Five on Friday

Yes, I am still blogging :) I just haven't been in as into it. I have a few drafts, that are half way done, but I just need the push (or something) to finish them. Anyway...I hope everyone is having a great summer. Ours is is definitely up and down, but I know that God is carrying us, so I try to not worry :)

Here are my five for this last wk:

Olympic Devotions:

I have a couple of Olympic Devotions that I found on YV Bible App a couple of weeks ago. They are really good, and I love hearing about Christian Olympians.

The Olympics:

Uh..duh..the Olympics!! Hubby has them on all day every day :) I don't seem to be as into them as I normally am, but I do PVR them, and watch the highlights, etc.

13 Medals:

We have 12 medals!!! And most of them are from women! Women power, and all that!!!

Date Night:

Actually we went on two date nights in the last couple of weeks. Last Friday, we went to a local Mexican Restaurant for supper, and then to the Drugstore for a shopping spree. I am telling you, we like to live large, people!!!  Then on Thursday, A and K invited us for supper. I had to twist Anker's arm in coming, but he came! We had a lovely time, and we stayed much longer than I thought we would.

Back to Work:

B2W is actually going pretty well. Even my first 2-12 hour shifts that I worked last wknd went well, so that was pretty awesome.  I am really surprised, and I am proud of myself for going back, and I am making my family and friends proud of me, so, that makes me feel good! I am trying really hard to not get stressed out, and just enjoy to days off, and not take ony extra shifts. I like my c-worker who I work with most of the time (there is always two on staff/working), so that is a plus.

Those are the FOF for/of this last wk!!

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