What being Canadian Means to Me, and our Canada Day Wknd:)

We had an awesome C-Day wknd!!! We very nearly didn't go, and I am SO glad we did:) Anker really needed some time away. We also ended up staying until Tuesday, and again, I am SO glad we did:) We had a great time with family and friends. The weather was subperb, which was wonderful.

I was hoping to find some more some inventions made my Canadians for actual Canada Day, but since I was in a hurry, I only found the link that I posted. However, I found a few more (hopefully, the complete??) list of Canadian inventions on good old Wikipedia. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Canadian_inventions (please click). We are a smart people, aren't we?

Before, I continue, I wish my American friends and family, living in Canada or in the States (or my Canadian Friends/family living in the US with THEIR family and friends). I hope today is fabulous!!

There were two SLIGHT disappointments to our (or at least mine) CD. One, was our local Superstore usually sells CD T-shirts, and every year (except for last year) we each buy a t-shirt for CD (and of course, all through out the year). I went in a couple of times, and they didn't seem to have them (I even asked, and they said that they didn't have any in stock, and I looked where their CD stuff was). I did go in AFTER we got back, and sure enough, they were there at the front. I did buy a couple, and was hoping to score them half off (or something), but in the end, it didn't work out, and I took them back. I hope to score some more this wknd, when they go on sale. Oh, and they DID have them for over a month, but they weren't were they usually were. The other disappointment, was that we didn't see any fireworks (we were going to buy some, but we forgot). We didn't end up coming back in time on Monday to catch them at the park. Oh well. We had much more fun with family, anyway.

So, like I said, our wknd was awesome. We left around 6:30 on Saturday, as I had to work all day. The trip was great, and we got in around 8. We chatted with family, and ate ice cream. We went to the B&B, located on the ranch...and first things first..we had to do this..

 Slept in and relaxed the next morning, and spent some time in the sun, chatting before going to church. Church was good...ended up going to the store to grab some more food. Had lunch, then swam in the pool, and laid in the sun. SUCH FUN! Went with hubby to a friends place down the road who has a dessert deck...with yummy cheesecake.
Then we went home and had supper. Had a nice evening, visiting and we watched the third season of The Big Bang Theory. Monday, we spent the day doing this and that. Time on the farm is never boring. For those who think that people who live in the farm sit and knit all day are sadly mistaken.
There is always something to do on the farm. I did go with mom and Baby to the store, where I may or may not have bought him a small slushee, and he may nor may not have drank the whole cup. We also did a few other things. I did go swimming with Baby, which was fun:) He didn't say in very long, though. I wasn't able to take any pictures of him in the pool. I did take a few of him after, though.

                                              Bebop eating his slushee. He really liked it.
Laying in the sun:)
Monday evening, we had our Canada Day/Family BBQ. We had a nice evening, complete with Ketchup chips, and Maple Leaf Cookies.
Aren't we Canadian?
They seemed to be a hit, because I only had one ML cookie, and a few Ketchup chips. The food was really good, too:) Everyone brought their own meat, and a salad to share. There was more than enough food for everyone.
 My SIL's Uncle and his family came to visit HIS brother and my aunt (did you catch that?) so there were extra people, which made it fun. Bebop had a fun time, too. Poor boy only wanted to play, and there were no other kids to play with. He did have fun playing croquet, though. He played with adults for an entire game, and had a ton of fun:)
Vienna and B doing a pre-game practice:)
Krystle made cake:) SHE is the one that usually organizes a Canada Day party each year. This cake was gluten free...it was really good.
                                                               Baby playing croquet.

Anker also got these flags from the dollar store, which were a huge hit, and we wished we had bought more...

Everyone left around 11 or so. I ended up going back to the B&B and had a drink and a Coffee Crisp, which is also exclusive to Canada.
We cleaned up the next morning, and left around 11:30. I also came home with mosquito bites.
I also did this on Tuesday....
Canadian, eh? (I was at Tim Hortons).
So, what it means to be Canadian (for me). This is similar to the posts a did a few weeks back; one about living in BC, and one about Freedom. I love living in Canada. I wouldn't want to live anywhere else..ok, maybe I would, like in Africa or France, or England, but I would always want to come back. I love that Canada has free health care. I love how patriotic we are. (Americans actually come to celebrate with US) I love how we have freedom of speech, religion, free choice (even though we don't always necessarily agree. I love how our soldiers fight for our country (speaking of which, I was shocked to find out that there was a bomb threat in Victoria, our provinces capital...but it was thwarted..how scary would that have been!). I love how we Canadians love the Royal Family, and tha we embrace all things British. I love how Canada has awesome talent (excluding Justin Bieber)..Ryan Reynolds, Ryan Gosling, Steven Martin, Martin Short, Alan Thicke, Kiefer Southerland, William Shatner, Nellie Furtado, Shania Twain to name a few. I love how we have come up with some AMAZING inventions, and we are home to the Beaver Tail, Poutine, a Double Double, Ketchup Chips, Smarties, Coffee Crisp, Naniamo Bars etc. How we have awesome shoes, Corner Gas, Continuum, Artic Air, Royal Canadian Air Farce, Rick Mercer Report, This Hour has 22 Minutes, Flashpoint, etc. Our awesome magazines; Canadian Living, Chatelaine, MacLeans. Okay, we only have three, but they are darn good ones. (for more Canadian-only related things, see my posted links).
There is another site, which is pretty awesome. Huffingtonpost.ca is also a good site.
Twilight was filmed in BC, Once Upon a Time is filmed in BC. A lot of Made for TV movies are filmed in Canada.
BC Lions, Vancouver WhiteCaps, Vancouver Canucks, Calgary Flames, Ottawa Senators, well, you get the drift..basically the whole Canadian NFL franchise, and all of the CFL.
I also love how we kicked American's butts in the war of 1812:) I love our flag:) I love how our money is of different colours:) I love that we can lay claim to one of the longest beaches/coast lines in the world. I love that we have BOTH oceans on either side of us. I love that celebrities come out here to vacation. We have the best skiing and surfing, and golfing in the world...oh and the best wines. We lay claim to the best and most apples grown in the world, the best Wineries are here...I could go on:) I love our freedom that we have. We can worship and be free, because of the ones who have gone before us to fight. I love how we have four seasons. I love how we have (usually) snow for Christmas.


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