The Weekend

I am late in posting this, and I am sorry. I know how you all are eagerly awaiting my wknd post;)

I am at our local TH (courtesy of a GC) waiting until I have to go to work. I hung out and relaxed this morning, and did my Avon order, and did dishes; I had to take Dad to our hospital here (our small town does have a hospital, but there is only one doctor, and they can't do too much there, anyway). Mom had to come in to bring in my grandparents to the airport, so he came along with them. I just called mom and she said that they want him to see the specialist who is in surgery, so he is currently waiting.

Just quickly, last week on èsuesday, Anker had an apt downtown, so I came with him. I dropped him off and I went to McD's to grab breaky and read the paper. I am not sure who all reads or watches the news, but at that time, I read that the train disaster in Lac-Magentic was the 3rd largest story in the world!! That is totally crazy! Anyway, Anker met me at McD's, he grabbed lunch, and we visited, then we went home. I went to work later on in the day.

This past weekend was my little brothers gradation from home education, and it was also my gramma's 80th bday. This was the ONE wknd that we HAD to go, despite our having low finances. At least I got pd on Friday from one of my jobs.

Ok, so the weekend...Friday, I had to work until 5:30. Anker came and helped me close, we grabbed pizza and off we went. We got to the ranch around 730, and weren't even the last to arrive, which I was grateful:) The ceremony was really nice. Mom invited 30 people to his grad. For the guys, we have had it outside in the yard, for the girls, we had it at local restaurants. After the ceremony, we went inside, as it was getting cooler, and there were mosquitoes!! But it was a fun time anyway.
Dad and Mom making the final speech, before giving him is Diploma.
The gift table.

Vienna had a good idea of our sibs and sibs in law giving him sage advice. She printed it out and framed it.
I also want to show you pics of my parents' new bathtub, but since I have a low battery, and not a lot of time left, I will show you next time,
We went inside and he unwrapped presents and cards. We gave him a Little Ceasers GC, and I had some books that I have had for, well, ever, that I thought he would enjoy. He got money, GC's, contact lense holder (my parents gift to him was contact lenses), A Starbucks coffee mug, and luggage.
We spent the wknd at the B&B. We were going to spend it at the new one they renovated, but it wasn't quite ready yet. We got to bed late on Friday night, but we slept ok, I think.
Saturday, we slept in (oops!), and Vienna wanted me to go to town with her, since we didn't spend much time with her the Canada Day LW. So, off we went. We did some errands, and then went to her works BBQ that they were putting on for the community. It was really good. We met up with Cadence and her brother, so we all ate together.  We came home, and had a short chat with one of my brothers outside, and then it was time to make the Greek salad for the potluck dinner. It took awhile, but it sure was good. I had never made a Greek Salad before, and I really had fun, and I think I could and would make it again.
It is relatively easy to do.
The supper was delish. We had three meats; lamb, ham and turkey which had been pre cooked, so they were cold, which was great.
 We had quinona salad, poatoe, salad, jellied salad, and Greek salad.
The best part, though, was the pie. My sister made it. It was amazing! Rhubarb:) SOOO Good!!!
We spent the evening relaxing. Bebop and Anker played trains together, and I gave Bebop a bath.

                                                 He just love Thomas the Tank Engine.
After his bath.
Sunday, Anker and I decided to stay home from church, so we could clean the cabin, and have some couple/quiet time. Although we missed church, we were glad we stayed back. We hung out and visited the horses, and any other animals that came around. We had a nice time together.
I started gathering things for lunch when I got back to the house; we had lunch, then went to a friends place about a half hour away who has a really pretty garden (gramma loves gardens), where we celebrated her bday. We wandered around, and enjoyed her garden, and then went into the verandah, and had cake and tea. We had a nice time of visiting. We were glad that the rain held off until our trip home!
                                                  The fish pond. My fav. part of the garden.
I loved her rock walk/border.

Some people couldn't wait for the cake.

                                                                        Pretty Gramma!
We were teaching B to roll down the hill. He played like this for quite awhile!

                            I loved her planters:) I will post a few more pics of her garden on Fb.
A full out rainbow on our way home.

A double one, at that!
All in all, it was a great but busy wknd!
This wk has good so far. I was able to get my Avon in this week, as I had problems trying to put in my order last time. Nothing too exciting happening..bills are paid, I have a few bucks left, I have a couple of good jobs. I did drop off some resumes ystrdy. It was very hot yesterday, but cooler today.
On a sad note, I was very sad to hear about Cory Montieths passing. I never watched Glee, but I knew who he was, and read about him in the mags. So sad to hear of someone so young (one of my brothers age!) succumbing to drugs and alcohol so young in life. My thoughts and prayers are with his family, and with his girlfriend, Lea Michelle.


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