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Friday Things (On Thursday), and An Update

Yup...still here! Just haven been busy...oh, lying around and relaxing...and working!

We are doing ok. Anker still struggles to get out, so I do most of the errands, etc. I am ok with that, for the most part. I haven't done a whole of cleaning, etc. I manage to keep the kitchen fairly decent, and I do laundry, and that's about it. I/we have been pretty much lying low, relaxing, watching TV/movies, and running errands, church, work (for me).

Last wknd was my "off wknd", and I actually cannot remember what I did. It was THAT exciting!! LOL. Actually, I took last Wednesday off as a lieu day, so I had 6 days off, and I didn't get a lick of things done! But, it was great to have some time off.  I know I went to church, had a snacky lunch with A, K, and H, and we had a nice visit, and then I made carrot cupcakes with cream cheese icing in the evening. Anker and I watched American Sniper in the evening, which was interesting. Saturday, I had to pick up something that I …


Expecting (ly).

Over the wknd, while I was at work, I had Priase 106.5 FM playing on the computer, as I was doing paper work, etc. It was nice to have some Christian ambiance while I was at work, especially since I couldn't get to church. They had on a program, Keep the Faith, which is an encouragement radio show, where they had a montage of things...pre-recorded people who call in sharing awesome things that God had done, a short snippet of a preacher/author saying an encouraging word, songs, etc. John Maxwell, who is a Life Coach and also a Christian, talked about his version of what prayer is (to be fair, I didn't hear the whole thing, since I was working), and just now, as I was trying to find out more about here, I came across this article on his blog, and I thought that I would share it. He also has a Facebook Page. I found it very uplifting. I also enjoyed listening to the pre-recorded stories, but it also got me thinking: When DO we stop praying for somethin…

The One where April Can't Cry

If you're a FRIENDS fan, then you've probably seen/heard about the episode "The one where Chandler Can't Cry". It cracks me up! I am SO MUCH like him!

Some people cry during baby commercials (k, I have done this once), movies, when they see an animal in the street, weddings, babies, funerals, during church (worship, etc), etc. I do not.

Here's the thing....I can/do cry. Just at stupid things. Like when Anker and I are having a tough time (you know what I, him not spending time with me, when he gets upset, etc), or when I get into trouble (work, etc), or, when Mom talks to me, corrects me (yes, she still does, etc. You know..the Mom-talk!! I cry when it revolves around my health (sometimes...depending on what it is). Basically, I cry whenever it is about me.  I NEVER cry at movies, shows, commercials, weddings (heck, I didn't even cry at my OWN wedding!),, babies, etc. I get sad, angry, etc. Last night, hubby and I were watching Amaz…

What Kind of Mother Would I Be?

I have often thought on what kind of mother I would be/make. (I have often thought of what kind of father Anker would be/make, but that is for another post). Would I even be a GOOD mom? Would be I be the fun mom? The helicopter mom? The crazy Don't-Touch-My-Kid-Until-You've-Washed-Your-Hands Mom? The Don't touch my baby/child EVER mom? Would I make crafts (colour, make/play play dough) and bake with/for them? Would I sit them in front of the TV while I played on the computer? Would I be strict? Lax? Would I give in, or, be a hard a$$? Would I let them eat treats? Would we eat healthy? Would I love them (I would hope that I would)? Would I bond with them? Would I even LIKE them? Would I be subjected to hurting them (hey, this has crossed my mind)? Would I be caring? Calm? Nurturing? Kind? Loving? Teaching them the Bible? To be a good Christian? To follow be like Jesus? Would I talk kind to them? Or would I always be "barking" at them? Would I love them? Die for th…

Election 2015

Tomorrow is E-Day!!! We are having a Federal election!! I actually kind of like them. They bring us together in an odd sort of way. There's something for us all talk about. It is kind of like a celebration, of sorts. It's like the Olympics of the of the political world. It's the The Super Bowel, the World Series, the Stanley Cup Playoffs for the political nerds!!! My cousin LOVES them!!! She loves to talk politics! I small doses. It usually just irritates me, angers me, and generally bores me to tears..HOWEVER....I do love me a good election!!

Not 100% sure on who I am voting for yet (I think I am pretty set...just you know..need to pray about I have had "the political talk" with my parents, as I usually do when these things happen. It's always a fun time. LOL. Anker can get upset when he talks about politics. We are in a bit of an odd demographic..we are "older", not healthy, on disability, infertile, childless, lower class....…

Thanksgiving Weekend

Up here in the cold North, we do things a bit differently. We have Thanksgiving in October, which as I have said before, I like it better. The weather is warmer, it's nicer...not too close to Christmas, you know, important things like that.

Thankfully, I had this last wknd off (save for TG day, but I didn't care, so as long as I was able to spend most of it with family), which was a bonus!! Every second wknd, I get a four day wknd (Thurs-Sun), unless I pick up any extra shifts, which is totally awesome! The flip side of that is that the next wknd, I WORK four days (Fri-Mon)...meh, what can you do?

So, since I had Thursday off, we thought about going Thursday night, but we decided to stay home, and leave on Friday. I mean, I say that my new position is like a vacation, but hey, it's still work, and I need LOTS of down/me time!

Anyhoo...we left on Friday morning, after running around, getting A's hair cut, grabbing a few things, going back to the house to make sure that …

Still Here

Yes...I am still alive. I have just been in a blogging rut lately. Not even looking at/through blogs that I follow have given me any blog-ispiration. I WANT to blog..but I just don't WANT to blog...does that make sense?

Anyway...not sure if I will link up with the Friday posts this week...but here are some highlights from the last couple of weeks.

I/we have been having lots of yummy food lately (I have been also been having some gross food, but I will leave that to another Hubby made waffles, which are DIVINE!! They are SO GOOD! I also had lamb chops. Y'all...even if I ever were to go vegetarian, I would still eat our family's lamb. It is the best. I made some yummy muffins at work..and I added banana to them. So good!! We had Mexican food tonight from one of our favourite local Mexican places. It was a special deal. Two can eat for $13.99. Yum. Hubby also made some spaghetti sauce. We haven't tried it yet, but he thinks that it may not be very good. I went…