5 on Friday Link up Party/Ten Things of Thankful Blog Hop!!!

Yay!! My favourite (or at least one of my favs) blogging day. Any day where I get to link up with other bloggers is always a great day. This is the day of the week where it forces you to think and be thankful for the things from past week; that have made your week somewhat bearable. The days of the week don't really have a lot of meaning for me right now. I work almost 6 days a week, we don't have kids, hubby works 6 days a week, we don't go away every wknd, we don't have kids; so Friday doesn't make me go "yay!! party time this wknd" (at least not every Friday). That being said, there IS something to be said for Fridays. The wknd, even if you work it, seems to be a bit quieter.

I had to really think and scrape the bottom of the barrel for ten things to thankful for this..not because it has been a bad week (although, not the greatest...just more stress, etc), it is just that I seem to have run out of things to be thankful for/or things to feature as my favourites....that being said, however, I did manage to come up with a few things:)

So, without further ado; here we go (in no particular order, as usual):
Time spent with family and friends last weekend. Yah, our family is big and loud, and is sometimes in your business, but I love them so much!!! Going to the ranch is always a good time.
A/C-Fans. Whoever invented those is a genius! We finally got a pedal oscillating fan a couple of weeks ago; best thing we bought in awhile..love it. We also love the A/C in our car. I honestly don't know how we would survive any trip without it (well, without either of them, really).
OFF Clip On Repellant. Ok, we officially haven't used it yet, because we keep forgetting about to take it to ranch with us. But I plan on using it this wknd with the girls. It also makes a great fashion accessory, don't you think. Bebop modelled it for us last Friday.
Armellia Hazelnut Cream. The poor mans version of Nutella. I bought some yesterday, and tried a bit of it today; not bad, actually.
It's no Nutella, but it will suffice for now. It is better than nothing. It does have the hazelnutty goodness to it.
I have mentioned this before, but I LOVE LOVE the show FRIENDS. I may or may not have all 10 seasons in my possession. I haven't been watching it much lately (I go through times where I watch it a lot, then I won't watch it for months), but it definitely one of my favourite shows of all time.
I am thankful for my Blogging/Facebook Friends that I have met. I LOVE linking up and commenting on others' blogs, and "meeting" people through blogs and comments. It has been SUCH FUN getting to know you all:)
Nectarines. Yah, I love 'em. What can I say? They are one of my favourite fruits.
We are having nice weather again. I only wish I could enjoy it..sigh. Between my two jobs, and errands, and just relaxing at home; I haven't had much time to be outside (other than our balcony) enjoying this wonderful weather.
Even though I have been super busy with my two jobs, I AM thankful that I HAVE jobs that can help pay our way through life. I am striving to be thankful for this this week.
The Amazing Race Canada started last Monday. TAR is my favourite (and only) reality show that I watch. I was very happy when CTV (our national TV network) announced that they were making a Canadian version. It is really actually quite good. I wish they would go across the world, but they go across Canada, which is nearly as good:) Anyway, I love it!!! I also love that there is a team from BC on/in it, and they (ATTN:Spoiler ALERT) came in first place last week!!
That is all for now; I am looking forward to Danielle Steel's new book coming out, which I can't wait to read; am going to start on Modern Family tonight; am almost done THE MERCY, and am still on the waiting list for TBBT SSN#4.
I will do weekly wrap up tomorrow. A SLIGHTLY more interesting week this week. I am sad that I won't be able to buy my weekly trash magazines this week (at least not today). I MIGHT buy Woman's World, which is only two bucks.
Happy Friday!!!


Kristi said…
No matter the brand, anything that combines chocolate and hazelnuts has to be good!

Thanks for linking up.
Considerer said…
And hey - look - you found ten after all. Well done you.

I am with you on a lot of these this week - I'm loving the warm weather (and the fan, for Husby, who HATES the warm weather) and on nectarines, which are just delicious.

A lovely list - thank you for sharing it with us
You are welcome, ladies:) This is becoming and addiction, uh, I mean habit!
Chocolate in any form is going to be well-received. No need to offer any sort of explanation for a non-Nutella chocolate hazelnut spread. Aldi's has a generic one I have been wanting to try...but since it is SO much cheaper than Nutella, I fear that it might be just acceptible enough and I will indulge WAY more than I should. Thanks for sharing your list!
I'm curious about those clip on things. I curious to know if I can really have bare legs after sundown with that thing hanging on my pocket and REALLY not get bitten. Don't you wish it worked as sunscreen too? Lol! I don't know what was going on in my life, I think I was busy trying to get pregnant, but I never saw the last season of Friends.
in the coop said…
There is nothing like a good nectarine this time of year. I have at least one a day. We planted two nectarine trees, but the fruit isn't doing well this year. Bums me out.
I hope next week you'll be able to say that you're thankful for the bug repellant thing, because it worked so well. I will immediately go out and buy one.

Thanks for linking up each week. I am having such a good time getting to know everyone through all the good things in their lives.
Kristi Campbell said…
I love nectarines as well and YES to A/C fans. I'll be interested to hear whether the Off clip-ons work - we have terrible mosquitos here and I'm always looking for new ways to avoid bites.
I like nectarines, because they are like peaches without that nasty fuzz.

I also love "Friends." I worked at Warner Bros. when the show first started, and the stars would come into the commissary to eat lunch. The minute the show skyrocketed in the ratings, they quit eating at the commissary and at at the fancier sit-down restaurant next door.
Thank you for all your lovely comments!!! Dyanne, thank you for telling that story. So interesting!!! Am just curious..how do you ladies find out that I have written a new post? Do you follow me, or is it from the link ups? I am just curious to know. Thanks!
I got it from the link up.

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