Election 2015

Tomorrow is E-Day!!! We are having a Federal election!! I actually kind of like them. They bring us together in an odd sort of way. There's something for us all talk about. It is kind of like a celebration, of sorts. It's like the Olympics of the of the political world. It's the The Super Bowel, the World Series, the Stanley Cup Playoffs for the political nerds!!! My cousin LOVES them!!! She loves to talk politics! I can...in small doses. It usually just irritates me, angers me, and generally bores me to tears..HOWEVER....I do love me a good election!!

Not 100% sure on who I am voting for yet (I think I am pretty set...just you know..need to pray about it..lol..). I have had "the political talk" with my parents, as I usually do when these things happen. It's always a fun time. LOL. Anker can get upset when he talks about politics. We are in a bit of an odd demographic..we are "older", not healthy, on disability, infertile, childless, lower class....yet I work in social work/health care/community living, and Anker is on disability. Oh, and we don't own our own home. So, we want a government who can pretty much give us more money for Anker to live on a month, more money/type of work for me, better health care...funding for infertile treatments (which we realize won't happen...having a baby...but we would like that for others), more tax breaks, more money put into community resources, etc. We're not asking for a lot :) LOL.

But you know what, when you think of it..we live in a pretty darn perfect country! It REALLY bugs me when people dis politicians. We don't know on how good we have in Canada/US. Our leaders aren't perfect, but neither are we. We live in awesome countries that allow people from other countries to come and live and have their Canadian/American Dream. We live in (mostly) peaceful countries. We are rich. Yes, there are people who have it far less than we do. Life is frustrating. I get it. OUR life is frustrating. But for the most part, we all have it pretty good.  We don't have an Hussein or a Hitler running our countries. We don't have ISIS, or Boko Haram (though I do get that people have joined these "organizations"). We live in a wonderful, safe, and beautiful country! We can worship without fear. We are free to worship wherever or however we want. The list goes on....

So...VOTE! There is simply NO EXCUSE NOT to vote. People in other countries have died fighting (and still continue to) for the right to vote. THEY DON'T have a say. WE do! We have a right...AND it's a privilege. It was less than 100 years ago that the four western provinces were allowed to vote. the rest of the country took a little longer..as late as 1940 in Quebec! Women DIED for the right to vote!! It actually REALLY bugs me when people say they aren't going to vote. Even if you don't know much about politics (like myself..lol), learn the basics of each party (there are three main parties in Canada).  Even if you don't want to vote for PM, at least vote for your local MP. Over 3M people voted in the advanced polls, which was awesome. That was way more than in the advanced polls back in 2011. So....do yourself, your family, and your country a service...VOTE! It takes 20-30 minutes of your time. EVERY VOTE COUNTS!!!

Off my soap box now!!!


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