Let's Talk: Entertainment/Let's Be Friends Blog Hop

Am linking up with Andrea for this weeks edition of Let's Talk, and also with Tiffany for Let's Be Friends Blog Hop.

So..Let's Talk...Entertainment!!!

I am sure that most ppl will end up linking their fave shows, and/or posting pictures, but that is just too much work for me..soooo....I will just type them out.

TV / Movies:

I kind of said this in another post, but I guess I can repeat it..lol.

Grey's (though it's not the same), 2 Broke Girls, The Odd Couple, The Big Bang Theory, Motive (sometimes), Code Black, and Saving Hope, and of course, JJ, Y&R, 20/20, Dateline, RMR, 22 Minutes, plus any specials (I watch way more TV with all those Christmas specials, etc), award shows (sometimes), Olympics/sports, and SOMETIMES, I will watch DWTS, and of course Amazing Race. I REFUSE to get into any new shows!! I also have to include any movies (both ones I have and haven't watched), and binge watching (GG, Frasier, etc) that I do. So, yes, I am currently watching Gilmore Girls and Frasier. And yes..I am thinking of getting into THIS IS US, and PITCH. Ugh! Too, too, many! As far as movies, go, well...I love K-Cop (i know, weird), and Titanic, pretty much all chick flicks/rom-coms. I love Made of Honor, and well, we have probably about 500 movies at our house. I also love the NP movies.

Music: I am so boring sometimes....I love me some M-Train, Celine (no judging), and Carrie Underwood, KU, etc. I love pretty much ALL Country music, and of course, love most Christian music. I love MWS, Third Day, SCC, etc. Of course, there are way more, but that will take me until tomorrow.

Books: I am kind of off books right now..but I am getting a bunch of cooking and home decorating books from the library. Weird, I know. I think I am sick, or something...lol. I do love DS books, and most Christian romance books.

Magazines: I seriously have a problem with this...ha! I LOVE magazines...I love People, US, InTOUCH, Hello Canada, Redbook, GH, CL, Chatlelaine, WW, and the list goes on!!!

So, those are my faves for Entertainment!


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