When Blogging Gets/Becomes Too Much/Overwhelming

I love to blog. I do. I love reading blogs. I love "seeing" what people are up to. I have my favourite bloggers that I stalk follow. But somewhere, in btwn the link ups, and the beauty bargain finds, and the perfect children, and the perfect wardrobe, I find it too much. It's not so much that I feel that I can't "keep up" with everyone (though, that IS true, and I have blogged about that as well), but there are JUST so many things that ONE MUST blog about! You know, to stay cool. So that people will come and "visit" you. So that you don't lose followers (though I only have 32).

When I first started this blog, it was because we had just gotten married, and I wanted to document our life. Then it became more of an infertility blog. Then that became boring, b/c, let's face it, who wants to read about a sad, boring couple going through infertility (and ultimately, ending up there/here)? So, I tend to combine a little sadness, with a lot of good (albeit, NOT PERFECT) things. I talk about on how life isn't perfect. I don't have the perfect hair, body, wardrobe, house, etc. We don't go on major vacations, and we don't have a super nice car. Our marriage isn't perfect (far from it), and so I am blogging, essentially, to let the world know that life can be lived with out it being perfect. I have "met" lovely people on here. I have found out that some of my friends have blogs. I got my sister into writing a blog. So, of course, I am happy that I am blogging, and I don't think that I will ever stop.

But sometimes, I think "why bother"? "What's the point"? But not only there, often, there are SO MANY posts that I feel that I must blog about. Of course, there are any number of blog hops/link ups that I like to link up to. Then, I sometimes do my TToT. Then there are the daily, trivial things. Then, I will sometimes talk about this cool makeup that I bought. And I **HAVE** to blog about our trip...and, and, and...like right now, I have 4 or 5 (not even including the Friday Link ups/TToT) blog posts in my drafts that I want do. There's the pictures to add, the labels to add (which, I haven't done in awhile), and the re-arranging of my own blog to do. Then, there's my blog FB page. I am really trying to keep that up. But, I fail. A lot. Then, there is the "visiting". And the commenting. Oh, the commenting. I used to comment a lot... I may start doing it again. I love it when people comment on mine, so of course, I try to comment back. So yes....this blogging business takes up time. And yes, it becomes overwhelming. And it becomes too much at times. It is then that I have take a step back, try to figure out if I can either combine some posts, or just not worry about that topic altogether. Then, like I have just done...taken a few day, or a week (or longer) break. When I really don't "feel" like blogging, or just in a blogging funk, I usually end up reading through some of the MANY blogs that I follow, and that usually gets me out of it, and I get excited about/for blogging again.

Or, I just go back to hanging out on Facebook! Or, I pick up a magazine....or watch TV/movies...or bake.....or...do something, so I CAN blog about it...or IG...or, or, or....:)


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