Weekly Wrap Up, and Did I do the Right thing?

Yah, I know I should do one of my posts that I said I would do, but I thought I would do my wkly wrap up. I read (but didn't participate) in a Blog Tip Link up with Kisses and Crossants, and one of the tips said to not blog a long post (but blog often)..soo, I will do a weekly wrap up today, and another post tomorrow.

So, my week (well, since Tuesday). Well, Tuesday, we got back into town around 1 or so. I had a few errands to run; and by errands, I mean coffee and journaling at Tim Hortons:) I also went to the library, and I went to Superstore. I watched a couple episodes of Y&R, and hung out. I don't remember what I did. Weds; I relaxed and watched TV, and did who knows what in the morning. Then, I went to Starbucks for a drink, and tried to do a few things, but they never really panned out, so I went to the bank, to a few things, and then I went to work. Work was fine, but as I was backing out of the parking lot, I accidentally backed up into a co-worker, who I thought had already left. It was not a good day!!! Thankfully, I did more damage to my car than to hers. I drove my friend home, and on our way, we went to Burger King for ice cream; I had a sundae pie, which was amazing. We had tea at my friends and we watched this odd show called Panic Button. What a scary show that is! I came home and I FB'd for a bit. Thursday, it such a lovely day, that I left a bit early, and I hung out in the park downtown. I read magazines, and drank my iced tea. I went to work, drove my friend home and came home. Friday, I worked from 12:30 to 5:30. Friday morning, I just hung out here; I was going to meet up with Mom and my brother, but it didn't work out, so I grabbed McD's for lunch, and went to work. Friday evening, I was going to go out for coffee, but I decided to come home and sit out on our complex's green space, and then I decided to watch a movie that I got from the library, which I wouldn't recommend to anyone. Saturday, I worked all day, then I went to a friends' bday party. We had fun sitting outside visiting in the sun. We started a movie (or rather, I started it, as I ended up leaving half way through), called the Wonderful Burt-Something...it was funny, but a bit strange. Today, we decided to go to church. We slept in and I FB'd, etc. I watched the last episode of the third season of BBT, and watched the last half of a movie (AMISH GRACE) that I started yesterday at work. We also watched The Odd Life of Timothy Green, which was very interesting. I could definitely appreciate some of the points in the movie. I decided to go to the beach, but by the time I took a very cold dip in the river (which was much colder than normal, imho), and laid in the sun for awhile, the sun went away. I took this as my cue to get on with my afternoon. I left to visit our Pastor to Seniors who is in the hospital, and then Anker and I went for ice cream, and then did a small grocery shop. Am now just watching TV, and I may start a movie later (although it is nearly 10pm, so I probably wont).

I am working lots this week, and I get pd from one of my jobs this Friday. Yay!!! I may take another trip to the beach, and try to finish up my Beverly Lewis book this week. Not sure what else I will do this week, other than work.

Ok, so on to the next part of this post. I often wonder, sometimes several times a day if I did the right (or wrong) thing by turning down the job last month. How do I know whether to take a not so perfect job, so I can advance, and get a better job, and to get it on my resume, or if I need to refuse it, because I know that that job is not what I want, nor what I can physically do? Should I have taken it and just "sucked it up" for a few months? The problem with doing that is that I have tried to "take a job for a few months" only for it to last for, well, years. I know this was a job that I couldn't do, even after the first day I was tired. Do I not take a job based on pride (the good or bad pride)? I am thinking that if I don't get the two or three jobs that I would like to have in/by the fall, I may go back and see about starting out with them again....you know, let them know that I didn't give the job a full chance....hmm.... I think i did the right thing for me at time, given our circumstances. Maybe I had a bad attitude about it, or maybe I didn't want to me working at the moment, given the events that were going on in my life. Anyway, I did it, and that is that. Life goes on, right?

Well, I have been at this for an hour...I should go and get ready for bed.


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