Five (or maybe more) On Friday


It's officially Fall, y'all!!
Here are some of my faves of the week:
Yes, I have 12. Deal with it. I was planning on putting some pics with this, but there really aren't any decent pics to go with it.

1) New Bath Mat

I bought a new bath mat this week from Jysks on Sunday. I haven't had a real bath mat in FOREVER! We have only been using a heavy towel for a few years. This was less than 10 bucks, and it is so soft!! Check out the one I bought here.

2) Shopping Spree

Mom and one of my MANY SIL's are coming into town tomorrow to take me shopping for some clothes for my new job. I am highly looking forward to it.

3) Email on Phone

I am probably the last person in the first world to finally start doing email on their phone, as I resisted doing it for years. I was encouraged to have it for my work, so I added my work's email address to my phone email address (which, another can actually sync all your Google emails to/in one account...mind.Blown), and it has been a game changer, let me tell you! I still have not added my main and blogger emails to it, which I will probably do. Did you also know that if someone sends you a Google invite, it goes straight to your calendar on your phone?

4) TV
Good TV is back! This is apparently Premiere Week. I say "apparently" because I had no clue that it was this week, until I found out through FB that TBBT had had its Season 10 premiere on Monday. I also realised that we had missed the finale from last season, so I guess that will be the first epi to watch when I buy it soon! I actually only watched 7 primetime shows: Grey's, 2 Broke Girls, The Odd Couple, The Big Bang Theory, Motive, Code Black, and Saving Hope, and of course, JJ, Y&R, 20/20, Dateline, RMR, 22 Minutes, plus any specials (I watch way more TV with all those Christmas specials, etc), award shows (sometimes), Olympics/sports, and SOMETIMES, I will watch DWTS, and of course Amazing Race. I REFUSE to get into any new shows!! I also have to include any movies (both ones I have and haven't watched), and binge watching (GG, Frasier, etc) that I do. Hubby also phoned up our local TV provider, and added a few more channels. I guess he was tired of NOT watching the CFL games, and he wanted to watch Canada beat everyone at hockey in the World Hockey Tourny. least we get A&E, TLC, Food Network, and W :)

5) Pork Roast Dinner/Homemade Salsa/Garden Veggies
 Hubby made a lovely pork roast dinner (we found a huge chunk of pork for 20 bucks at our local grocery store..he just had to cut it up into different cuts), along with our garden veggies!! It was SO good!!! We also made homemade salsa the other day. Yum!!!

6) The JonBenet Ramsey Case
Am I the only one that actually finds this fascinating as it is sad? I think the parents had something to do with it....or maybe the brother..I am wishing that I had watched Burke on Dr. Phil a couple of weeks ago....he was on, and I forgot to PVR it...sadness!! Anyway...Dateline had a 2 hour event, and one of the Canadian Networks had a 4 hour (yes, four hour) 2-Night event on this case, and of course, there has been lots of magazine coverage about this. I gotta say...I am a bit caught up in it...who did it? And why?

7) 3 Day Wknd

Tomorrow (Friday) is a PD Day, and we EA's don't have to attend this one! Soooo...three day wknd for me!! (see 1st Fave as to what I am planning on doing)

8) Double and Triple Star Days at Starbucks
Yesterday was Double Star Day at Starbucks...and I also got one of their packaged coffees, as I could get 45 stars. So, along with that, and the double stars, I got 109 stars yesterday. True Story. This next week is trip star day, if you use your moble pay app :)

9) A New Planner

Other than when I was a student, I don't recall ever having a planner. I have never really needed one. Well, this summer, I started writing my weeks activities in a notebook, and while I will use that, I also decided to get a planner. I was tired of using said notebook, and I wanted to be a true adult :) I don't even think that I will use pocket/purse calendars anymore. I will, however, still use my phone calendar.

10) Bubble Baths

I am totally into bubble baths lately again. Partly, it is because I have TONS of BB to use up, but also, b/c I love it :)

11) Handy Man Hubby 

My computer cord broke (again!) last Friday, and Anker fixed it. Again. I do not want to get a new computer, but I think I will have to, as it is certainly on its last legs.

12) Awesome, Awesome Co-Workers

I LOVE my co-workers! They are all so supportive, and encouraging!!! Yes, I loved the Co-workers at my last job, too, some of whom I think I will be friends with for years, but this is truly amazing!!! I am blessed beyond measure and words!!! I love, love them all!!! That certainly goes for "my" classroom teacher. She is really amazing...she includes me in some decisions, and I am asking lots of questions!


Those are some great favorites! Yay on clothes shopping for work, I hope you find some great things!

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