I was thinking yesterday (as I usually do) about the state of our marriage (among other things), and I was thinking on how happy our marriage is (and on how happy I am as a whole/person), and I have come to the conclusion that we are about a 7.5 (with 10 being the most perfect, at which point, they are probably lying..ha!!).

We are in a pretty good spot/place right now. We love where we live..our crazy neighbours are gone, and have (mostly) nice ones at the moment. Our money situation is OKAY (not great, but certainly not bad, either), and we are doing well health-wise (he is trying to quit smoking, and his moods are way better), and we do fairly well with communicating (but we could be better), and I think we are getting in the groove life-wise. He is sort of involved in the church (though still not going regularly), and he is in a better place spiritually, which helps our marriage in general. He tries to make supper a bit more, and he will do a bit more things around the house, and he thanked Mom for taking me shopping (and I didn't even have to cue him to do it!)!

Where could we improve? Well, everywhere! He isn't going to church regularly (as I stated), and he still doesn't like getting out much (either for church, or even for dates). He could be more romantic, and he still does things to irk me (still smoking, for one). I wish he would get out of his comfort zone a bit, and I also wish that he would be the Spiritual Leader of our home. I also wish that we would talk a bit more. We have a bad habit (which I kind of got us into) of spending much of the day/evening a part: I will be our bedroom, and he would be in the living room..so, I think we tend to miss out some doing that. But we do talk when he comes into bed, and often, I leave the door open, and we will talk as we doing our stuff. I do wish, that we would talk more...and more about things that matter...but I think that that is who we are....we talk when something needs to come up/out. Of course, there times when something is bugging me. and I do find it hard to bring up..or he doesn't think there is anything wrong...and I tend to find it hard to bring up. But, things do get talked (ab)out in the end.

But all in all, I think things are going along ok. I tend to put up with A LOT more than what others would, so to someone else, it may not look like things are going well (nor if they were in this relationship, they would probably be a lot less content than I am...lol).

On the whole, we are pretty happy...and content...and thankful :)

Where do you think your marriage (or yourself) is? On what scale do you think your life is at right now?


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