Favourite Things: Favourite Summer Moment

I am linking up with Erika for this month's Favorite Things. I think this is the first time that I have linked up for this particular link up, since I don't think I have anything particular favourite item/thing that is on the list. Or maybe, it is just because that I haven't really taken time to really look at the list! Ha!

I was hoping to do up a few posts, then link up those with this one, but I haven't really been much up to/into blogging (and I am feeling that it has become a bit overwhelming, etc), but since it closes in just over 9 hours, I thought I would do a quick post, then hopefully add pics, etc to it later.

So....what is summer? Are they saying that it is from May-October? From June-Sept? While the kids are out of school? Or June 21-Sept 21, the traditional Summer Season? Well, I will often refer to Summer as May - Sept. Ha! Anyway....

Here are some of/our highlights:

1. K, though it technically wasn't summer then, I still consider this part of our summer, b/c well, like I said, summer runs from May-Sept...lol..But we moved! We moved the very end of April, and for the most part, we really do love it.

2. My brother got married in the middle of June, and it was a lovely wknd, filled with lots of fun, food, family, and fellowship! I also got to meet my/our new niece, Lilah, for the first time that wknd.

3. A Surprise birthday party/gift. My friends threw me a surprise birthday party, and they gave me a yard swing. We love it!

4. We went to Victoria in August, and we had a great time. We visited hubs' sister and her family, and I also got to see my brother (just over lunch), and sister-in-law and the girls for an afternoon.

5. We got our new kitty after we came back from holidays. She is a calico, and her name is Calico (yes, I am trying to get a post about her soon). She is 4 yrs old, and adorbs and presh.

...and my/our worst summer moment was (cause you have to have some bad with the good, right?), when my/our friend died suddenly at the end of May. I still can't believe that he is gone. It is just too strange.

So...those are it!! I will try to join up next month, when they talk about favourite scarves.


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