Weekend Wrap Up

Happy Monday!!!

I hope everyone had a great weekend!!! My wknd was pretty awesome!

On Friday, we had no work that day, so I slept in, and hung out in the morning, and called one of my aunts, and I went on a planned shopping spree with my mum and one of my SIL's. I thought we would maybe get a couple of pants and a couple tops....we bought (or rather she bought) 5 pants, and four tops (plus a camisole), and a pair of dress shoes, and I bought a casual t-shirt the next day. So, yah...it was a pretty epic trip! I will probably do a post on it, and talk about what I got, etc. First though, we went and tried out a new (to us and to the city) restaurant called Brown's Social House. I guess there are a few in Vancouver (which I didn't know about), and now there is one here. We all gave it a 4/5, as although the food was great, we could have gotten more than for what we (or again, what she) paid for. My SIL and I both at the Lime Halibut Tacos.We went shopping after lunch, then went to Krystle's for tea and danties, and then we went back out shopping.  We went to Costco, where I got TBBT season 9, and I got a Costco Membership again. Then, we went to the mall, looking for shoes for me. We found a pair of shoes that I thought would be semi-comfy, and then they drove me home, and went back to Vavenby. I got home around 7, and hubby had already started dinner, so we ate dinner in our respective rooms (we have a bad habit of that), and I think I just watched TV; Judge Judy, and then I called another one of my aunts, and we talked for quite awhile (at least I think I did this on Friday...it might have been on Thursday..I can't remember..lol), and I ended up watching more TV...I watched some Gilmore Girls. Went to bed (kind of) early.

Saturday, I woke up around 10, and Anker had come back to bed, as he was really tired (he has been waking up early), so I went out for awhile. I got a dollar store breakfast, and then went to Starbucks, then to the library. I did some budget and week planning, and then came home around 5. We had pizza (with extra toppings on top!!), and then I went back out to get another t-shrt from the same store where we had said shopping spree, as I could get any one item for 40% off. I went to Wal-Mart, then off to look after H for the evening. I watched GG, and had popcorn. I came home, Fb'd and went to bed.

Sunday, I went to church, and I did nursery (I have just started doing nursery again after 5 yrs of not doing it), and then went to Wal-Mart again. I ended grabbing a few camisoles that I might need for my new shirts. I was going to get Anker and I some McD's for lunch, but I phone ahead, and he said that the had eaten already, so I grabbed myself something, and went to the park. It was GORGEOUS! I ended up going for a 30 minute walk around the park, and then came home. One of my brothers called, and we talked for a half hour.  We also had two (yes TWO) sets of visitors, one to drop off something that I had bid on (I know her well), and other set dropped off some wool for Anker, so we spent a short time visiting with them.  I watched some of TBBT season 9, and last weeks episode, and I relaxed in the evening..watching GG, and Frasier, and organizing my clothes..putting some on/in the bidding site to try to get some money. I went to bed late, as usual, after chatting with hubby for a bit. I managed to do two loads of laundry over the weekend, and I also made some muffins (from a package..but I did add zucchini and carrots), and changed the sheets on our bed. Anker stayed at home for most of the wknd, and knitted and did dishes, and watched TV.

It was a lovely wknd, and here are back to Monday!!


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