Weekend Wrap Up/Let's Be Friends Blog Hop

Yes, I am a few days late. LOL. Honestly, there are SO many blog posts/link ups, so little time!!!

I have a few posts to do, so I will try to keep this short (ha!).

Friday, was payday, but since we are a bit short right now, I only put a few bucks on my Starbucks card, and well, that's all I did (and pay rent). I DID get Woman's World, and then went and enjoyed a coffee, while reading magazines, and playing on my phone. I went to work. It was a good shift, which was nice. I left late, as usual. I think I stayed up late, or something..not sure what I did when I came home.

Saturday, I/we didn't do anything all day, and it was heaven (yes, I am usually fairly lazy, but there is something to be said in doing NOTHING all day...ie, watching tv). We got caught up on shows, and then I went to the library, and hubby and I met with my cousin and his wife and their two kids for supper. They took us out, which was great, since we are very short on funds right now. Like, really super short. Anyway, I finally got to me their almost three old daughter, E, and their 2 month old son, J. We had a lovely visit, and we came home and I just chilled in our room. I honestly don't know what I did. I probably Facebooked, and I might have watched a movie.

Sunday, I went to church, and my friend took me for lunch to McD's. I stayed there awhile, and I read magazines. I came home and relaxed, and we watched The Imitation Game, and then I watched Wild, which was ok, and I think I watched another movie, but I can't remember.

All in all, it was a good wknd, though I didn't get much done.

Also...am linking up with this wks Let's Be Friends Blog Hop (again, a few days late):


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