Blakelee, Izzy, and Sam

I don't usually do posts like fact, I am not a huge fan of people asking for money..buuut...when I read Izzy's story in our local paper, combined with the other two young ladies in our community, I thought I would just shed some spotlight on them.

Blakelee is a 1 month old beauty who has Tetrology of Fallot. Her mom is an acquaintance of ours through our church, and her daddy came from TX to pastor a small church here in town. They were supposed to move back to TX, but due to Miss B's DX, they will be remaining in BC. He is unable to work (which is partly why they were going back to TX, as he was unable to get his Canadian Residency), so, they are living on her mom's Mat leave (Mat leave is a year in Canada...unless you chose to go back sooner, or if you want to split it with your spouse), and they are so far unable to sell their house (something that they were doing, since they were moving). Anyway....they were supposed to go the Children's Hospital in Vancouver, but the Dr. is coming up here to look at her, and she may not even have to go down there now to have her surgery. The link I have given you is to her Facebook page, but there is a Fundraising page set up as well. You don't have to give money; you don't even have to pray, if you don't do that...I just ask that you would think of them, and if you go their page, please send a little encouraging word to them.

Sam (antha) (again, this is to her FB page), is a young lady who is 5 (?) who got cancer last July, and has since reappeared. I worked with her maternal grandmother a few years back, and I know her mom and aunt (I actually lived in the same duplex-different suites-as her aunt nearly 10 years ago!), so though I have never met her, I feel a bit connected to her. She is our towns little Superhero (and yes I realize that she isn't the only child in town fighting cancer-or any other disease-, but I think she is one one of the famous ones!)!! There have been A LOT of bake sales, parties, dinners, dances, and even a fair, as well as lots of money being donated. Both of her parents are with in Vancouver, helping her get well.

Izzy is a little girl who has EB. This was a story in our local paper the other day (I think I found it on Facebook), and I was touched (pun not intended) by this. EB is a VERY real disease, and my heart breaks for children and families who have to endure this daily.

Well. those are my do-good stories for this week!


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