Happy Monday, ya'll!! (yah, see I try to talk American!!)

I am joining up with http://www.carissagraham.com/ for MM:) I am going to do things a little differently today. I have seen people doing a post in the form of a "letter" to people, places, and things...so, here goes!

Dear Monday: I am actually starting to like you. You are a fresh start to the week.

Dear CTV News (and of coure, Kate and William): Thank you for going into labour today. I am in my glory watching the constant coverage. Please name your baby (if it's a girl) Charlotte Alexandria Diana Elizabeth. Do not name it George if it is a boy.

Dear Nay-Sayers of the Royal Family: I know the Royal family is pretty much irrelevant, but with all the horror going on in the world, we need some good news. At least it's something GOOD to read about, right? And let's face it, it gives us a break from the Kardashians.

Dear Off ClipOn: However invented you is a genius! I heart you. A lot. You seemed to work (save for those wasps and bees) for me while I was at the beach.

Dear Adams Lake: I love you, I could live there all summer long.

Dear Cabin in which we stayed: I love you. End of story.

Dear Tide Ocean-Smelling Pods:  Your product smells like rotten milk. What am I supposed to do with the 12 pods I have left over?

Dear Taylor Swift: I really don't like you, but dang, your new song, "Red" is so flipping catchy!

Dear Nicholas Sparks: I apologise for not finishing "The Notebook". You may just be my new favourite author (ok, I haven't read SAFE HAVEN yet, but it sure looks good!).

Dear Beverly Lewis: I love your books, I do, but could you please throw in a murder or something in a book or two? You know, to shake things up a bit. I can barely get through your last book of the trilogy I am reading (okay, someone DID die, and they are thinking that his brother killed him, but it isn't the focal point of the story).

Dear Sun and Heat: Please stay forever. I love you.

Dear China: Although I am happy that our national news station is cover the royal birth nearly constantly, I am sorry that the news is barely touching on the earthquake that happened:(

Dear Galiano Wine: I don't normally like wine, but I tried you over the wknd, and I can honestly say that I love you.

Dear Miley and Justin: Could you please go away? I am tired of you now. Your antics scream of needing time in ReHab.

Dear Amanda Bynes: I watched in your movie "What a girl wants", and I am very sad that your life is turning out so sadly. You really were a good actress.

Dear Blenz Coffee: I like your iced tea, which is surprising. It is a nice change.

Dear Starbucks: I miss you. I haven't had you in over a week. That being said, I have gone twice and you haven't had any lemonade. How can that be?

Dear Bloggers: Thank you for all of the lovely comments you leave on my blog. I try to go to your blogs and do the same.


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