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Let's Talk: Entertainment/Let's Be Friends Blog Hop

Am linking up with Andrea for this weeks edition of Let's Talk, and also with Tiffany for Let's Be Friends Blog Hop.

So..Let's Talk...Entertainment!!!

I am sure that most ppl will end up linking their fave shows, and/or posting pictures, but that is just too much work for me..soooo....I will just type them out.

TV / Movies:

I kind of said this in another post, but I guess I can repeat

Grey's (though it's not the same), 2 Broke Girls, The Odd Couple, The Big Bang Theory, Motive (sometimes), Code Black, and Saving Hope, and of course, JJ, Y&R, 20/20, Dateline, RMR, 22 Minutes, plus any specials (I watch way more TV with all those Christmas specials, etc), award shows (sometimes), Olympics/sports, and SOMETIMES, I will watch DWTS, and of course Amazing Race. I REFUSE to get into any new shows!! I also have to include any movies (both ones I have and haven't watched), and binge watching (GG, Frasier, etc) that I do. So, yes, I am currently watch…


I was thinking yesterday (as I usually do) about the state of our marriage (among other things), and I was thinking on how happy our marriage is (and on how happy I am as a whole/person), and I have come to the conclusion that we are about a 7.5 (with 10 being the most perfect, at which point, they are probably lying..ha!!).

We are in a pretty good spot/place right now. We love where we live..our crazy neighbours are gone, and have (mostly) nice ones at the moment. Our money situation is OKAY (not great, but certainly not bad, either), and we are doing well health-wise (he is trying to quit smoking, and his moods are way better), and we do fairly well with communicating (but we could be better), and I think we are getting in the groove life-wise. He is sort of involved in the church (though still not going regularly), and he is in a better place spiritually, which helps our marriage in general. He tries to make supper a bit more, and he will do a bit more things around the house, and …

Weekend Wrap Up

Happy Monday!!!

I hope everyone had a great weekend!!! My wknd was pretty awesome!

On Friday, we had no work that day, so I slept in, and hung out in the morning, and called one of my aunts, and I went on a planned shopping spree with my mum and one of my SIL's. I thought we would maybe get a couple of pants and a couple tops....we bought (or rather she bought) 5 pants, and four tops (plus a camisole), and a pair of dress shoes, and I bought a casual t-shirt the next day. So, was a pretty epic trip! I will probably do a post on it, and talk about what I got, etc. First though, we went and tried out a new (to us and to the city) restaurant called Brown's Social House. I guess there are a few in Vancouver (which I didn't know about), and now there is one here. We all gave it a 4/5, as although the food was great, we could have gotten more than for what we (or again, what she) paid for. My SIL and I both at the Lime Halibut Tacos.We went shopping after lunch, then we…

Weekend Wrap Up

Yes, it is Thursday night...and yes, I am just now writing about last wknd now. Whatever. LOL.

Last weekend was a real hoot over here...:) You know on how we love to party :) Ha!

So, last Friday, I was SO tired from looking after H last wk, that I pretty much just watched TV all evening. I watched Amazing Race Canada, and I got caught up on Y&R #tvgoals.

Saturday, I went to Starbucks and I some course work that I needed to get done, and I read mags (of course!). I went to the library, where I went through the next (well, this) week, and filled in all the days. I know...exciting stuff. I met my friend uptown and we watched a movie at the theatre. It was hilarious!!! I went to Wal-Mart, and I did some shopping, and got groceries, etc. We watched a short show together, and hubs went to sleep, and I blogged, and went to bed.

Sunday, I went to church alone, as hubby was super tired, and ended up having a nap as I was leaving. I went to a few stores and wandered around, and I bought a b…

Five (or maybe more) On Friday


It's officially Fall, y'all!!
Here are some of my faves of the week:
Yes, I have 12. Deal with it. I was planning on putting some pics with this, but there really aren't any decent pics to go with it.

1) New Bath Mat

I bought a new bath mat this week from Jysks on Sunday. I haven't had a real bath mat in FOREVER! We have only been using a heavy towel for a few years. This was less than 10 bucks, and it is so soft!! Check out the one I bought here.

2) Shopping Spree

Mom and one of my MANY SIL's are coming into town tomorrow to take me shopping for some clothes for my new job. I am highly looking forward to it.

3) Email on Phone

I am probably the last person in the first world to finally start doing email on their phone, as I resisted doing it for years. I was encouraged to have it for my work, so I added my work's email address to my phone email address (which, another can actually sync all your Google emails to/in one account...mind.B…

Five on Friday

I am in the midst of doing a couple of posts, but I am not sure on when (or if ) I will publish them. I haven't done a FoF in awhile, so I thought I should one!!

1) Work:

My First FULL week of the new job went well. I was super tired (due to having a cold, and looking after H), but it was a great week. I love my job!!

2) Nephew Time:

As I stated above, I had some time with H this week. We had a fun few days. We went for Starbucks and did a Staples run one day, and I took him to soccer practice, and the last day, we went to the park for a bit. It was GORGEOUS out, so I took off my shoes and socks, and enjoyed my time while he played.

3) Routine:

K, this last wk, I didn't have much a routine as a lot of it was taken up with H, but I LOVE having a routine. I wake up...grab coffee that Anker has made, get my lunch ready, dressed, and play on the computer before heading off to work. I love being done before 3!! I actually have time to do something before supper, and the evening'…

Some Highlights of Late

Yes, I am still around...:)

Yes, I am still around (as of September 11, 2016).

Yes, I should be in bed, but funnily enough, I find it easier to blog when hubby is sleeping, and when the house is quiet. Not sure why.

Here are some highlights that have happened of late. They are actually a bit "old" now, as they happened a few weeks ago, but there they are anyway.

A few weeks ago, our girls group all got together to celebrate our friends birthday. We went to her house out in the country, and we had a lovely evening. We had spaghetti, wonderful garlic toast on foccocia bread, and caeser salad. Yum! We also played charades, and went for a boat ride, where I almost fell out. True story. It really was a lovely evening, and a great end (sob!) to my summer!

Love this view.

Their deck...isn't it nice!!?

The next day, I went to the ranch for a couple of days. I went alone, as Anker didn't feel like going. I first stopped along the way and met up with my cousin and her family w…

What Kind of Mother Would I Be (FMC Edition)?

****I am partnering with Fertility Matters Canada to blog about topics surrounding infertility. This was a post that I had posted last October, and although I was hoping to get a new post out, with things happening (more on that later), I just haven't had the chance to do it. AND SO, since tomorrow is "my" day, I thought that I would re-use one (though it is a new one for/with them) that I had done up relating to infertility. I in no way get any compensation from doing this. I do it b/c I want to get the word about infertility out there. Head on over, and take a look!!****
What Kind of Mother Would I Be? I have often thought on what kind of mother I would be/make. (I have often thought of what kind of father Anker would be/make, but that is for another post). Would I even be a GOOD mom? Would be I be the fun mom? The helicopter mom? The crazy Don't-Touch-My-Kid-Until-You've-Washed-Your-Hands Mom? The Don't touch my baby/child EVER mom? Would I make craf…

How To Do Vancouver in 24 Hours/9 Years Of Wedded Bliss

Anker and I went to Vancouver on Wednesday, which happened to be our 9th Wedding Anniversary. Yes, we have outlasted celebrities that we won't name, I am not bragging...ok, well, maybe I am...but I know that marriage isn't easy, and it certainly hasn't been easy for us. We have been through A LOT....illness, infertility, financial hardships, to name a few. I usually do the same speill each year on this blog, so I won't repeat myself. I will say, that the last year has been really tough, I am very happy to say, that I THINK that we are clearing it!!! Anyway...since we were going to be away, I didn't pressure him to do much for it.

I had my yearly appointment with specialist, which always includes tests one day, and seeing the Dr. the next day. My tests were at 2, at UBC Hospital, so we were on the road by 8:30. We got into Vancouver at around 1, and of course, there was construction. Thankfully, it didn't deture us too much. We got there with a few minute…