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Long Weekend Wrap Up

Here is what happened this last wknd....

Friday I have no clue what I did, but I know I worked, so that took care of Friday aft/eve. I think I relaxed in the morning (after sleeping in), and then went to the library. I came home from work Friday at around 9:30.

Saturday, I took the car to get checked. Our coolant hose is "weeping", and I was a little considered about it. It is actually the A/C, and we would have to get a new hose, which would cost $400. We have decided to just keep putting coolant in :) I went to the beach, for few hours, which was totally fun. I swam, and sat in the sun for a few hours. I also read mags, and people watched. I left around 2:30, and ran into the library, then home for a bit. I was planning on looking after H in the evening, and I had also planned a trip to WM. I was going to leave a bit early, and head there first, but they called me and asked if I could come early, which was fine, but then I forgot to go to WM. Oh well. H and I had nachos an…

Five on Friday!

Hi everyone!!!

This will be super short, with no pictures, b/c I SHOULD ALREADY be in bed, as I am this is my "work weekend", buuuut, you know on how I can't resist doing an FOF! I will do the link ups with the host bloggers tomorrow....but for is the list.

1) Gilmore Girls

I am probably the LAST PERSON in all of the First World Countries who haven't watched the entire series, but I am doing just that. I wanted something light and fluffy, but not too stupid, and I have been wanting to try GG for awhile, and I finally started it this last week. I have watched a few episodes, so I do know the basic SL, so at least I am not going in it COMPLETELY blind. I love it. I probably won't buy all the seasons, but I do love it. I love Michel, and I cannot get over on how STUFFY Emily is! LOL. Even though it is a young adult series, I can totally appreciate it...I talk fast, I grew up in a small town, and though I don't have kids, I can definitely appreciate the …

Highlights From This Past Wk (or is it Last?)

I have a few posts that I am in the middle of, and, even though I know I should finish them, I am going to do this one; cause I wanna :)

So...I know you have all been missing my blog posts and pictures! Ha! Well, never you fear, b/c I am still posting stuff on FB, and IG. So, hop on over there and take a look!!

Here are some highlights from this last week:

Monday, Mom took me out for brunch at Denny's. I wish I could say that I had a health meal, but sadly, I did not. It was good, though..and we had a nice talk for an hour.

Tuesday, I met up with K at the library, and we hung out, talked, and I read, and she did work. H had a soccer camp all this last wk, so she spent her mornings on this side of town. Hubby made (purple) cabbage rolls and pierogies for supper. They were VERY good!

Wednesday, I went to SIPS at church, then went to our only really good mall in this town for a walk about, then grabbed a light lunch at a local cafe/bakery/coffee shop, Zack's Coffee, and then did…

Five on Friday

Yes, I am still blogging :) I just haven't been in as into it. I have a few drafts, that are half way done, but I just need the push (or something) to finish them. Anyway...I hope everyone is having a great summer. Ours is is definitely up and down, but I know that God is carrying us, so I try to not worry :)

Here are my five for this last wk:

Olympic Devotions:

I have a couple of Olympic Devotions that I found on YV Bible App a couple of weeks ago. They are really good, and I love hearing about Christian Olympians.

The Olympics:

Uh..duh..the Olympics!! Hubby has them on all day every day :) I don't seem to be as into them as I normally am, but I do PVR them, and watch the highlights, etc.

13 Medals:

We have 12 medals!!! And most of them are from women! Women power, and all that!!!

Date Night:

Actually we went on two date nights in the last couple of weeks. Last Friday, we went to a local Mexican Restaurant for supper, and then to the Drugstore for a shopping spree. I …