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Summer's Here!

Thought I would post a bit on what is going on.

We are FINALLY getting summer weather here. SOOO and sunny. A and I are planning on going camping for much of this week. There is a campground about a half hour away, which is perfect. We have never been to this campground before, so we are looking forward to it. This will probably be our only MAJOR camping trip this summer. We will be going to my parents early next month, and tenting, but we will be hanging out with the family for a lot of won't be doing a lot of camping meals. I have to work Mon and Thurs next week, but at least it's not far to go back and forth. We are hoping that his sister and family will come and join us.

Canada Day was pretty quiet. We didn't end up going down town, mainly b/c we didn't want to fight the crowds. We just stayed home..I went to church...and we went out for ice cream and a walk around the park, and then we saw the fireworks at night.

Last Saturday, I treated my dad to…