Our Staycation Vacation

I thought I would quickly tell you about our little vacay we did last weekend. It was a great time, even if it was short:( Hopefully, next year, we can spend some more time away. It was a beautiful weekend, and we are really glad we did it.

On Thursday, and Friday, I madly dashed around cleaning, and organizing. Friday night, Anker's sister K, and her hubby, C, and their daughter G, stayed here. After meeting up, and then bringing them home, they got settled in, and then took us out for supper at White Spot!! It was so yummy, complete w/ Blueberry pie!! We also ended up going to the small carnival held at the local mall. Sadly, it closed about an hour after we got there, but G had some fun time going on the rides w/ her parents.

Saturday morning, we just hung out, and Anker made breakfast, while we all watched Star Wars. We didn't bother to rush, and just enjoyed lounging around, and the visiting time together. We showed them downtown Kamloops (they are from the Coast). We took them the Farmer's Market, one of our favourite bakeries, and a few other stores, as well as a quick grocery run. We left Kamloops at around 2 or so.

Drove to my family's place, and they stayed at the B&B, and Anker and I camped in my parents' backyard. Not really where we wanted to camp, but due to the fire ban, and various other reasons, we thought it might be the best place to camp. We got the tent/bedding up rather late, and Anker was tired, so we decided to go to bed..sadly, I didn't sleep. I don't know what it is...I just didn't sleep really much at all while we were away. It could have something to do w/ my cough...or just the thought of being out at night? The first two nights were cold..the last night wasn't as bad. So, I pretty much just laid there, and wished I had a light to read with!! (we actually DID have a fire in the bbq pit, since there really wasn't a ban, but Dad didn't want any fires on the ranch-it is sooo dry.) We did have a fire both nights, and enjoyed roasted marshmallows:)

Went to church on Sunday, and then went to one of the lakes to swim! Had a very nice time. Loved the water, wished we could have stayed longer. We packed a picnic lunch, which was oh so yummy!! Sunday night, went to the B&B and we all had supper together, and a nice visit.

Monday morning, we woke up to NO electricty. Apparently, the whole valley was out, and it didn't go on until 1 pm. Everyone brought out their camp stove (for breakfast and coffee), and K even made a fire in the stove at the cabin!! (anything for your coffee:)) They came down for a short tour, as G wanted to ride the pony. About 12:30, we went to Wells Gray Park. We saw two of the falls, and also went up to the very end of the road, (to Clearwater Lake) something I hadn't done in years, and of course Anker had never been up there before. We discovered there was a store, and a cafe, as well as a beautiful campsite!! We will definitely be going back to camp. We had a nice picnic, by the Clearwater River, accompanied by lots of Aphids!! Came home and got some of our food and went back up and we had a nice dinner w/ them again. We put our foods together, which was nice. Tuesday morning, we just hung out, and visited, and took the tent, etc, down, and then said good bye!!

So, that was it..nothing exciting. Just a nice trip, w/ Anker's sister.

Just a few other tidbits....

I worked my first day on my new job...it went really well. I work two days next week, and 3 days the week after. I didn't get the day salon job, which makes me upset, but I guess something better is around the corner.

The owners are wanting to sell the place we live in. We are hoping it is for investment, as we really don't want to move. We met w/ the realtor today, and we just talked about our options.

I got the results of my MRI today. Basically, they are inconlusive. They are wanting me to do a few more tests.

Tomorrow we (well, me for sure) are heading out to help celebrate my Aunt's 80th bday!! We are staying over night, and we have decided to go w/ my parents, so we can save on gas, and also, it needs serious brake job, being done on Tuesday. We are staying the night at my cousins, and some are staying in the hotel.

I think that's it for now!! Have a great Long Weekend:)


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