Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Let's Talk: Entertainment/Let's Be Friends Blog Hop

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So..Let's Talk...Entertainment!!!

I am sure that most ppl will end up linking their fave shows, and/or posting pictures, but that is just too much work for me..soooo....I will just type them out.

TV / Movies:

I kind of said this in another post, but I guess I can repeat it..lol.

Grey's (though it's not the same), 2 Broke Girls, The Odd Couple, The Big Bang Theory, Motive (sometimes), Code Black, and Saving Hope, and of course, JJ, Y&R, 20/20, Dateline, RMR, 22 Minutes, plus any specials (I watch way more TV with all those Christmas specials, etc), award shows (sometimes), Olympics/sports, and SOMETIMES, I will watch DWTS, and of course Amazing Race. I REFUSE to get into any new shows!! I also have to include any movies (both ones I have and haven't watched), and binge watching (GG, Frasier, etc) that I do. So, yes, I am currently watching Gilmore Girls and Frasier. And yes..I am thinking of getting into THIS IS US, and PITCH. Ugh! Too, too, many! As far as movies, go, well...I love K-Cop (i know, weird), and Titanic, pretty much all chick flicks/rom-coms. I love Made of Honor, and well, we have probably about 500 movies at our house. I also love the NP movies.

Music: I am so boring sometimes....I love me some M-Train, Celine (no judging), and Carrie Underwood, KU, etc. I love pretty much ALL Country music, and of course, love most Christian music. I love MWS, Third Day, SCC, etc. Of course, there are way more, but that will take me until tomorrow.

Books: I am kind of off books right now..but I am getting a bunch of cooking and home decorating books from the library. Weird, I know. I think I am sick, or something...lol. I do love DS books, and most Christian romance books.

Magazines: I seriously have a problem with this...ha! I LOVE magazines...I love People, US, InTOUCH, Hello Canada, Redbook, GH, CL, Chatlelaine, WW, and the list goes on!!!

So, those are my faves for Entertainment!

Monday, September 26, 2016


I was thinking yesterday (as I usually do) about the state of our marriage (among other things), and I was thinking on how happy our marriage is (and on how happy I am as a whole/person), and I have come to the conclusion that we are about a 7.5 (with 10 being the most perfect, at which point, they are probably lying..ha!!).

We are in a pretty good spot/place right now. We love where we live..our crazy neighbours are gone, and have (mostly) nice ones at the moment. Our money situation is OKAY (not great, but certainly not bad, either), and we are doing well health-wise (he is trying to quit smoking, and his moods are way better), and we do fairly well with communicating (but we could be better), and I think we are getting in the groove life-wise. He is sort of involved in the church (though still not going regularly), and he is in a better place spiritually, which helps our marriage in general. He tries to make supper a bit more, and he will do a bit more things around the house, and he thanked Mom for taking me shopping (and I didn't even have to cue him to do it!)!

Where could we improve? Well, everywhere! He isn't going to church regularly (as I stated), and he still doesn't like getting out much (either for church, or even for dates). He could be more romantic, and he still does things to irk me (still smoking, for one). I wish he would get out of his comfort zone a bit, and I also wish that he would be the Spiritual Leader of our home. I also wish that we would talk a bit more. We have a bad habit (which I kind of got us into) of spending much of the day/evening a part: I will be our bedroom, and he would be in the living room..so, I think we tend to miss out some doing that. But we do talk when he comes into bed, and often, I leave the door open, and we will talk as we doing our stuff. I do wish, that we would talk more...and more about things that matter...but I think that that is who we are....we talk when something needs to come up/out. Of course, there times when something is bugging me. and I do find it hard to bring up..or he doesn't think there is anything wrong...and I tend to find it hard to bring up. But, things do get talked (ab)out in the end.

But all in all, I think things are going along ok. I tend to put up with A LOT more than what others would, so to someone else, it may not look like things are going well (nor if they were in this relationship, they would probably be a lot less content than I am...lol).

On the whole, we are pretty happy...and content...and thankful :)

Where do you think your marriage (or yourself) is? On what scale do you think your life is at right now?

Weekend Wrap Up

Happy Monday!!!

I hope everyone had a great weekend!!! My wknd was pretty awesome!

On Friday, we had no work that day, so I slept in, and hung out in the morning, and called one of my aunts, and I went on a planned shopping spree with my mum and one of my SIL's. I thought we would maybe get a couple of pants and a couple tops....we bought (or rather she bought) 5 pants, and four tops (plus a camisole), and a pair of dress shoes, and I bought a casual t-shirt the next day. So, yah...it was a pretty epic trip! I will probably do a post on it, and talk about what I got, etc. First though, we went and tried out a new (to us and to the city) restaurant called Brown's Social House. I guess there are a few in Vancouver (which I didn't know about), and now there is one here. We all gave it a 4/5, as although the food was great, we could have gotten more than for what we (or again, what she) paid for. My SIL and I both at the Lime Halibut Tacos.We went shopping after lunch, then went to Krystle's for tea and danties, and then we went back out shopping.  We went to Costco, where I got TBBT season 9, and I got a Costco Membership again. Then, we went to the mall, looking for shoes for me. We found a pair of shoes that I thought would be semi-comfy, and then they drove me home, and went back to Vavenby. I got home around 7, and hubby had already started dinner, so we ate dinner in our respective rooms (we have a bad habit of that), and I think I just watched TV; Judge Judy, and then I called another one of my aunts, and we talked for quite awhile (at least I think I did this on Friday...it might have been on Thursday..I can't remember..lol), and I ended up watching more TV...I watched some Gilmore Girls. Went to bed (kind of) early.

Saturday, I woke up around 10, and Anker had come back to bed, as he was really tired (he has been waking up early), so I went out for awhile. I got a dollar store breakfast, and then went to Starbucks, then to the library. I did some budget and week planning, and then came home around 5. We had pizza (with extra toppings on top!!), and then I went back out to get another t-shrt from the same store where we had said shopping spree, as I could get any one item for 40% off. I went to Wal-Mart, then off to look after H for the evening. I watched GG, and had popcorn. I came home, Fb'd and went to bed.

Sunday, I went to church, and I did nursery (I have just started doing nursery again after 5 yrs of not doing it), and then went to Wal-Mart again. I ended grabbing a few camisoles that I might need for my new shirts. I was going to get Anker and I some McD's for lunch, but I phone ahead, and he said that the had eaten already, so I grabbed myself something, and went to the park. It was GORGEOUS! I ended up going for a 30 minute walk around the park, and then came home. One of my brothers called, and we talked for a half hour.  We also had two (yes TWO) sets of visitors, one to drop off something that I had bid on (I know her well), and other set dropped off some wool for Anker, so we spent a short time visiting with them.  I watched some of TBBT season 9, and last weeks episode, and I relaxed in the evening..watching GG, and Frasier, and organizing my clothes..putting some on/in the bidding site to try to get some money. I went to bed late, as usual, after chatting with hubby for a bit. I managed to do two loads of laundry over the weekend, and I also made some muffins (from a package..but I did add zucchini and carrots), and changed the sheets on our bed. Anker stayed at home for most of the wknd, and knitted and did dishes, and watched TV.

It was a lovely wknd, and here are back to Monday!!

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Weekend Wrap Up

Yes, it is Thursday night...and yes, I am just now writing about last wknd now. Whatever. LOL.

Last weekend was a real hoot over here...:) You know on how we love to party :) Ha!

So, last Friday, I was SO tired from looking after H last wk, that I pretty much just watched TV all evening. I watched Amazing Race Canada, and I got caught up on Y&R #tvgoals.

Saturday, I went to Starbucks and I some course work that I needed to get done, and I read mags (of course!). I went to the library, where I went through the next (well, this) week, and filled in all the days. I know...exciting stuff. I met my friend uptown and we watched a movie at the theatre. It was hilarious!!! I went to Wal-Mart, and I did some shopping, and got groceries, etc. We watched a short show together, and hubs went to sleep, and I blogged, and went to bed.

Sunday, I went to church alone, as hubby was super tired, and ended up having a nap as I was leaving. I went to a few stores and wandered around, and I bought a bath mat for our bathroom. #adulting. I got Mexican food for us for a late lunch/early supper, and we just hung out all evening. I watched TV all evening, and went to bed a not-so-reasonable hour.

That was our weekend!!!

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Five (or maybe more) On Friday


It's officially Fall, y'all!!
Here are some of my faves of the week:
Yes, I have 12. Deal with it. I was planning on putting some pics with this, but there really aren't any decent pics to go with it.

1) New Bath Mat

I bought a new bath mat this week from Jysks on Sunday. I haven't had a real bath mat in FOREVER! We have only been using a heavy towel for a few years. This was less than 10 bucks, and it is so soft!! Check out the one I bought here.

2) Shopping Spree

Mom and one of my MANY SIL's are coming into town tomorrow to take me shopping for some clothes for my new job. I am highly looking forward to it.

3) Email on Phone

I am probably the last person in the first world to finally start doing email on their phone, as I resisted doing it for years. I was encouraged to have it for my work, so I added my work's email address to my phone email address (which, another thing...you can actually sync all your Google emails to/in one account...mind.Blown), and it has been a game changer, let me tell you! I still have not added my main and blogger emails to it, which I will probably do. Did you also know that if someone sends you a Google invite, it goes straight to your calendar on your phone?

4) TV
Good TV is back! This is apparently Premiere Week. I say "apparently" because I had no clue that it was this week, until I found out through FB that TBBT had had its Season 10 premiere on Monday. I also realised that we had missed the finale from last season, so I guess that will be the first epi to watch when I buy it soon! I actually only watched 7 primetime shows: Grey's, 2 Broke Girls, The Odd Couple, The Big Bang Theory, Motive, Code Black, and Saving Hope, and of course, JJ, Y&R, 20/20, Dateline, RMR, 22 Minutes, plus any specials (I watch way more TV with all those Christmas specials, etc), award shows (sometimes), Olympics/sports, and SOMETIMES, I will watch DWTS, and of course Amazing Race. I REFUSE to get into any new shows!! I also have to include any movies (both ones I have and haven't watched), and binge watching (GG, Frasier, etc) that I do. Hubby also phoned up our local TV provider, and added a few more channels. I guess he was tired of NOT watching the CFL games, and he wanted to watch Canada beat everyone at hockey in the World Hockey Tourny. Anyway...at least we get A&E, TLC, Food Network, and W :)

5) Pork Roast Dinner/Homemade Salsa/Garden Veggies
 Hubby made a lovely pork roast dinner (we found a huge chunk of pork for 20 bucks at our local grocery store..he just had to cut it up into different cuts), along with our garden veggies!! It was SO good!!! We also made homemade salsa the other day. Yum!!!

6) The JonBenet Ramsey Case
Am I the only one that actually finds this fascinating as it is sad? I think the parents had something to do with it....or maybe the brother..I am wishing that I had watched Burke on Dr. Phil a couple of weeks ago....he was on, and I forgot to PVR it...sadness!! Anyway...Dateline had a 2 hour event, and one of the Canadian Networks had a 4 hour (yes, four hour) 2-Night event on this case, and of course, there has been lots of magazine coverage about this. I gotta say...I am a bit caught up in it...who did it? And why?

7) 3 Day Wknd

Tomorrow (Friday) is a PD Day, and we EA's don't have to attend this one! Soooo...three day wknd for me!! (see 1st Fave as to what I am planning on doing)

8) Double and Triple Star Days at Starbucks
Yesterday was Double Star Day at Starbucks...and I also got one of their packaged coffees, as I could get 45 stars. So, along with that, and the double stars, I got 109 stars yesterday. True Story. This next week is trip star day, if you use your moble pay app :)

9) A New Planner

Other than when I was a student, I don't recall ever having a planner. I have never really needed one. Well, this summer, I started writing my weeks activities in a notebook, and while I will use that, I also decided to get a planner. I was tired of using said notebook, and I wanted to be a true adult :) I don't even think that I will use pocket/purse calendars anymore. I will, however, still use my phone calendar.

10) Bubble Baths

I am totally into bubble baths lately again. Partly, it is because I have TONS of BB to use up, but also, b/c I love it :)

11) Handy Man Hubby 

My computer cord broke (again!) last Friday, and Anker fixed it. Again. I do not want to get a new computer, but I think I will have to, as it is certainly on its last legs.

12) Awesome, Awesome Co-Workers

I LOVE my co-workers! They are all so supportive, and encouraging!!! Yes, I loved the Co-workers at my last job, too, some of whom I think I will be friends with for years, but this is truly amazing!!! I am blessed beyond measure and words!!! I love, love them all!!! That certainly goes for "my" classroom teacher. She is really amazing...she includes me in some decisions, and I am asking lots of questions!

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Five on Friday

I am in the midst of doing a couple of posts, but I am not sure on when (or if ) I will publish them. I haven't done a FoF in awhile, so I thought I should one!!

1) Work:

My First FULL week of the new job went well. I was super tired (due to having a cold, and looking after H), but it was a great week. I love my job!!

2) Nephew Time:

As I stated above, I had some time with H this week. We had a fun few days. We went for Starbucks and did a Staples run one day, and I took him to soccer practice, and the last day, we went to the park for a bit. It was GORGEOUS out, so I took off my shoes and socks, and enjoyed my time while he played.

3) Routine:

K, this last wk, I didn't have much a routine as a lot of it was taken up with H, but I LOVE having a routine. I wake up...grab coffee that Anker has made, get my lunch ready, dressed, and play on the computer before heading off to work. I love being done before 3!! I actually have time to do something before supper, and the evening's activities.

4) A Short Cold:

I got a cold on Tuesday, which thankfully, only lasted a couple of days. Today, it is gone!! This makes me happy. I hate colds.

5) No Money Down...:

I may or may not have rammed into someone last Saturday while driving to meet my Aunt and Uncle, who were driving through town back to Alberta, for coffee (which I didn't end up going, as I was shook up, and I just wanted to come home). I really don't know what happened, except that he had been waiting for someone to cross, and he was still there when I ran into him. ANYWAY, he was really nice about it (as was I..I felt horrible, and so stupid!!), and he called me on Thursday to tell me that his back fender was able to just snap back on, so I didn't need to shell any money out. Anker was super supportive when I told him, and even better when I came home and showed him the damage (there wasn't much). As my mom says..an expensive lesson cheaply learned!!!

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Some Highlights of Late

Yes, I am still around...:)

Yes, I am still around (as of September 11, 2016).

Yes, I should be in bed, but funnily enough, I find it easier to blog when hubby is sleeping, and when the house is quiet. Not sure why.

Here are some highlights that have happened of late. They are actually a bit "old" now, as they happened a few weeks ago, but there they are anyway.

A few weeks ago, our girls group all got together to celebrate our friends birthday. We went to her house out in the country, and we had a lovely evening. We had spaghetti, wonderful garlic toast on foccocia bread, and caeser salad. Yum! We also played charades, and went for a boat ride, where I almost fell out. True story. It really was a lovely evening, and a great end (sob!) to my summer!

Love this view.

Their deck...isn't it nice!!?

The next day, I went to the ranch for a couple of days. I went alone, as Anker didn't feel like going. I first stopped along the way and met up with my cousin and her family who were headed back to Calgary from up the valley. We had a nice 1 hr visit, and I saw their kids, and I grabbed an iced tea for the road (we were near a Starbucks...what can I say!!?). I had a nice time; Mom and I enjoyed being together, and we read magazines, and talked, I and ended up going up to where we "summer" the sheep. My brother had to go up to do a few things, and I thought it would be fun to tag along. The next day, I ended up visiting people, and running into town to get something for mom, and then visited my SIL. Very fun. I came back around 3, and tried to have a dip in the pool, but by then it was a bit cool, so I didn't stay for very long. We had a yummy supper of steak, and watched Suffragette, which was really sad. I left around noon on Friday, so I could be back for work at 3:30 (I think that was about two wks ago now?). Oh, and my brother also helped me fix our burnt out tail light.

 Where the sheep graze every summer.
 The sky was so pink!!!
 The sheep...some of them are future little lamb chops!!!

 The sunset never gets old!!!
 Yes, that is one giant steak. Yes, I ate it all. Please don't judge (on portion control, and/or the fact that I eat meat..but at last it was my family's cow, so we knew on how they were raised ..ethically, thankyouverymuch!).

 Then, the next Wednesday, my GF and I had a Lady of Leisure day. Well, that was the name I called it. We went to Earl's, for some lovely appies, and not so lovely drinks, and some wonderful conversation!!

 We went to check out Urban Barn, which was kind of fun. It was across the street from the food place :) We had so much fun there, that we very nearly missed grabbing our coffee at the mall, and shopping around said mall. We had about 10 minutes to wander around.
We also went to Blenz Coffee in the local mall, and sat for a few minutes, and took some crazy pictures! I may or may not have knocked over a mannequin in the lingerie shop. MAYBE. Anyway, I and their version of the Caramel Macchiato, and it was really good. We hung out in the church parking lot, sat on the hood of her car, drank our drinks, talked, and took pictures. We stayed for a half our of prayer meeting, then we left.

I also have had a few PSL's, 2 SCM's, and one CM (Chili Mocha :) I liked the PSL's and SCM's, but I did not like the Chili Mocha.

 This always cracks me up!!

 PSL Above/Chili Mocha below.
 Salted Caramel Mocha and White Cheddar and Caramel popcorn. It was really good!

Oh yes.... and there is that little matter of me getting a new job, but I that will be an entire(ly) different blog post.

That's all for now. I realize that I am super behind in my posts...I haven't done many link ups lately, and there are a few blog posts that are no where near ready to publish...I was hoping to get to them this wknd, but I didn't get a chance. Anyway...will post about this wknd sometime, soon, too. Or not.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

What Kind of Mother Would I Be (FMC Edition)?

****I am partnering with Fertility Matters Canada to blog about topics surrounding infertility. This was a post that I had posted last October, and although I was hoping to get a new post out, with things happening (more on that later), I just haven't had the chance to do it. AND SO, since tomorrow is "my" day, I thought that I would re-use one (though it is a new one for/with them) that I had done up relating to infertility. I in no way get any compensation from doing this. I do it b/c I want to get the word about infertility out there. Head on over, and take a look!!****

What Kind of Mother Would I Be?

I have often thought on what kind of mother I would be/make. (I have often thought of what kind of father Anker would be/make, but that is for another post). Would I even be a GOOD mom? Would be I be the fun mom? The helicopter mom? The crazy Don't-Touch-My-Kid-Until-You've-Washed-Your-Hands Mom? The Don't touch my baby/child EVER mom? Would I make crafts (colour, make/play play dough) and bake with/for them? Would I sit them in front of the TV while I played on the computer? Would I be strict? Lax? Would I give in, or, be a hard a$$? Would I let them eat treats? Would we eat healthy? Would I love them (I would hope that I would)? Would I bond with them? Would I even LIKE them? Would I be subjected to hurting them (hey, this has crossed my mind)? Would I be caring? Calm? Nurturing? Kind? Loving? Teaching them the Bible? To be a good Christian? To follow be like Jesus? Would I talk kind to them? Or would I always be "barking" at them? Would I love them? Die for them? Hurt/cry with them? Would I do anything for them? Anything to protect them? How would we discipline them? Would I be able to answer all of their questions ("like, hey mom, why is the sky blue?" "I don't know, Dear, Google it.")? Would I be able to help them with their homework? Would I do lots of reading/research just in general (healthy living, etc), but especially if they had ASD, allergies, etc? The list goes on.

What about during the pregnancy? Would I eat properly? Would I do anything for my baby? Would I have PDD? Would I be one of those moms who think that world revolves around her and her growing belly? Would I take advice? Would I read lots of books about pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting (hey, magazine count, right??)? Would I fight for my baby/child? Would I do lots of research (as stated above) if needed?

There are SO many questions!! I have been thinking about this lately. I honestly have no clue on how good of a mom I would be. I hope that I would be, as I have had LOTS of wonderful role models. I hope that I would be all things that a Good Mom should be. I would want them to love others, love Jesus, and of course, themselves. I would teach good body image, and hopefully, not concentrate on good nutrition vs body weight, and appearance. Again, the list goes on, which I won't bore you with, but you get the gist.

Sadly, I won't ever get to experience that. I have a LITTLE experience with my younger brothers and sister, and now H (N and L, too, but I am not with them nearly as much). I think I am the cool, fun, aunt. I love spending time with H, and I think he loves spending time with me/us. Spending time with him makes me happy, sad, and tired all at the same time! It gives me a sense of mothering. It helps heal. It gives me some focus. It forces me to stop thinking about myself fora few hours. So, in a sense, like we have said....I am a mother. Just a different kind of one.

Monday, September 5, 2016

How To Do Vancouver in 24 Hours/9 Years Of Wedded Bliss

Anker and I went to Vancouver on Wednesday, which happened to be our 9th Wedding Anniversary. Yes, we have outlasted celebrities that we won't name,..lol.. I am not bragging...ok, well, maybe I am...but I know that marriage isn't easy, and it certainly hasn't been easy for us. We have been through A LOT....illness, infertility, financial hardships, to name a few. I usually do the same speill each year on this blog, so I won't repeat myself. I will say, that the last year has been really tough, I am very happy to say, that I THINK that we are clearing it!!! Anyway...since we were going to be away, I didn't pressure him to do much for it.

I had my yearly appointment with specialist, which always includes tests one day, and seeing the Dr. the next day. My tests were at 2, at UBC Hospital, so we were on the road by 8:30. We got into Vancouver at around 1, and of course, there was construction. Thankfully, it didn't deture us too much. We got there with a few minutes to spare. I had my breathing, walking, and blood tests done, then we went back to our b and b. We stayed that the same one (well, same company) as we do every year. Douglas House is a few minutes' walk to all the shops, a funky mall, and VGH. I don't know if I would stay there again, though, as it was super close to a busy road, and there was construction at all sides. The bed wasn't the greatest, either, which meant that we didn't sleep well. Oh well. We came back, got settled, and wandered around.the mall, and we got a drink at Starbucks.  City Square Mall is a funky sopping centre a half block away from the B&B, and we love to go there. We grabbed a few things from the Dollar Store, and popped in a few shops. We got back, and relaxed a bit on the deck, before we went out to our Anniversary Dinner.

***it has now been just over a month since I started on this...ha! But I am still going to finish it***

Sept 5/16

So, we went to the Banana Leaf, (that hubby had chosen before we left, which I thought was super awesome of him!),which was really good. Anker got a bit sick afterwards, but I really did enjoy it. It has been awhile, so I can't remember exactly what we had, but I think we had the 9 Course Tasting Menu. It was SO GOOD!!!

 Anker ordered the mango slushie, and I ordered the Lychee. But we didn't like them, so we switched.

 Mango Kerabu. It was good.
 Cumin Mussels. I don't think I had ever had mussels before. They were really good.
 Satay chicken. Yum!
Roti Canai. I think I just could have eaten this. YUMMO!!! And the sauce was delish!!!

 The main course...was Rendang Beef Curry (didn't like), Samabal Green Beans (yum), Caramelized Ginger Sablefish (double yum), and Gulai Tiger Prawns with Scallops (yummo!), and they were all served with Rice. We both weren't huge fans of the rice, but it was ok. FYI: Good thing I thought to look at/for their menu, otherwise, I wouldn't have remembered the menu items!!
And for dessert....Pisang Goreng, otherwise known as Deep Fried Banana. I was a bit disappointed in it, but it was still good. It was the first time that I had had it, and I have wanted to try it for years.

The sign out front. There are 5 locations on the Lower Mainland to serve you. If you want to try something different, and you can handle some spice (thankfully, though, it isn't as spicy as other ethnic food groups)...and have a few bucks, I would highly suggest that you try it.
 We just got ourselves a silly pottery gift, as the sites say that our 9th anniversary (traditional) is pottery and willow. The modern is leather. We didn't buy any leather gifts. LOL. (yes, you know your minds went there!!!).
As we were walking back to our B&B, we saw the Willow Street sign, and since we didn't have any willow-type gifts, I thought I would snap this.

We got back, and we were SO tired, that we just pretty much went to bed. We watched the Fireworks show on TV. The Honda Celebration of Light was on TV, and very nearly went there to check it out, but we thought that dinner would be better. It was a good choice, I think. We ended up seeing it on tv, which was really cool. And yes, I took pics of it ON the TV...cause I am weird, like that.
Yes, I took more :)

We didn't sleep super well, but what can you do!!! We had a lovely breakfast the next morning, and were on our way to the doctor's for the visit. Everything was pretty good. He was pretty satisfied with on how well I am doing, and we have made an appointment to go back next year on our 10th!!!

We grabbed a coffee, and sat in the UBC (where my Dr's Appointment was) gardens, and just hung out for a few minutes. It is actually quite the peaceful place, more so than you would think. Anker loves going there, even more than VGH. They didn't have Starbucks, but they served their coffee, which was ALMOST as good!! ALMOST! Ha! I think it as cheaper, actually.

 Aren't the gardens pretty? And yes, proof that they did have Starbucks coffee!!!
The only anniversary shot that I could convince him to take with me :)

We thought about doing something else along the way, but we were really tired, and we didn't have a ton of money to spend, so we left around 12. We almost went to Granville Island (as we normally do), but we didn't. We are really glad that we didn't go, b/c there was a really bad accident there around the time that we would have been wandering around. The trip home was stressful, due to traffic, but Anker refused to let me drive. Ha! We just had one stop in Chilliwack, and made it home around 4. My Grandma gave us some money, which we found on our mailbox upon arriving home, so I ended up grabbing Greek food!!! It wasn't as good as it normally is, but it was still pretty good. Farros Lighthouse is a locally owned and operated in town, and it is takeout/delivery only. So, that was our Anniversary/Vancouver trip!! And also, that was our only getaway this summer (insert "awww" here!!)! Oh well, what can you do!!!

We were in Vancouver for (I think?) for almost exactly 24 hours! The weather was really nice!! We had some nice time together (except for the trip home....he just got too stressed with traffic, etc). The drive there and back was nice, weather-wise. We usually always encounter rain, and/or get lost. Thankfully, neither of them happened this time.

I hope you enjoyed "coming along" with us on our trip!!!