Monday, July 29, 2013

Miscellany Monday (AKA: Brain Dump), our Anniversary Date, and a Contest/Giveaway

Happy Monday! Be prepared for a brain dump, and pictures of our Anniversary:)

I am linking up with for my weekly MM:)

First, I would like to congratulate my blogger/Facebook Friend Stacy over at on the birth of their 6th baby, Ezra.

So, on to the post of the day. I was going to do this post in the form of a letter to my "subjects", but I didn't think it was going to fit this time.

I started watching Hot in Cleveland last night. I have seen a few eps before, and I loved it, and I wanted to watch it from the beginning. It is quite sad that our library only has the first few seasons.

I just heard that Hudson's Bay is going to buy Saks. I wish they would buy Tiffany:)

I also just heard that golfer Hunter Mahan left his golf game (while he was in the lead, no less!) to be with his wife at the birth of their daughter. I am so proud of him. What a guy!

The fruit I am having is amazing right now. We are having local cherries and blueberries, which taste so good! The grapes (not local) are amazing!!

Soft Cider is my new favourite cider. We had it for our anniversary date, and it was very good.

Kaluha pie is simply amazing! It cost us $8, and worth every penny.

I think I am obsessed with blogging. I found a great post by one of the many blogs I follow in relating to being a blogger. Go on over and take a read. I am constantly thinking about my next post, and how I am going to formulate it, what I am going to blog about, and on what day.

That being said, does anyone else feel overwhelmed with things they "have" to do? Between the books I bring home from the library, the movies I bring home from the library, or the magazines I bring home from the library, all the shows that I have on my PVR, plus work, hanging with my hubby, cleaning the house (wait, I have to clean my house??), I just feel overwhelmed, and have no idea on what (or if) I should do first. Yesterday while in church, my thoughts were consumed with "stuff". I really don't like that feeling at all. I wasn't anxious or anything, I just had a lot on my mind. Does anyone else while in their house of worship (or any place that requires your attention) get inundated with stuff they have to do?

I am half way through my Nicholas Sparks book, Safe Haven, and it is such a great read! This is his first book that I have fully read by him (I did start The Note Book, but I couldn't quite get into it, plus I was still in school at the time), and I think he is my new favourite author, plus he is cute to look at:)

We might go camping this weekend. We haven't been camping all summer, and we like to go at least once a summer. It is a lot of work, but in the end, it is nice to get away.

We have re-discovered a lake near us that we may go camping at this summer. Hubby also has a week off in August, so we might camp there after the long wknd. It is close enough that I can come in for work, if needed (and even closer than the lake we camped at last year).

I hear of all these series on Netflix, or on the web, and I am always cautious when I hear this. Why isn't it good enough for TV?

I am very glad that our provincial campgrounds (picnic area) have taken out the paid parking. The government actually taking something ("bad") away? Shocking! This happened a few years ago:)

I am SO glad that Kate came out of the hospital with Baby Cambridge looking some-what normal. I am glad she didn't hide her "mummy tummy", and that she didn't look all made up. She looked like she had given birth, like any normal mother does. Go, Kate!

They named him Prince George Alexander Louis. Our B.C town of Prince George is having a heyday with this. Every time I see or hear or read his name, I will think of the city. That cracks me up. Prince George (the city) was named after Queen Elizabeth's father, which I think is very fitting.

Our Anniversary:

We were going to go out for dinner, but because I had to fill the car with gas, and get SOME groceries, we didn't have enough to really justify to go out (it would have cost us $70). I thought of the next best thing: A picnic. We had already bought a chicken dinner the night before, we already had the main dish. We bought some fun cheese, soft cider, grapes, and the pie (see above) and we went to a lake about 20 minutes away (again, see above). It was a great decision, and I am so glad we did it. I was just thinking that we would just have it in a park in town, but he surprised me by saying he wanted to go to the lake. This is the same lake that we went to on our 3rd anniversary. You can read about it here had a really nice time. We spent time after dinner and walked the lake and wandered around. We spent our time on the way down, and took pictures of the sunset. We came home very tired and very full, but it was a great evening. We let ourselves off the hook in getting each other cards and gifts this year, which helped things. Here are some pictures of the evening.
Our Dinner. It was very good!!
                                                            The view of the lake.
                               Our food. It probably doesn't look that good, but it really was.
                                                   Grapes and Cherrires....soooo good!
                                            Our Kaluha Pie. Yah, it was pretty amazing!

                          We drink our cider in plastic cups, because we are cool like that:)
                                                       A selfie of the two of us:)

                                                                      The geese!
                                                         The sunset/fire in the sky

So, on to the contest/giveaway part of the blog:

I would love to get more followers. I only have 7. I know a fair amount of people read this blog, but I would love some followers. Is that selfish? Maybe, but I am going to try this and see how (or if) it goes. So, I will give away an Avon product to the person who is the 25th person to follow this blog. What I will give away, I am not sure yet (I have to look in my stock!), but it will be something neat. I think I can figure out who is the most recent person who has followed, so when I see the 25th person, I will comment or email you (if you think you are the 25th person, you can do the same...). So, follow away!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Ten Things of Thankful-Marriage Edition

Since today is our Anniversary, and I am reading Safe Haven (about a woman who has left her very abusive husband) right now, I thought I would blog about the TTT in/of our marriage. My husband is (and isn't) a lot of things, but he is kind, caring, and loves me for who I am.

I am thankful for....

1. That Hubby honestly doesn't care on what (or how much) I spend my money on. He only cares if we are really strapped, then we are both really careful.

2. Even though I am overweight, and not a healthy weight, he loves me anyway.

3. Although I sometimes wish he were the bedroom, I am thankful that he doesn't demand "it" every night.

4. He doesn't care what I do with my time. I can be out all day, and other than for safety reasons, he doesn't care whether I check in or not (but I usually do).

5. He loves my family, and WANTS to spend time with them.

6. He doesn't care on WHO I spend time with. We do have an understand that we don't spend time with the opposite sex alone (without others present..unless it is family, of course!), but other that he doesn't care.

7. I am thankful that he stood by me when I go really sick 3 1/2 years ago. He was by my side nearly every day. He could have flaked out, and decided to let my family handle it, but he was there (to be fair, he does hate hospitals, and only visits very close relatives while they are in them).

8. I am thankful that when the doctors told me that I couldn't (shouldn't) have kids, he still stuck by me.

9. He doesn't go to bars or look at nasty things on the net or TV.

10. He puts up with my magazine-Starbucks addiction craze.

10+1. He loves me. Just as I am.

Friday, July 26, 2013

5 on Friday, and SUYL

Hello, Fellow (ess??) Bloggers!! Happy Friday! (or as Paul Harvey used to say "It's Friday!).

I am linking up with for SUYL this week, as well as my 5 on Friday with the girls:)

My NEW favourite song this week is from Point of Grace. I am not ashamed to say that I have almost all their CD's save for their favourite hits CD, and a Christmas CD or two (I think they have 4 Xmas CDS out!!).
I have listened to it...oh I don't know..about 10 times this week? In my car. Alone.
I made my own iced coffee this week. Milk, coffee and Equal and it was devine! It was really good!!!

                The Royal Baby; Prince George. Yes, I AM the person that bought (or rather, will buy, since it isn't out quite yet) the People Magazine and US Weekly Mags. Despite my infertility issues, I didn't seem to have a problem with watching/seeing it on TV. I know a lot of other of my infertile friends did, and I feel for them...I guess this week has been a good week. Also, with all the horrible news going on, I figured that the world was due for some good news.
I am reading (and LOVING) my first Nicholas Sparks book that I have read. I did start on the Notebook, but I was in school, so I didn't/couldn't quite get into it. I am reading Safe Haven, and it very good. He sometimes gets a bit too detailed, but it is overall a good book. Plus, he is pretty easy on the eyes, too:) (I am also waiting to get the movie from the library..soon!)
I got a ton of magazines from the library this week. It isn't different than the usual, but these were bright and shiny and new (ish). Anyway, I am having fun looking through them this week.
I know that I have already mentioned it this week, but definitely one of the highlights (favourites) of my week was spending time with my sisters! I was able to steal a few photos from K, who took some more pictures of us...
Having supper, before being driven in by the wasps.

A parting shot. We were just missing one sister.

One of us on the dock.


I am loving Amazing Race Canada. LOVE it. Hubby has gotten bored of the Amazing Race in general, but I still love it!! Plus, John Montgomery is pretty cute, too:)
Just because I am in a good mood, it is our anniversary wknd, and it is payday, here is one more...the sunset last night was amazing (ok, I was a little late, but it was still pretty.

Ok, so on to the next subject of my post:)
This week, it is all about our favourite Charities and Non-Profits. I wasn't going to participate this week, partly because we don't give a lot (mainly because we are so strapped a lot of the time ourselves), but we DO give when we can.
Here are a few of our favourites right now. I don't know how to encrypt, so here are the links...
World Vision Canada. We are sponsoring a little boy in Uganda. We love WVC. They do awesome work.
Our local hospital (RIH) foundation. Trust me. They need the money. Whenever there is something going on in town, where they have proceeds going to the RIHF, we try to go, or at least, try to give.
Ronald McDonald House Canada. When I was sick (as a baby) I don't think there was a place for Mom to stay when she visited me. I totally believe in this, and what they do for families. Every McHappy Day, we go and eat a Big Mac for the kids. It is the least we can do.
That being said, there are a few places (DQ, Wendy's) that do promotions for kids Children's Wish Foundation, and Miracle Network Dream Lift Day, and send Kids to Camp, etc. We do try to go to those when we can, and when we know they are happening.
Another thing we do (although not all the time) is give or support our local Mission. It is an awesome place that helps people (and houses men..the women's house is called House of Ruth) in our community.
Well, I think that is enough words for today:) Have a wonderful Friday! I will be doing Ten things of Thankful:Marriage/Anniversray Edition.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Our Love Story and Our Wedding

I have been wanting to do a wedding post, since I had seen one done on a blog awhile back, and since it is our anniversary on Saturday, I thought that today would be a good day to do it. I was just thinking that I should have probably have done a love story post; but since I don't have time this week (you know, with 5 on Friday, and Ten Things of Thankful, I am a very busy blogger!!), I will combine two in one. I also think that I have already done a post on our love story. But I will do the Readers Digest Version:

We met online (through a dating site), and chatted online over the summer of 2006. He had moved to our town from Alberta a year or so before, and was living in the church that he was attending. Well, I moved closer to where he lived; from one area of the city to another, and we started talking on the phone. A lot. Then we met. Our first date was a bit awkward, but we seemed to hit it off, so we met up again. We knew we wanted to get married in November, and December we were unofficially engaged, and in January, he gave me a ring!! Yah, I know, it was fast; maybe a little too fast.

We set the date for the end of July, and hence, the wedding planning started! Since I had wanted to be married since I was, oh I don`t know, 5, I couldn't wait to plan the wedding! I only wish the Pinterest at been around to have helped me with the wedding! I had fun planning the wedding, and lots of people came to our need and helped plan, gave us ideas, etc.

Date: July 27, 2007
Yah, we did things differently and got married on a Friday. The main reason was that my dad is a pastor, and we wanted him to rest the next day. I also wanted to get married in Sept/Oct (I wanted a fall wedding), but because people in our family were going to school, etc, the summer was the best time. It was also the HOTTEST day of the summer!

Place, Our Church we were (and still are) Going; Our Town

I originally wanted to get married around our farm, or at least near where I grew up, and to have our pictures on some of our property, but it didn't work out that way. In the end, it was a good idea, since only a few wks, prior, we all came home from Ontario from my brother and SIL's wedding, so going a couple of hours was a piece of cake. Our church was VERY gracious in hosting and providing the place, food, etc. We were very blessed.

Colour (s): Blue (with cream accents) Again, this was not my original colour, as I wanted green or purple, but we couldn't find attendants dresses in either of those colours, and when we found a really nice blue dress that fit our budget (less than $100) and fit each of the girls, well, I resigned to having that colour. Sadly, while scrolling through my pictures just now, I have VERY few where you could see the blue:(
Our cake that a friend for us made, practically for free. I think we had three different kinds, chocolate, vanilla, and lemon.
I still have some blue ribbons from our wedding. I took these today. see? blue:)

Attendants: 3 adults (for each of us), and 4 kids. That decision I was very happy with. (although I am not close with my MOH anymore..oh well). We had our niece, and my MOH's three kids.
This picture isn't the best. but it is a picture of all the adults in the wedding party. I had his sister, my sister, and my BFF. He had two guys from church (who we are still close to/with) and my brother.

Me and the girls:)

                                                                  My MOH's 2 of three kids

Our niece.

My MOH's two girls.

My Dress: I wasn't overly fussy about my dress. I really wanted a strapless one, but since I was (and still am) big, and we are in a small town and didn't have a ton of cash to spend on a dress, we had to with what fit, and what was in our budget. I will say that I LOVED the tiara that I got off eBay. I am really glad that I bought and wore it. Loved it.

Reception/Food. The reception was held in our church here in town (price:free!) and the food was made by some WONDERFUL ladies in the church. We decided to go with a "summer picnic" theme, and do ham, turkey (?) and potato salad, etc. I think the meat was pre-cooked and served cold, which was a great decision, and for ANY large or even small gathering, that is the way to go. Pre cook the meat before hand and serve cold. We didn't have a dance, or alcohol for obvious reasons. I wish we did have a dance, though. The reception was a total blast, and we were some of the last to leave. My lil cousin may or may not have been the one to have decided to TP our car. Sigh!!:)

Centre pieces/decorations: We had blue beta fish in small glass bowls filled with water and marbles for each table. That was a great decision. We also went all 80's and had blue and white bells, and streamers. I know, cheesy, but fun. I don't have any good pics of the fishies, so I won't bother to upload any where you can barely see them

Rings: Very simple from Walmart. Hey, we were poor, but honestly, we wouldn't have wanted them any different, and they haven't tarnished, and they still fit, we still have them (haven't lost them) and we just all around love them!!
Our rings. Can you see them?

Honeymoon: We spent the first night at a hotel in town, courtesy of some wonderful church friends. We came home, and we opened our gifts, and went camping for a week! We went to Cultus Lake, and then ended going into Burnaby/Vancouver and stayed at his sisters, while they were still away. We saw the Festival of Lights (fireworks) and had a great time! It was great to end off in a place where there was a bathroom and running water.

                                     Our tent. I miss it, taking only a few minutes to put up.
One of the highlights of our trip was mini-golfing. I know, we are simple, like that.

Hubby had fun. We also went twice, as we won a free round.

Our campsite.

                                                     Cultus Lake. It was soooo gorgeous!
This is one of the few lakes that hubby can actually swim in, as he doesn't like cold water.
 Cultus Lake is a great place. It has waterslides, the lake, mini golf, and little stores all through out the park/area. The campground itself was good. Not too busy, but a bit too open for our liking. But it was a good place and we would go back.
 What I would do differently:
I am sure reading over this that you are thinking that I have regrets over my decisions of my wedding (colours, time of year, etc), but the only thing that I would do differently was have a different photographer. It was on the cusp of everyone going digital, so I wish that I had found someone that had already gone digital, and that would/who could do some touch-ups (my face was always red and sweaty in most of the pictures). I wish we had a different location of the pictures, and I wish we had done more fun poses.
That being said, it was a wonderful day, and I often wish we could go back and do it again.
Well, I think that about dose it for the wedding post:) I hope you all enjoyed it. If you are my friend on FB, you can have a look at some more on my page.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Girls Getaway (not really a full) Wknd!

My sisters and I usually do a couple of girls days during the year. We usually do them here in town, and they are pretty fun. This year, we upped the ante, you know, because we are cool and fun like that. We were missing one sister, as she is in Calgary, but she was with us in spirit!!!

My SIL, C's family has a cabin about an hour away in a lake. I had never been to this particular lake before (well, maybe when I was child we picked berries near there or something), so not only was I going away with "my girls", I was also going somewhere where I had never been before. Double fun!

I had to work Saturday, which was a bit of a bummer, but am thankful for the job, so I won't complain. I just wish that I had more time up there. Anyway..the girls left their end around 930, and had some time before I got there.

Anker drove me half way, where C and V met us, and we continued on. As soon as we got there, we jumped in the lake. It was SO beautiful:) I went in a total of 4 times, within less than 24 hours. I could honestly live there. All Summer.True Story. The cabin is great, too. It is fueled by propane, so if we want, we could light lights, and we had a fridge, and stove.

We four each took a meal, or part of a meal and snacks, which made things easier. V cooked dinner, of meatloaf patties, and I brought some asparagus to the meal. I think I have my new favourite wine. It was very good! Galiano from California; so good. I am not one for wine, but this was really good.

After cleaning up, we all sat around and read magazines and chatted. We went outside around 10 or so, and had s'mores. If you don't like carrying the chocolate and cookies, try to find either chocolate covered cookies or graham crackers. They are very good! We had had a nice chat, and time around the fire. We may or may not have gone skinny dipping after it got dark!! Had more s'mores and more chatting, and more time around the fire. Went back inside and had hot chocolate, read more mags and made our beds and read some more and went to sleep. I apparently tried to spoon my sister. LOL

Woke up the next morning, and had a lovely swim. Had breakfast, which I was in charge of, which consisted of burnt pancakes, eggs, and strawberries. Another yummy meal and conversation was had. After clean up, I left to back out for another swim, and time in the sun on the dock. We ate lunch, got dressed and cleaned up the cabin and came home. A & K drove me home, as they had to come into town anyway.

We ended up going to the mall, since he accidently missed the exit to come to our house, so I got to spend some time with Bebop. He bought me an iced tea and cookie (btw, Blenz iced tea is actually good). Wasn't that nice of him?

I came home to a grumpy hubby, so after a nap, I left and went to the park for awhile. I read my book, and enjoyed the sun. I was actually quite sad that I couldn't stay longer, and I hope to go back sometime. I was feeling a little sorry for myself on Sunday night, wishing that I was there, and having a grumpy

And so far this week...

Monday, I spent the day glued watching the TV regarding the new Royal Baby. Yes, I am one of those people that LOVE the Royal Family. I remember when Will was born. I went to work, when I was finished I went and got a McD's iced coffee (only a dollar, which you can't beat), and went to the park to read my books, and magazines, and again, to enjoy the sun. I FINALLY finished THE MERCY yesterday at work. I am now starting (and LOVING) Nicholas Sparks' book, SAFE HAVEN. After the park, I came home and hubby and I had dinner. I just relaxed all evening, and bonded with my PVR. Today I also spent the morning glued watching the TV, in hopes that I could see Will and Co coming out with their baby..sadly, however, I had to go to an apt, so I left before they came out. But the news is a wonderful thing, so I got to see it then:) It worked for me!  I spent this afternoon at the park, which was wonderful. The river was much warmer than last time I was there. My friend came and joined me, which was really nice. I don't mind doing stuff alone (hubby is a hermit, and likes to stay home), but I also like to do things with others sometime. I did some laundry and the Laundromat (easier than getting tokens this round), grabbed a drink while I waited, and came home. Hubby and I had a coupon for a free Value Meal and burger at McD's so we had supper for $3!! We came home and I have been relaxing all evening, which is nice. I also discovered that I have a nasty sunburn, so I will have a great day tomorrow, I am sure! I took today off, as I needed to have a day to just "chill". Am planning on just hanging out tomorrow until I have to go work.

Sorry so short; I didn't think that I would do a half week wrap up.

Here are a few pics from the wknd.. Sadly, my camera died almost as soon I got there, and my phone didn't last much longer than that...but I did manage to get a, here they are...
The moon. It was nearly a full one, and so pretty!

The fire. I am glad we were able to go then, as the are is now in a fire ban:(

Adams Lake

The yummy wine.

Yummy supper, made by my sister:)
The Cabin. Isn't it cute?

Yah, it's a selfie. So sue me:) This was last night, I think. Me at the park enjoying the sun:)
Oh, and I took a screen shot of a todays it was every so lovely and hot..

Monday, July 22, 2013


Happy Monday, ya'll!! (yah, see I try to talk American!!)

I am joining up with for MM:) I am going to do things a little differently today. I have seen people doing a post in the form of a "letter" to people, places, and, here goes!

Dear Monday: I am actually starting to like you. You are a fresh start to the week.

Dear CTV News (and of coure, Kate and William): Thank you for going into labour today. I am in my glory watching the constant coverage. Please name your baby (if it's a girl) Charlotte Alexandria Diana Elizabeth. Do not name it George if it is a boy.

Dear Nay-Sayers of the Royal Family: I know the Royal family is pretty much irrelevant, but with all the horror going on in the world, we need some good news. At least it's something GOOD to read about, right? And let's face it, it gives us a break from the Kardashians.

Dear Off ClipOn: However invented you is a genius! I heart you. A lot. You seemed to work (save for those wasps and bees) for me while I was at the beach.

Dear Adams Lake: I love you, I could live there all summer long.

Dear Cabin in which we stayed: I love you. End of story.

Dear Tide Ocean-Smelling Pods:  Your product smells like rotten milk. What am I supposed to do with the 12 pods I have left over?

Dear Taylor Swift: I really don't like you, but dang, your new song, "Red" is so flipping catchy!

Dear Nicholas Sparks: I apologise for not finishing "The Notebook". You may just be my new favourite author (ok, I haven't read SAFE HAVEN yet, but it sure looks good!).

Dear Beverly Lewis: I love your books, I do, but could you please throw in a murder or something in a book or two? You know, to shake things up a bit. I can barely get through your last book of the trilogy I am reading (okay, someone DID die, and they are thinking that his brother killed him, but it isn't the focal point of the story).

Dear Sun and Heat: Please stay forever. I love you.

Dear China: Although I am happy that our national news station is cover the royal birth nearly constantly, I am sorry that the news is barely touching on the earthquake that happened:(

Dear Galiano Wine: I don't normally like wine, but I tried you over the wknd, and I can honestly say that I love you.

Dear Miley and Justin: Could you please go away? I am tired of you now. Your antics scream of needing time in ReHab.

Dear Amanda Bynes: I watched in your movie "What a girl wants", and I am very sad that your life is turning out so sadly. You really were a good actress.

Dear Blenz Coffee: I like your iced tea, which is surprising. It is a nice change.

Dear Starbucks: I miss you. I haven't had you in over a week. That being said, I have gone twice and you haven't had any lemonade. How can that be?

Dear Bloggers: Thank you for all of the lovely comments you leave on my blog. I try to go to your blogs and do the same.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

I'm Just so Tired..

First off, I will write about my girls getaway tomorrow, or Tuesday..Whenever, cause it is my blog, and I can do what I want, right?

Also, just to warn you, this is a grumpy post; please feel free to leave comments, but if they are not positive ones, then don't bother. Yes, I am also aware that 90% of this is self-inflicted, and I am aware that we got ourselves in this situation, and that I am aware solutions on how to get us out. I am venting. If you don't like a venting post, well, stop reading now.

I am just so tired of being broke all the time.
I am just so tired of living under people who's floor was put in a year ago, where you can hear everything. All. The. Time. (subflooring was clearly not considered, or not put in properly)
I am also tired of living in a 1970's building that has very little (noise) insolation.
I am just so tired of eating like crap, and not exercising.
I am just so tired of not having the job that I really want (or goes along with my schooling I just put 11K on). Yes, I love my job at the store, and I am VERY grateful for it, but I would love a part time job (preferably working with kids), so I can use my skills.
I am just so tired of having a grumpy husband 80% of the time. I was hoping that we could go for a slurpee/walk date when I got home tonight, but refused to go out.
I am just so tired of having a husband who is mad (and therefore, not very close to God) most of the time.
I am just so tired of reading "perfect" blogs. Doesn't anyone else there have a not so great life? Every single blog I read is about people going out and doing things every day. How can you possibly afford that?
I am just so tired of watching/seeing/reading of people having fun, and us barely scraping by (and by scraping by, I mean wondering if we are going to have enough gas to get us through the wk).
I am just so tired of ME being mad at God most of the time (or at the very least, feeling far away), and beseeching/screaming to Him to please bring me a job; among other things.
I am just so tired of having ailment upon ailment. Honestly, if I get another condition/disease, I give up!
I am just so tired of seeing/hearing/reading about pregnant women complaining that they are sick, fat, whatever. You get to have a baby; enjoy it!
I am just so tired of feeling stressed and overwhelmed over/about our situation. I am too overwhelmed I can't even cry.
I am just so tired of living in a house full of (my husband's) crap; ie. workshop in our kitchen.
I am just so tired of us not seeing eye to eye on things.

I could go on and on, but these are the things that bother me the most.

This all being said, I had a great girls getaway, even though it was much too short. I hope all you had a great weekend!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

A Weekly Wrap Up!!

I was thinking last night and today, that one COULD be kept blogging EVERY day, well, with Miscellany Mondays, Wordless Wednesday, 5 on Friday/Friday Letters (more on that in a bit), Ten Things of Thankful, and a weekly wrap up. That doesn't even count on your reflection blog posts. That is when I become very panicky/anxious and overwhelmed regarding my blog, and blogging in general, but then I remember that blogging is supposed to be fun, and not a chore, so I just blog when I can, and when I feel like.

I came across a blog yesterday that I really liked. I loved her blog posts, and the way she constructed her blogs. I have seen one in similar formats before, but she has a day where she does Friday Letters, where she writes letters to "things", Products, people during the week. I think that is a cool thing to do. I also had seen a couple of other formats on her blog; Confession Friday, Currently I am...and It's Okay (like they do in Glamour Magazine) posts...there were also a few other neat formats, but I don't feel like going through her blog (again) today.

Ok, so on to me week, yesterday, I was at work here all day. And no one came in. Today, one person has come to buy a Bible. Yay! I quickly ran a few errands. I got free magazines from Shoppers Drug Mart. Free. That is right. Free. I love your Loyalty Points! I grabbed 3 things from the grocery store that we needed for tacos. Came home and helped watched Anker make supper. We ate supper, and watched tv (we haven't eaten at the table in years..true story.). I just hung out in our room and packed for tonight, and watched a few things on TV. Went to bed. Thursday, I got up, had breaky and went to the church, where they were doing VBS this week. A good friend and her boys come out every year to help out with the music and drama. They used to live here, but they moved to Alberta a few years ago. Anyhoo, we had a nice but short chat, as we both had to get going. I would have loved to have stayed to watched the closing number, but I had to get going. I grabbed groceries from the Dollar Store; and paid our storage bill, and went to get groceries at Superstore. Came home, dropped them off, and went to work at the store. I worked at my other job in the evening. Came home and hung out. Anker had made spaghetti, which was really good. Wednesday, I had to drive my Dad to the hospital (long story, which I wont go into here), and they had both come in to take my grandparents to the airport. I dropped him off and went to Tim Hortons (where I blogged). Work went well, I think, and I came home and we had chicken and rice, or something..can't Tuesday was another busy day. I ended up having lunch with a friend, and I had a few errands to do. I also had put in my Avon order before I went out for the day. I went to the library, and then I dropped off a few resumes. I did grab a smoothie from a local coffeeshop that I sometimes go when I am on that side of town. I journalled and spent some time in the sun.

      I should also mention that I have not had a Starbucks drink in over a week. Just sayin'.

Monday was the day that I blogged; I worked here and went home, because that is my probably relaxed and watched TV in the evening. I slept in late a couple of days this week. I hate when I do that. I think I am going to take a day or so off next week. Hopefully, it will be a day where it is hot, and I can go to the beach.

I also HAD to take a picture of this at our local Tim Hortons...this cracked me up..I don't usually take pictures of random people and put them on here, but I had to...when you see, you will understand...ok, I erased it, so I can't upload it, but check it on my Instagram account.

We also want to try to get away this summer. We have gone camping nearly every summer since we have gotten married. I hope we can try to go camping at least once this summer. Maybe we can try to go sometime in August. Hubby has a week off, so we might try to get away. Our anniversary is next Saturday!! I will do a wedding post this week.

3 ladies in our church are pregnant. I am happy for them, but I have hidden their newsfeeds for the next 10 months or so.

There are a few things that I don't understand about my American friends; Smocking. I just don't get it. Big bows/dressing them alike. All.the.time. Sure, I think it is adorable, and yes, I would it myself if I had two girls, but all the time? Really? Fried Okra. 'Nuff said. Half birthdays. I have read this on a few blogs now. So you (or your kid) is a half year older. Who cares? We never do/did. Do you have a bday party or something? Sending your 2 yr old child to "school". I don't get it.. I have been reading that little ones go to a Mother's Day Out. We call that babysitting or day care here in Canada. That being said..buying school supplies for a 2 yr old. You don't need to buy school supplies for your child when they go to daycare, do you? Sorry, I just don't understand I was reading on a blog, and I am confused as to why you would take your barely 2 yr old child to get school supplies (wait, why are Back to School sales on yet, anyway..we are still full into summer here!!) for a morning out per week?? Yes, sometimes, when your child is 3 or 4, they will go to play/pre school, so of course, they would need a backpack. But really? Let your child be child. Don't rush them to get into "school" so fast!!

Here is the picture of my free mags..yah, I's random...
Happy Saturday!!