8 Year Blog-iversary!/Let's Be Friends Blog Hop

 ****Edited September 24/15****

I thought I would use this post to link up with Let's Be Friends Blog Hop this week. It isn't super old, but I just don't feel like doing a new post (i have a few I NEED to do), but I wanted to link up...and I thought this would be a good post for that. So, here you go!! Enjoy!!

Not a whole lot to about/on this post, just that I have been blogging for 8 WHOLE YEARS! My actual blog-iversary was on the 24th of August, but I forgot! I can't believe I kept up (with) this blog for this long. I didn't think I would. This blog has undergone a few changes. I haven't done a MAJOR overhaul on/with it, but it has changed directions over the years. I have met a lot of fun blogging friends (ok, they don't know I exist, but still...), and have followed a lot of blogs.

The blog-iverse has changed over the course of 8 years. Blogs are more cool, more hip, and generally, MORE FUN then when I started blogging. People make businesses out of blogging; they have built/made themselves a brand. I remember when I first heard the word "blog"...or as we all called it back then..."weblog"; I was like, "what IS that"? Remember the show "Felecity"? Remember on how she did a "vocal/recorded blog" (sorry, I know that's not the right word, but I can't think of the correct one right now), and on how odd we all thought that was? Apparently, she was on to something!!
There are now blogging sponsors, conferences, followers, guest writers, blogging "swaps", "buttons", "exchaneges (still am not sure what that is all about), link ups (my fave!); a whole WORLD dedicated to the Blog-isphere (some of which even I don't know about!)!

Of course, like I have mentioned, there are things that I DON'T like about blogging...and the main one is the comparison. You see these cool mamas (bc, let's face it..most of the bloggers are moms), wearing all these cute and cool clothes; having an awesome time, with their gorgeous hubbies. They are rich (well, richer than me/us, anyway), have nice houses, bake great things, have great kids great hair, nice accessories (jewelry, purses, sunglasses, shoes, etc), travelling all over, nice cars, yards....you name it. I actually feel really sad/upset/depressed/mad sometimes after reading posts (yes, this is like FB, IG, and PT as well, another thing I don't like about SM). I even had those feelings today. But, they can (and are!) also be inspiring! I love seeing what people make, how they save, where they travel, how they better their marriage, and of course, infertility. So, like with anything in life (and on SM), I take the good with the "bad", and embrace it. I do what I can to "shape" whoever comes on to my blog. I encourage. I laugh. I cry. I vent. I do what I can to make my corner of the internet (FB, IG included) a bit more fun, and encouraging! To make it better.

I started blogging in 2007 after our wedding, in order to document our lives. It started on FB then I moved to Blogger (which, btw, I have never moved to a new blogging website..I love my little Blogger!). Like I said, this blog has changed directions a few times. My writing has changed. I have learned new things (like on how to posts links!). A few years ago, I wanted it to be strictly about infertility. I quickly realized that that would be too depressing, though I still talk about infertility, I also talk about our life. Our life is not perfect; it is ordinary and boring. But, it is also fun, and never without some sort of crisis. We actually have a bit of a crisis today, in fact. Fun times. Please pray for us if you think of it.

I am so glad that I got into blogging. I do love to write, and although I keep a journal, that is much more private, and I don't like sharing stuff on here that I write in there. Besides, I am able to put my writing on display for everyone to enjoy!! :)

Here's to another 8 years!


Nonnie said…
Congratulations on your blogaversary. Keep on writing. Don't compare yourself to others. You are writing about your life.
The A Team said…
Thank you Nonnie!!! You're too kind!!

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