Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Long Weekend Wrap Up

Here is what happened this last wknd....

Friday I have no clue what I did, but I know I worked, so that took care of Friday aft/eve. I think I relaxed in the morning (after sleeping in), and then went to the library. I came home from work Friday at around 9:30.

Saturday, I took the car to get checked. Our coolant hose is "weeping", and I was a little considered about it. It is actually the A/C, and we would have to get a new hose, which would cost $400. We have decided to just keep putting coolant in :) I went to the beach, for few hours, which was totally fun. I swam, and sat in the sun for a few hours. I also read mags, and people watched. I left around 2:30, and ran into the library, then home for a bit. I was planning on looking after H in the evening, and I had also planned a trip to WM. I was going to leave a bit early, and head there first, but they called me and asked if I could come early, which was fine, but then I forgot to go to WM. Oh well. H and I had nachos and popcorn, and watched FROZEN. We played a few games of GUESS WHO, and then read a story, and a Bible story (he has the Kenneth Taylor Bible Story for kids, and they read a story each night...it is a great Bible for kids...and adults, too..I may or may not have read a story that I have never heard/read before!!) I watched FULL HOUSE (I asked if he could watch a few eps with me, and they said no...so I had to wait until he went to bed...which was fine). I am almost half-way through Season 1. I told them they could get me to look after H, so that I could watch the series :) Oh yah...and I also did our laundry, and they bought me a Starbucks at the end of the evening. They had a nice evening, too. They went to the mall, and to a movie :) I came home and I think went straight to bed.

Sunday, I went to church alone, as SOMEONE decided to stay up late and watch some series on SHOMI. SOMEONE was also grumpy :) So, I went alone...and I was late. Oops. It was a great sermon, and I really got something out if it. I also found a bunch of Reading Plans....it is the like the mecca of of Bible Reading plans..Love it. I went to WM, where I got magazines...I haven't bought magazines (except for WW) in months. I also grabbed a few groceries. I came home, and dropped them off, and Anker was sleeping, so I grabbed a few things, and went off to K's bday part

 ****K, it is now 2 weeks later, but I am still insisting that I write this*****

***well, it is has been over a month, but I am bound and determined to get this written up****

...y...yes, I meant to put the "y" there...you know..to finish the word/sentence. LOL.

So, after dropping stuff off/picking things up, I went to K's bday party, which was nearly in our own back yard. We had a lovely time of eating, talking, swimming (for some of us), and soaking up the sun...and eating some more. The weather was dicey, but it warmed up as we were there. The gathering was at the end of Tranquille Farms, at the end (or start of) Kamloops Lake. It was actually at a creek/river, called Tranquille River (which we thought was more of a creek). We had a lovely time. Here are some of the pictures..
 Kamloops Lake.
 This used to be a sanitorium/mental hospital (their words, not mine).
 I love this creek/river. I almost wished that I had brought my swimsuit (that was in the car), so I could go for a dip.
What would a campfire be without a smore, made with homemade marshmallows?

The adults went for a walk/swim, and I offered to stay with H and his friends. Oh...my camping chair also broke that day, so that was sad.

I have no idea on what I did when I got home. I probably did what I normal do....watch tv, etc. I think that was the day that I watched some CTM.

So...that was my/our weekend!!!

Yes, it took me over a month to get this finished. No, I really don't care! LOL.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Five on Friday!

Hi everyone!!!

This will be super short, with no pictures, b/c I SHOULD ALREADY be in bed, as I am this is my "work weekend", buuuut, you know on how I can't resist doing an FOF! I will do the link ups with the host bloggers tomorrow....but for now.here is the list.

1) Gilmore Girls

I am probably the LAST PERSON in all of the First World Countries who haven't watched the entire series, but I am doing just that. I wanted something light and fluffy, but not too stupid, and I have been wanting to try GG for awhile, and I finally started it this last week. I have watched a few episodes, so I do know the basic SL, so at least I am not going in it COMPLETELY blind. I love it. I probably won't buy all the seasons, but I do love it. I love Michel, and I cannot get over on how STUFFY Emily is! LOL. Even though it is a young adult series, I can totally appreciate it...I talk fast, I grew up in a small town, and though I don't have kids, I can definitely appreciate the mother-daughter dynamic.

2) Time With Friends

I went to my friend T's for the first time in two weeks on Weds, and we are going through TBBT apparently, which could take years, if we are going to keep meeting every two weeks. LOL. Yes, gone are the weeks when we would hang out every day. With me being back at work, I have been not as free as I was in late winter/spring/early summer. We did have a nice time, though, and I did stop to get us treats :)

3) New Tunes.

I am probably the only person who doesn't own an iPod. I love my CDs, thankyouverymuch :) Anyway, I bought KU's CD that came out in May. It isn't my fave, but hey, it's KU, and I have had all of his CDs, so I HAD to get this one. At least I have new music.

4) Time With H

I hung out with H today. I took him to Tim Hortons, and he was THRILLED! I went to Walmart, and I had planned on buying him something, but btwn what he wanted (too expensive, weapons), and I what I wanted to buy him (cheap, no weapons), there wasn't much choice. I have promised him that we will go the dollar store next time we are together.

5) Warm Weather/Beach Time

I kind of already said this another post, but I went to the beach last Sunday after church. I had a lovely time, and it was a HOT day! I only go to the beach when it is hot, no clouds, and no wind. I had fun!!! It has been HOT this week, too!!! It is supposed to get up to 34c tomorrow! EEK!!! Did I mention that I love working in an INDOOR A/C'd place? :)

6) Medal Count 

I am very proud of our Canadian Athletes this week. We have 21! We would have had 22, but one athlete got bumped, then he bumped someone else, so he lost his medal. Hubby thinks that there won't be anymore...I am hoping for at least one more :)

Have a great wknd, everyone!!!

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Highlights From This Past Wk (or is it Last?)

I have a few posts that I am in the middle of, and, even though I know I should finish them, I am going to do this one; cause I wanna :)

So...I know you have all been missing my blog posts and pictures! Ha! Well, never you fear, b/c I am still posting stuff on FB, and IG. So, hop on over there and take a look!!

Here are some highlights from this last week:

Monday, Mom took me out for brunch at Denny's. I wish I could say that I had a health meal, but sadly, I did not. It was good, though..and we had a nice talk for an hour.

Tuesday, I met up with K at the library, and we hung out, talked, and I read, and she did work. H had a soccer camp all this last wk, so she spent her mornings on this side of town. Hubby made (purple) cabbage rolls and pierogies for supper. They were VERY good!

Wednesday, I went to SIPS at church, then went to our only really good mall in this town for a walk about, then grabbed a light lunch at a local cafe/bakery/coffee shop, Zack's Coffee, and then did some Wal-Mart shopping. Wednesday evening, I went to a friends surprise birthday party, which was held at her house. I spent an hour there, then went to the park for a bit.

Thursday, I spent some of the morning/early aft outside in our yard, reading (what else?) magazines. I haven't spent much time out there...usually bc I am doing stuff on my laptop in the house, or watching TV, or, I have some other lame excuse. Then, I met a friend for a light lunch, and we spent a good couple of hours catching up. I hadn't seen her in awhile, so it was fun to spend some time with her. I went to the park, and then K invited us for supper. I ended up twisting Anker's arm, so we both ended up going, which was really nice. We had a lovely evening with them, and we even played a game of UNO (H is learning, so cute).

Friday, was pay day, and what a pay day it was, I got some money from all my past lieu days given to me from when I was off sick. That was Sa-weet!!! I met my SIL C, at Starbucks "up the hill", and we visited for an hour or so. She had things to do, and I had to work, so it wasn't a long time, but a good time :) LOL. Work went well, and it went fairly fast, which was nice.

Saturday, I met my friends for coffee and a light lunch at McD's, at yet another part of town, then I went to the library for a couple of hours. I ended up babysitting H, and I also got a free supper, and a free coffee from them when they got home :) I also got out their popcorn maker, and had me a big ol' bowl of popcorn :) Oh yah, I also am liking Grape Seed Oil...I wouldn't mind buying it, but I don't know what else I could use it in, except for popcorn (they have one of those turnaround popcorn things similar to this). I watched FULL HOUSE, which I have discovered is on NF (which we don't have), and I told them that I would be happy to watch H, so I can watch it. I am in the middle of season 1..only 6.5 more seasons to go!!! Oh the 80's hair! The outfits!! And to think that I lived through that!!! Anyway...H and I had a short but sweet time. We watched some Veggietales' Silly Songs with Larry, and I read him a story. He is so cute, and chill!!! Anyway...when A and K came home, they bought me a coffee/mocha from PDK Cafe. It was SO good!!! We had a quick chat, and then I went to Wal-Mart again to get a few things. I bought this weeks magazines. It has been awhile (ok, a few weeks) since I have done that, and I am trying to not do it nearly as much as I used to, but every once in awhile, I cave. Besides, it has the JonBenet Ramsay case on it. I HAD to get it...I am really enthralled with that case...and so is my mom. Did you know that her dad is a Christian, and he wrote a book a few years back? I got it out of the library, and I only read through parts of it, but it was quite good.

Today (Sunday) I went to church, then to Starbucks, then to the park/beach for a few hours. I read, I swam, I got tanned :) Fun times!!

The week has been pretty warm for the most part. FINALLY! We have had some not-so-great weather since, oh I don't know..early July?...and it is nice to have some decent weather (it actually hasn't been THAT bad, and I do like to remind people that...buuut...it certainly hasn't been in the 30's...or at least when it has been also been sunny...for awhile, that's for sure.

Anker has had a bit of a rough week, but he has cut down his smoking to almost half! He is on the patch right now, and he has been doing pretty well at it. He still smokes in the morning, and evening, but at least he is trying. He didn't come to church with me today, as he has started up one of his meds again, which made him really tired after he took it (oops!). I hope that we can get back into BOTH going to church together really soon!

We are both watching the Olympics, though I haven't been as into them as I normally am. I am very proud of on how well Canada has been doing...13 medals already..ok, I know that's not much, but we are just over a week in.."they" were/are predicting that "we" get 19-22, so we are getting there!!! I also love on how well they are all doing in showing true sportsmanship (HS, I'm looking at you!!). I am so proud!!! The Winter Olympics are "our" thing, anyway :) I like to PVR them, then watch my favourite sports when I feel like it.

I am still watching my regular shows...Y&R, Motive, Dateline, 20/20..JJ. I also am thinking of starting up Frasier again. I was in the middle of Season 3 when I stopped back in May. I am also thinking of starting up another series. A friend of mine was watching Gossip Girl...then there is of course, Gilmore Girls...and I love my some Murder, She Wrote...but I am looking for something else...:) Any suggestions (I don't have NF, so please no, NF-only shows, though I guess you can probably get most of those now on DVD...and no OITNB..lol). I am thinking of trying Outlander. My SIL was talking to me about it...and she thinks that I might like it...so, maybe?

Our garden is growing..slowly, but surely. Hubby canned beets the other day. We also are getting some tomatoes :) Yum!!! He also moved the sunflowers over, and they are now by our bedroom window, so I love to look at them. Again, hope over to my IG Feed and take a look!!

I will try to do a picture-only post sometime this week.

So, that's a little update on us, and how we are doing.

Five on Friday

Yes, I am still blogging :) I just haven't been in as into it. I have a few drafts, that are half way done, but I just need the push (or something) to finish them. Anyway...I hope everyone is having a great summer. Ours is ok...it is definitely up and down, but I know that God is carrying us, so I try to not worry :)

Here are my five for this last wk:

Olympic Devotions:

I have a couple of Olympic Devotions that I found on YV Bible App a couple of weeks ago. They are really good, and I love hearing about Christian Olympians.

The Olympics:

Uh..duh..the Olympics!! Hubby has them on all day every day :) I don't seem to be as into them as I normally am, but I do PVR them, and watch the highlights, etc.

13 Medals:

We have 12 medals!!! And most of them are from women! Women power, and all that!!!

Date Night:

Actually we went on two date nights in the last couple of weeks. Last Friday, we went to a local Mexican Restaurant for supper, and then to the Drugstore for a shopping spree. I am telling you, we like to live large, people!!!  Then on Thursday, A and K invited us for supper. I had to twist Anker's arm in coming, but he came! We had a lovely time, and we stayed much longer than I thought we would.

Back to Work:

B2W is actually going pretty well. Even my first 2-12 hour shifts that I worked last wknd went well, so that was pretty awesome.  I am really surprised, and I am proud of myself for going back, and I am making my family and friends proud of me, so, that makes me feel good! I am trying really hard to not get stressed out, and just enjoy to days off, and not take ony extra shifts. I like my c-worker who I work with most of the time (there is always two on staff/working), so that is a plus.

Those are the FOF for/of this last wk!!

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