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I was thinking last night on what (and if) I would blog today. There are a few things on my mind; but one of the subjects I wanted to post on was the news of the world, and how (and if) I am affected by it.

1. Lac-Megantic. Unless you live in a cave, you have probably heard of the train disaster that happened in this small Quebec town a couple of weeks ago. This is (like I said in an earlier post) at one time the #3 story in the world, which is pretty big!! This town is very small, about the size of the town near where I grew up. It has shaken up this little town and the world, with the deaths, and catastrophic events.  I just checked the news, and the death toll has now risen to 42:( I was thinking about this yesterday, as I was downtown at TH's eating my lunch. The railroad/way (however you say it) goes straight through our downtown. If something like this ever happened in our town, well, a lot of people would be hurt/affected/ sad. Praying that this doesn't happen anywhere else.

2. The food poisoning in India. Really? When I heard why they did that, I was floored, and very sad. I just looked at the news now, and it said that at least 22 kids were dead. That is just totally unnecessary.

3. The Zimmerman/Martin case. This makes me very upset. I think he at least should have gotten manslaughter. What d o you want to guess that there were no African Americans on the jury? Yah, exactly. Justice was not served, in my opinion.

4. The Aboriginal Residential Schools Starving Children being used as Experimental subjects. Yah, that makes me mad. While I was TH's yesterday, I overheard some older gentleman talking about it; and they clearly didn't believe that it happened. Some people's attitudes really upset met.

Happy Thursday!


Considerer said…
I live in a cave. And these news items are why. All so horrible and...nope, just horrible.

My heart goes out to all of them and it saddens me that news stations make profit off these tragedies.

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