Show and Tell Tuesdays: Where were you on 9/11

Here is another link up that I have not yet joined. I am probably won't be doing it every week (just like every other link up...I rarely do it EVERY WEEK!), but when I saw the topic, I wanted to join.

This Tuesdays topic was "Where were you on 9/11?"

I was living in Calgary, in my mid 20's, and I was at work. It was around 8 am MST when I heard (so had already happened a couple of hours prior), and I remember having the radio on, and listening to the announcer, saying that a plane had crashed into the WTC. I remember laughing, thinking that was one of those dumb things that you hear (yes, and cause I am also THAT immature like Then, when I heard that another plane had crashed, and when everyone else started talking about it (I was working alone, I think, when I first heard), I knew that it was no laughing matter. This was before the Internet was all the rage (at least, in my mind), and long before Faceook, and much longer before Twitter (Thanks for the internet and SM for making our world so small!, but it also brings people together!), so I didn't hear much of it until I got home. I watched the whole thing unfold (not live, obviously), on TV, and I remember feeling really weirded out by the whole thing. I don't I think I knew what to make of it. I think I was sad, then mad. It also happened on my friends birthday (the one who lost her hubby this year), and I remember emailing her, and wishing her a happy birthday, and saying that I am sorry that this horrible thing happened on her special day. I also remember telling her that we shouldn't be racist. I don't remember calling my parents, but I am sure that I did. I am sure that I called a lot of people in those few days.

That night, I was involved in a Bible Study group, where I looked after the kids, while the adults were having their study at the church. I think it was then, that I really started feeling sad. Everyone was crying. We just continued on with the evening, and then I went home. That was the first major attack that involved Terrorism that I remembered (tho I would read later about the Air India attack, etc) and then the term "War on Terror" was coined. Life hasn't been the same since. The world has never been the same. I wouldn't say that I have changed much (at least regarding that), but I do think that it has made me more aware of things; of the world around me. I am more cautious now (especially when I fly, which I think has only been once since then) in small spaces (buses, ferries, or pretty much any major building). I am more keen and aware of my surroundings. I know that it has changed on how people enter countries (for living, travelling), and of course, it has changed travel.

I kept the paper from that day (I found out that there was an "EXTRA" that day, and I wish that I had bought one), until just a year or so ago. I had the PEOPLE Magazine until just awhile back, too. It was such a monumental day in history, that I found it hard NOT to throw them away (but I finally did...and I felt I know that there were (and still are) a lot of questions surrounding that day. There's the Spiritual, the political, but I will say that I am glad that I serve a God that doesn't allow violence, in His name, and I am glad that our countries are keeping us safe (or at least doing their best). FYI: I am not for GT Bay being in operation, nor am I for the torture of prisoners for info (I am not for the torture for ANYONE in prison, btw). And no, I don't think God allowed this, I know He was/is very sad when things like this happen.

Even though we were far away, it affected us; probably the second most (obviously, behind US), along with Mexico. Our country was talking about it; probably like nothing before or since then. We were horrified for all involved. I just did a quick search, and I found out that 24 Canadians died that day (I actually thought it was more). It made our world a little smaller. It gave (and gives us still to this day) something that we all have in common..."Where were you when that happened?". It gave/gives us something to talk this the Blog-iverse! It's bringing us together, even 14 years later...and online/blogging!!!!

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