Weekend Wrap Up

Yes, it is Thursday night...and yes, I am just now writing about last wknd now. Whatever. LOL.

Last weekend was a real hoot over here...:) You know on how we love to party :) Ha!

So, last Friday, I was SO tired from looking after H last wk, that I pretty much just watched TV all evening. I watched Amazing Race Canada, and I got caught up on Y&R #tvgoals.

Saturday, I went to Starbucks and I some course work that I needed to get done, and I read mags (of course!). I went to the library, where I went through the next (well, this) week, and filled in all the days. I know...exciting stuff. I met my friend uptown and we watched a movie at the theatre. It was hilarious!!! I went to Wal-Mart, and I did some shopping, and got groceries, etc. We watched a short show together, and hubs went to sleep, and I blogged, and went to bed.

Sunday, I went to church alone, as hubby was super tired, and ended up having a nap as I was leaving. I went to a few stores and wandered around, and I bought a bath mat for our bathroom. #adulting. I got Mexican food for us for a late lunch/early supper, and we just hung out all evening. I watched TV all evening, and went to bed a not-so-reasonable hour.

That was our weekend!!!

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