I take help. I have lost a few pounds, and I am determined to keep them off. For me, when it is bugging me, I cough A LOT, and I cough at night, so I don't sleep well. I also have a hard time (even more than normal) bending down, and walking is awful. So, I try to do what I can to keep the weight down, so I don't get "sick" again.

Other than the party, really not much has been going on with us. I am trying to get out a bit every day or every other day, just to get out, do something. Anker is usually home by 10 or 11 in the morning, so that means that we are home A LOT together. It's fine, but I also need time alone..lol. Often, I will go to Starbucks or Tim Hortons, and write or read. Or, I will run errands or have appointments in the afternoon. Sometimes, I will go to the park, and read, but that will be coming to a close, as it is getting COOLD!!

So, regarding my health, it seems that I am on more meds/vitamins/supplements than a 33 yr old should be, but what can you do? I started feeling better around the end of Sept, which totally made my mood better!! Even cleaning the house was easier!! I had a nerve test the 25th of September, and we find the results of that the end of October. I should have made the appt to see him the Monday after the test, but I didn't even think of it..so, now I have to wait until the 29th. I also will have to have a Lumbar Puncture, but I was too chicken to have it (a needle in my back..really??), so I cancelled it, and will chat w/ Dr. C about it on the 29th. Actually, there was more to it than that..I have heard people dying from having an LP. A friend of ours' daughter had one, and within a week, she was leaking spinal fluid..she was ok, though. I DO realize that I probably DO have to have this done...and will just have to "suck it up", I guess. One other thing I wanted to mention is that the numbing in my left leg seems to be more frequent. I have had this over a year, and I have no clue as to what it is. It used to only come once every few weeks, now, it's almost every day. And to top that off...my hair has been falling out for almost two months (or more..can't remember if I noticed it in July or Aug..I remember I was at my parents' place when I noticed it..it was on either one of those times), so I got my blood tested, and the only thing that was "wrong" was that I have low Iron, so I am taking iron now. I hope that helps. I can feel hair is getting thinner.

As for work, well, still NOTHING! I am still working with T.H.E.O, and there isn't really much to report. I finally talked with my case worker, and explained to him that I was finding this all very frustrating. They are suppose to advocate for you, re: getting work. I was referred to another worker there to help me apply for jobs (due to comp/program issues, i can't do it from home), and that was going well, but then she just "dumped" me. Anyway...I told this to him, and was very shocked, and would talk to her. I hope something comes up soon!!

We had a very lovely September, weather-wise, and the last few days have been VERY COLD!! I love this time of year...I love the fall colours, Thanksgiving, and yes, even Halloween!

I have been thinking of taking the ECE program next year, and the next couple of weeks, I will be doing some research on the job itself.

I have been volunteering at a seniors home, and I will be doing a bit more this month, so that will be fun. I am also teaching Sunday School one or two Sundays a month. We are also going to a four week marriage class, where we watch a funny movie about marriage:) It's really fun to be with other married couples..that for me, as been my dream!!

I think that about does it for now...sorry so long, but I guess since I go TOO long btwn posts, then it can get a bit long!!

Anker is doing well...his knee still bothers him, and he had a bad weekend of being sick..probably his IBS acting up, but for the most part, he is doing well.

Heading to the family's place tomorrow after church. My brother and his girlfriend will be there, as well as the rest of the family. Looking forward to spending it with the family.

I also wanted to say that I came across a blog earlier this summer, and I was quite moved by this story. www.caringbridge.org/visit/mccraeka. They are a lovely Christian family, who live in the Phoenix area. She is a 5 year old battling brain cancer.


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