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A New Yaer

We never even made it until midnight last night. Hubby fell asleep on the couch, as we watched "Prince Caspian", and I went to bed shortly after. We had plans on going to church today, but we both slept in (and I never even woke up) until 10:40...that NEVER happens!!! I guess I was sleeping off my cold, and my burn (I burnt my finger the other day, and I have this HUGE blister).

There are a lot of things on my mind today...and I can't even share them w/ my hubby. I don't really know where to start, really...Christmas went well..I got sick a few days before, so that was a bit of a damper. Oh well..we had a good time, anyway..we had a white Christmas at the ranch, and it even snowed a few times. The roads were good there and back, and the car behaved..we got some nice gifts..ate yummy food, had lots of laughs...and generally had a good time. We 5 sisters spent some time together...we all got to see Hayden enjoy his first Christmas. We also stayed in the B&B cabin in…