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Happy Thursday/Friday!!! I hope everyone had a great week! We had a pretty good one. Nothing too exciting, but it was good.


I bought two shirts this last wk. I bought one at Wal-Mart for $10, and another one (which I haven't tried yet) off of a bidding site for $2.


I love my position at work. It's like a vacation, y'all! I mean, I am BUSY, but it is TOTALLY different. LOVE it! More hours (more money!), and less clients (less crazy-busy); now, that's the kind of math that April likes to do (said in the voice of Joey from FRIENDS)!


I love me some Tic-Tacs. They are like little drops of heaven. So, when I found a new flavour, well, I had to buy them. They are strawberry/cherry. Yum.


The pumpkin pie blizzard is back at DQ. I tried a small one today. I actually didn't think that I had tried it before, but once I tasted it, I remembered that I had. It was SO GOOD!! Thankfully, tho..I am not a huge Blizzard fan, so I won't be tempted to buy them....much. LOL.


Good Numbers. My A1C (my average blood sugar in the last three months) was 6.9 (yes, I have had lower, but that is still pretty good), and my Cholesteral was low (3.41, I think?). So, I am very happy with that.


Toasted Graham Lattes are at thinking that I need to try one. Has anyone else? I still love my PSL, though :)


Ok, so this hasn't happened yet, but Saturday, my friends and I are celebrating our other friends birthday (who also happens to be our pastor's wife). We are going to Dorians...hopefully, it was be good.


New TV started this week. What did everyone think of this wks premieres? Big Bang, Grey's Saving Hope to name a few?


Canadian Thanksgiving is less than a month away (actually TWO WEEKS!), and I am STOKED, people!!! Food, family, fun, food, faith, food :) My sisters-in-law and I are planning it's a win-win for my mom.


Calico is hilarious! She has been really coming out of her shell the last week. She has been much more playful, and staying on our bed longer at night. She isn't very graceful, which makes her even more hysterical! She is making us laugh every day! She has been very silly, which has been awesome. We just heart her.


Hubby made supper tonight (steak, potatoes and some kale or spinach thing from our garden), and he cleaned up the kitchen a bit earlier today...AND he made cookies! Yum!!!


I used my benefits again this week. It was one of the first times that I have used them. We usually just use hubby's disability benefits, but this time, I used my work (which, I apparently used last time, but I don't remember, cause I was drugged out). I also got another PINK toothbrush!!

I hope to finish up a few posts that are in my drafts..and do up some pictures...most of the pictures are on my IG, if you are on IG, come follow me here!

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Kristi said…
I get together every couple of months with friends to celebrate whoever has a birthday that month. So much fun! Hope you have fun with your friends!

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