Still Here

Yes...I am still alive. I have just been in a blogging rut lately. Not even looking at/through blogs that I follow have given me any blog-ispiration. I WANT to blog..but I just don't WANT to blog...does that make sense?

Anyway...not sure if I will link up with the Friday posts this week...but here are some highlights from the last couple of weeks.

I/we have been having lots of yummy food lately (I have been also been having some gross food, but I will leave that to another Hubby made waffles, which are DIVINE!! They are SO GOOD! I also had lamb chops. Y'all...even if I ever were to go vegetarian, I would still eat our family's lamb. It is the best. I made some yummy muffins at work..and I added banana to them. So good!! We had Mexican food tonight from one of our favourite local Mexican places. It was a special deal. Two can eat for $13.99. Yum. Hubby also made some spaghetti sauce. We haven't tried it yet, but he thinks that it may not be very good. I went to A and K's last Thursday for pie that H and Mom made. Yum!

I bought a few more tops from one of the Facebook pages in our city. I bought two of them today. We will see on how I like them. I am pretty much living in yoga pants. I have put the shorts/capris away...oh, except for one was TOO hot to NOT wear them!!!

Work is going pretty well. I joke that it is like a vacation compared to my other position. LOL. I do like it, though. And, as an added bonus, they are moving closer to me....sadly, I will have to back track if I want a Starbucks before work. Thankfully, there is a Tim Horton's as well as a local bakery, coffee shop on the way, so all is not lost!!

I have been taking out scads of magazines from the library. People, I have a problem! At least I don't pay for them all. They are often magazines that I won't buy, but I do love to look through them.

Hubby fixed my fan at midnight last night. Y'all. He is amazing. It only took him less than a half hour. I was very happy. And yes, we still need a fan on at night sometimes.

Two Sundays ago, we spent it watching movies. Pure bliss. Unbroken, Woman in Gold, to name a ew. Oh, and the eclipse. Did you see it? Let me tell you, it was awesome! God is awesome!! I even got some ok pictures of it.

That same wknd, my friends and I went for Greek food at a local Greek place. It was SO GOOD!  They are going for Chinese tomorrow, but sadly, we are going to the ranch tomorrow, as it is Canadian Thanksgiving this wknd, and we getting our tires changed on the way.

I haven't been having too many Starbucks' (ok, well, not as many), but I did have a Salted Caramel  Mocha today. SO GOOD!

Fall TV is back!!! And we discovered that our PVR/TV has CC. Let me tell you, my tv-watching life has gotten better!! I am loving the new show, Code Black. It very similar to ER. LOVE IT! Just watched Grey's tonight...and Saving Hope...both very good. Oh..yes..Big Bang...and Amazing Race US are back...And Y&R is really good right now. And I finally got caught up on DWTS!! How can I forget my JJ :) There are also few odds and ends of tv that I will watch as well.

Calico is still keeping us laughing! She is hysterical!!! This will be our first time leaving her since we have gotten her. I hope she doesn't get too lonely for us!!

I spent a couple of days in the park, enjoying the sun and relaxing. I love my times in the park.

I have been meeting my friends up for coffee..going to my brother and SIL's a few times...running errands....and I have been taking LOTS of pictures, and putting most of them on IG :)

I am not "that cool stylish/fashion" person. I don't really wear boots...and I am not a scarf person (though I do have a few). I just switch it back to yoga pants for my fall wardrobe. That's pretty much it! I know...I am very low-maintenance. I did buy some new Halloween socks, though!!!

I Skyped with my sister the other night. I have a love/hate relationship with Skype. I LOVE being able to see my family, but I always feel like you HAVE to talk to keep things going. I always love Skyping with her...we always have a fun chat.

Stuff is still growing in our garden, and it's October. I love it here!!!

I have been going to bed around 1-2 am. And sleeping in until 9-11 am. Gotta love my new work schedule. Oh well. I don't worry about it too much. At least I have a job, so it makes me feel less guilty.

I bought a Shredder off of one of the 24 hour Bidding Sites/Groups on Facebook. I brought it out today..not sure why we went THIS LONG with out a shredder. I may start shredding my is THAT MUCH fun!

Here are a few funnies that I found I the last couple of weeks..

Ok..those ones are oldies, but goodies..:)

                                                      I need these in my life, people!!!

So, as some of my family says..Them there's the highlights!!!!


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