Ten Things of Thankful-Marriage Edition

Since today is our Anniversary, and I am reading Safe Haven (about a woman who has left her very abusive husband) right now, I thought I would blog about the TTT in/of our marriage. My husband is (and isn't) a lot of things, but he is kind, caring, and loves me for who I am.

I am thankful for....

1. That Hubby honestly doesn't care on what (or how much) I spend my money on. He only cares if we are really strapped, then we are both really careful.

2. Even though I am overweight, and not a healthy weight, he loves me anyway.

3. Although I sometimes wish he were more..you know...in the bedroom, I am thankful that he doesn't demand "it" every night.

4. He doesn't care what I do with my time. I can be out all day, and other than for safety reasons, he doesn't care whether I check in or not (but I usually do).

5. He loves my family, and WANTS to spend time with them.

6. He doesn't care on WHO I spend time with. We do have an understand that we don't spend time with the opposite sex alone (without others present..unless it is family, of course!), but other that he doesn't care.

7. I am thankful that he stood by me when I go really sick 3 1/2 years ago. He was by my side nearly every day. He could have flaked out, and decided to let my family handle it, but he was there (to be fair, he does hate hospitals, and only visits very close relatives while they are in them).

8. I am thankful that when the doctors told me that I couldn't (shouldn't) have kids, he still stuck by me.

9. He doesn't go to bars or look at nasty things on the net or TV.

10. He puts up with my magazine-Starbucks addiction craze.

10+1. He loves me. Just as I am.


Katy Board said…
I hope you've had a great anniversary :)

When we think about the things we can be thankful for, isn't it great that we can think of so many, despite any problems we may have? :)
Kristi Campbell said…
Perfect list. Your husband sounds wonderful. happy anniversary!
Considerer said…
April this is a fantastic way of doing the Ten Things and a gorgeous anniversary list for your husband and you. What an awesome idea :)

He sounds like a completely wonderful man. What a lovely person to be married to :) Happy anniversary
Josie Two Shoes said…
I love that you made your Ten Things of Thankful list about your husband and what you appreciate. We all have different things in our relationships that are important to us and it sounds like you are blessed with a guy who is just right for you. I love number 11 best of all... that's what real love is, it goes far deeper than skin deep and it doesn't seek to change you into someone you're not. Happy Anniversary to both of you!
Happy anniversary! I think your husband sounds like a catch!
Awww...thank you, ladies! Yah, he is pretty fine, despite the amount of complaining that I do on here..:) We had a nice Anniversary,, which I will post about on here soon.
I just checked the numbers and I see that there were 27 views, which is kind of cool, since it was one the 27th.
Kristi said…
Happy anniversary! What a nice tribute to your husband.
Cyndy Bush said…
Very good list and outlook. Nobody's perfect but when my hubby is driving me crazy, I remember all of his good qualities. I never have to wonder where he is - he spends all of his time with me...that's one of my favorites. =)
Happy Anniversary!
clark farley said…
yeah (with the others) nice take on the List!

(thats one of things about this group...very creative bunch, good lists but done with a personal twist)

very cool

Happy Anniversay, yo
Thank you again, everyone!!! The funny part is is that I am a bit annoyed with him today..he didn't go to church with me, and he backed out of going out for coffee with me..oh well:)
icansaymama said…
Happy belated anniversary!

There are so many things on your list to be thankful for in a marriage!
in the coop said…
Happy Anniversary!

What a great exercise to do for the thankful list. All spouses do things to annoy each other (including choosing not to go to church or coffee (mine is a homebody who likes to skip out on things, too)) but we must always look to the good things. A positive attitude makes all the difference in the world, doesn't it?
@in the coop..your hubby sounds like mine! Yah, I tend to just try to look at the good things..well, at least some of the time. Like tonight, he is making supper:)

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