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Am linking up with my usual Friday Link ups, and am also linking up with TToT :)
Yes, I do realize that is Monday. And yes, I have had almost a week off. I have pretty much spent that on the computer, and with people...and doing some cleaning, and clearly, not blogging. I think part of the problem is that I have SO MANY posts (including link ups) that I want to do. Sigh. they (TToT, and my Friday Faves) are for this wk.

1) Spending time with H (last week)

Last week, in an attempt to help A and K with their move (while doing as little as work as possible...ha!), I offered to take H for a few hours. We had lunch together, and watched a movie, and went to the park for a bit. He also "helped" hubby take down some of the garden and sunflowers. He had a fun time.

2) Hubby that loves to can/preserve fruits and veggies

Hubby is amazing with preserving. He LOVES to do it. He has canned, made jam, pickled, frozen whatever veggie/fruit we have gotten/grew or been given. I am SO GLAD that he likes to do this. I haven't taken any pictures of that, but trust me, he does an awesome job.

3) Yummy baking (muffins and turnovers)

Hubby also likes to tackle crazy baking pastry. He did an awesome job, and the turnovers were SO GOOD! I also made plum/apple crisp, and chocolate zucchini cookies over the wknd, and I made muffins last wknd.

 Anker and I made zucchini and carrot muffins the other day. Yum!!! You can find the recipe here. My cousins wife posted, and I thought they would be great to make, and I wasn't wrong.

4) Date day with hubby

Last week (Thursday?), Anker and I ran a few errands. We went to the dollar store, and we also went grocery shopping. I know. It was wild. 


 This was actually my second PSL. I forgot to take a picture of my first one. It was VERY GOOD!

 I got this today. I wasn't planing on going out again for awhile, but my friend wanted to meet up (we usually give each other SBX cards for our bdays, and sometimes our tradition is to enjoy a drink together). I didn't think we would get together so quick..anyway...we did, and I saw that they had pecan tarts. Umm..yum. I mean, they aren't as good my moms or sisters, but they are pretty darn good. I asked them to heat it up, and put on whipped cream. And yes, I had another PSL.
 I got myself a Salted Caramel Mocha the other day. It was very good. I got it through the drive-thru, so when I took a picture, it was a sad-looking. But it was an SCM, honest!
 I don't take credit for finding this gem, but when I saw this on Cassie's blog, I HAD to at least save it.

6) Time with Friends

I have been kind of missing my family lately. I was thinking the other day on how I wish we could all get together (I am thinking of my dads side, but I miss Mom's side of the family, too!), and have a fun-filled evening of food, laughter, and lots of talking! I can't wait until Thanksgiving. Anyway...time with friends is awesome, and always greatly needed, and enjoyed, and my girlfriends and I met up at Starbucks on Monday (I think?), which was a great time. And yes, that is when I had my first PSL of the season. My friend Jill had a birthday on Friday, and some of her friends arranged us to meet up at a new restaurant in town. I will do a separate post about that. It was an early evening, as they had other plans, and I wasn't feeling well, but we still had a fun time.

7) New Position at work/Awesome Bosses/Co-workers

I am VERY happy about this. I got a new temporary position at work, with more hours (which we need right now), and less clients. I am so, so excited! I start on Sunday. Also, I love my bosses and co-workers. They make work so much fun!

8) Family who helps out (produce/money)
My family have been helping us out a bit...a bit of money, and a bit of produce. We are very happy about both.

9) Awesome TV Starting up soon
DWTS started tonight. Grey's, TBBT, 2BG, and TOC are starting up soon. Those are the only Prime Time shows that I watch.

10) Movies from the library
I love our local library. Their movie selection has increased 100-fold in the last 10 years. They could still have more (I have tried to find quite a few movies that I want to watch, and they don't have them), but they are still pretty awesome. I got SELMA, ALL GOOD THINGS, BOYHOOD, among others in the last while. 

11) Being (sort of) careful with Money/God keeping us going with Money
K, this isn't based on the last few days..but I DID just get pd. I am really trying to be a bit more careful with money. That means less magazines, coffee out, etc. And less driving "up the hill" (as we call it around here).

12) Still fairly warm days
It is still HOT (ok, warm) around here. We still have the A/C going sometimes and the fans going nearly all the time. We still (or at least I) don't have any covers on at night, and it has still been very warm. I think it went up to 30C the other day. Not sure on what day it was (Tuesday or Thursday, I think?), but I spent time outside on our swing, which was SO lovely!

13) Items on the 24 Hour Bidding Site/Dollar Store
I have bought a few things off of one of the 24 Hour Bidding Sites in our town, and some of them I have sold or am giving away, but I did get a shredder, which we needed. I also got a few things from the dollar store...those solar things that wave in the sun, socks, a 2016/2017 calendar, and a few other things. I love dollar stores!

14) Carrie Underwood CD coming out (Oct 23)/Big Bang Theory SSN 8(Sept 15)
 I heard her new song on the radio, so I figured that she must be putting out a new album soon. And sure enough, she IS!! I am so excited!!! I am also excited that TBBT SSN 8 is coming out on Sept 15th. I am super stoked about that.

15) Mags and Movies bought over the wknd

I was hoping to grab The Best of Me for me, and American Sniper for hubby, but they had upped their price from the last time I was there. So, I found Grease for $5 and Son of God for $5. I am cheap when it comes to movies.

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Kristi said…
I had to smile about "up the hill." Where I live, we go "down below!"
The A Team said…
Haha..that's funny. Thanks for stopping by!
Katie C said…
Your day dates sound a lot like my husband and me. We'll go to Costco! Nothing like fighting crowds together to bring you closer. :) And I'm loving that Starbucks pic with the pecan tarte. Not because of the tarte, but because of how pretty the whole picture looks! And that they served it on a marble plate. And that really cute Starbucks cup in the background. I love that! Hope you're having a great week :)
The A Team said…
Thanks for stopping by!! It wasn't on marble, it was on But yes, it was pretty...and tasty! Yes, I love on how Starbucks is having fall cups now! Yah, we are a pretty boring couple. We don't need a whole lot of

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