miscellany monday

I am linking up with http://www.carissagraham.com/ today for miscellany Monday.

1. There are people in my life who I am annoyed with. 3 people, to be exact. UGH! I wish people would do what they said they would do. Yes, I have flaked on people a few times (yes, even the last few years), but I really try to uphold my end of an agreement or bargain, or plan.

2. I thought Obama was going to close GB. Why hasn't he done that yet? Politians!!!

3. I  am grumpy because of several things today....no you know what in a few weeks, and I got my you know what today. GRR!!!

4. I am sad that I have wait FOREVER until I get the next seasons of Big Bang Theory. I am on the waiting list. I am number 10 or something!

5. We have NO money for gas, and about an 8th of a tank until Friday. You do the math.

6. I did enjoy a nice day off yesterday. We slept in, didn't go to church, and just hung out all day. I love those lazy days.

7. I have been trying to eat healthier these days. I try so hard, then in the afternoon (mid afternoon), I end up eating something not healthy, and/or a dessert. Like today, I had a semi-healthy breakfast; watered down apple juice, with Target brand of Honey Nut Cheerios, with strawberries. I am having veggies and cheese, and more veggies for lunch. Then I will probably have a cr@ppy supper, or late night snack, or both. The other day, I downed a McD's quarter pounder meal; true story. I love my fats and carbs. The funny thing is, ice cream will often sit in our freezer for EVER, because I am not a huge ice cream fan (well, depending on the flavour..vanilla, and some strawberries are soo good). Like yesterday, we went for ice cream, and I had two HUGE scoops, and ate the whole thing. But if that were in our freezer, I probably would take forever it eating it...odd, right? I love my fruits and veggies; but I have to be the mood for them. Or at least want to have them. Don't even talk to me about exercise. I live in a hilly area, and I hate walking UP everywhere I go!! I know, excuses, excuses, right? I know I should be healthier; I have PCOS, diabetes, high cholesterol...plus I should lower my salt and liquid intake. I am gaining weight, when I should be (and I did, but I gained it back) losing the weight:(

Anyway, that was the healthy (or rather un-healthy) post that I wanted to write about. I do love my smoothies in the morning, and my orange/cranberry juice. I am also loving (but not having much as late) steel-cut oats. I love bananas, apples, baby carrots, baby tomatoes, celery, corn on the cob, potatoes, nectarines, peaches, ALL berries, and raw apricots and raw plums. I love asparagus, and of course, spinach/lettuce, and of course sweet potatoes/yams.

I will never go to clean and or raw eating. That is just weird to me.

Happy Monday!


Nicole said…
When it comes to eating crappy stuff, I find counting calories helps (using an easy calorie tracker like live strong). Just because then you can see either something was not that big of a deal because you ate healthy the rest of the day, or you can see that it wasn't worth it, etc.
Considerer said…
Keep going though - no-one ever got fat off fruit.
Beloved said…
following you at Miscellany Monday, and laughing at myself when reading your post. I can so relate. I've learned...breathe, have faith, everything will be just fine. Really.
Thanks for the smile.
Peace and good to you,

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