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Yes, I do realize that it is Thursday, and that I am JUST NOW doing a WW and LBFBH (Tuesday). Oh well...it's my blog, and the link up is still open :)

So, last Friday, I had taken it off, partly to help A and K pack and move. It was pay day, so I ran a few errands, did a Wal-Mart run, and took the car to get the oil changed, and I grabbed some lunch. I started getting an annoying cough, which I wasn't too concerned with, as I was feeling great. I dismissed it, and went on with my day. I then went to K and A's to help pack a bit. I packed up the rest of H's room, and then ended up staying for supper. Anker was back at home, and did something with our bundles of apples. I started helping K pack up the kitchen, and then my cough started turning into a cold. Awesome. I left at around 9 or so, came home, and created a "cold care package" for myself. I just relaxed in our room, and Facebooked, etc.
I drank a fair amount of hot tea, with lemon and honey. It actually helped. I slept fairly well, but not great.

I was feeling ok in the morning, so with the apples that Anker had cut up, I made an apple (and plum) crisp. I also made zucchini chocolate cookies. They weren't the best cookies, and I don't know if I would make them again, but here is the recipe. I left around 1 or two, and went up to their new place (Anker wasn't feeling well..or something), and brought my cookies. I kind of stood around for a bit, as there was a lot of people, and I wasn't feeling super great. I ended up setting up H's room, which was kind of fun. I left after an hour or so, and took A to drop off the U-Haul, and to take him to the old house to grab his car. We just relaxed Saturday evening. I don't even  know what we had for supper (or even if we had supper). I watched a couple of movies, Steel Maglolis and Boyhood, and went to bed late...as usual.

Sunday morning, I ended up going to our church's pancake breakfast, which they hosted along with three other churches (my brother and SIL's included) that meet at the building. The service that we had after was awesome. I came home, and tried not to fall asleep, since A and K were coming over after doing their walk through. The BC Lions were playing (sadly, they lost), so hubby was watching that. They came at around 3 or so, and stayed for the last hour of the game, and then left. I then went and had a nap. I watched SON OF GOD while I was laying down. I also watched ALL GOOD THINGS, which was well, interesting. I was hoping to he the CCMA's, but they had already aired. Oh well. We just had leftovers and snacks for supper. I will sometimes have a pop corn supper, but I didn't feel like getting all the stuff out, so I think I just had mac n cheese. I had another late night.

Monday, I met up with Jill for coffee at Starbucks, and then went to the library for a bit. Anker had made cabbage rolls up for supper, so they were ready to be put in the oven. We had perogies and cabbage rolls for supper on Monday. Best of all...hubby made supper AND cleaned up!! We just relaxed, watched the news, and I think we watched a two eps of Y&R (ther were 4 on our PVR, but I refused to watch four hours' worth..so, I just watched the last two)), and then I watched Judge Judy in our room, and hung out.

So, that my/our wknd. I know...so very exciting!!!

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FYI: I was debating about doing the Blog-tember Challenge, but I haven't even begun, so I certainly won't be starting from Day 1, but I do hope to do a few days' worth. I also might still connect with the Show Me Tuesday Link ups from this past Tuesday. I haven't fully decided yet though. Does that make me not a cool blogger?


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