Long Weekend Wrap Up

Here is what happened this last wknd....

Friday I have no clue what I did, but I know I worked, so that took care of Friday aft/eve. I think I relaxed in the morning (after sleeping in), and then went to the library. I came home from work Friday at around 9:30.

Saturday, I took the car to get checked. Our coolant hose is "weeping", and I was a little considered about it. It is actually the A/C, and we would have to get a new hose, which would cost $400. We have decided to just keep putting coolant in :) I went to the beach, for few hours, which was totally fun. I swam, and sat in the sun for a few hours. I also read mags, and people watched. I left around 2:30, and ran into the library, then home for a bit. I was planning on looking after H in the evening, and I had also planned a trip to WM. I was going to leave a bit early, and head there first, but they called me and asked if I could come early, which was fine, but then I forgot to go to WM. Oh well. H and I had nachos and popcorn, and watched FROZEN. We played a few games of GUESS WHO, and then read a story, and a Bible story (he has the Kenneth Taylor Bible Story for kids, and they read a story each night...it is a great Bible for kids...and adults, too..I may or may not have read a story that I have never heard/read before!!) I watched FULL HOUSE (I asked if he could watch a few eps with me, and they said no...so I had to wait until he went to bed...which was fine). I am almost half-way through Season 1. I told them they could get me to look after H, so that I could watch the series :) Oh yah...and I also did our laundry, and they bought me a Starbucks at the end of the evening. They had a nice evening, too. They went to the mall, and to a movie :) I came home and I think went straight to bed.

Sunday, I went to church alone, as SOMEONE decided to stay up late and watch some series on SHOMI. SOMEONE was also grumpy :) So, I went alone...and I was late. Oops. It was a great sermon, and I really got something out if it. I also found a bunch of Reading Plans....it is the like the mecca of of Bible Reading plans..Love it. I went to WM, where I got magazines...I haven't bought magazines (except for WW) in months. I also grabbed a few groceries. I came home, and dropped them off, and Anker was sleeping, so I grabbed a few things, and went off to K's bday part

 ****K, it is now 2 weeks later, but I am still insisting that I write this*****

***well, it is has been over a month, but I am bound and determined to get this written up****

...y...yes, I meant to put the "y" there...you know..to finish the word/sentence. LOL.

So, after dropping stuff off/picking things up, I went to K's bday party, which was nearly in our own back yard. We had a lovely time of eating, talking, swimming (for some of us), and soaking up the sun...and eating some more. The weather was dicey, but it warmed up as we were there. The gathering was at the end of Tranquille Farms, at the end (or start of) Kamloops Lake. It was actually at a creek/river, called Tranquille River (which we thought was more of a creek). We had a lovely time. Here are some of the pictures..
 Kamloops Lake.
 This used to be a sanitorium/mental hospital (their words, not mine).
 I love this creek/river. I almost wished that I had brought my swimsuit (that was in the car), so I could go for a dip.
What would a campfire be without a smore, made with homemade marshmallows?

The adults went for a walk/swim, and I offered to stay with H and his friends. Oh...my camping chair also broke that day, so that was sad.

I have no idea on what I did when I got home. I probably did what I normal do....watch tv, etc. I think that was the day that I watched some CTM.

So...that was my/our weekend!!!

Yes, it took me over a month to get this finished. No, I really don't care! LOL.


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