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Hello. Yes, I am still here. I know you've all been missing my posts :)

I know some of these posts/subjects are a bit old, but I do want to document them, which is why I am going to post about them anyway!

On June 30th, I had worked a day shift, which ends at 3:30, and it started to rain. After bringing everyone in from the van, and getting them settled, I went to turn around to leave, and there was suddenly a flash flood down our street. No word of a lie, y'all. It was crazy! I was actually scared that the hill behind us was going to turn into mud, thus causing a landslide. Thankfully, it didn't. It WAS pretty scary, and the power did go out, and after it being out for a few hours, causing everyone at work to be evacuated. Fun times! I was almost sad that I didn't work for the rest of the week. They got to stay in a local motel. Lucky!!

Here are some of the pictures that I got on my phone...
 These top ones are the ones actually from the end of the flood.

 Work's driveway.
 The cops had to come out to help everyone navigate the streets.
 The beginning of the flood.

 Yes, it really did look like this.

But going back a bit...when it first started raining, I thought I would just wait it out, since I really don't like driving in the rain. And it POURED! A few minutes later, we all saw water (see above picture) running down the road. Along with wood and debris. I clearly realized that I wasn't going to be going anywhere for awhile. Then it got worse. And worse. I called hubby, who said that the power had gone out there, but NO RAIN (we did get some later in the evening). How odd is that? I finally left around 4:45. It was quite an adventure, that's for sure!

That wknd, I went out to the ranch to help Mom clean the B&B, and maybe do some cleaning, as she had wrecked her shoulder (Isaac is recovering from knee surgery, so though he is doing MUCH better now, he couldn't do a think a month ago). Anker decided to stay home, so I went alone. It was busy, but kind of fun, too. I actually can't remember what all I did, but I know I swam in the pool, and hung out with Mom, cleaned the B&B (twice), and I think I helped do other things. Sunday, I went into Clearwater, and came home and swam in the pool, and mom's friends came over, with her grandkids, and we all sat outside and visited. Monday, Cadence and I had some time together before I left. We swam in the pool, and read magazines. Fun times! There was also a fire near us, which was a bit concerning, but all is well now (it was put out the next day). So that was the July 4th weekend.

Only July 27, Anker and I celebrated 8 years, but I will do another post about that.

We went to the ranch for a couple of days (more on that later), and I left him there, so he could hang out there, and help out. I had nearly a week of being fun..well, three days, but it felt that it was almost a week. It was nice, and he helped out Dad, which was great. I got our queen bed to myself.

Last wknd, was a holiday wknd here in Canada, and I got it off! It works out that I get every 2nd (long) wknd off, so that is awesome. I had to work Friday, which was also pay day, so I ran and did errands, and bought movies and magazines...and a new lip stain..then went to work. 

Saturday: Since Anker was already out at the ranch, I just had to worry about myself. I had no plans, so I just relaxed in the morning, and sat outside in the backyard. I went and got my hair cut.

I am not 100% sure that I like it (I have had it cut like this before), and I may go shorter, but for now, it's better (cooler) than it was, so I am ok with it.

After grabbing something to eat (I think...who knows what I did..I probably grabbed Starbucks or something), I was on the road. Our weekend was nice. We hung out, relaxed, watched TV/movies, ate yummy food, swam in the pool, visited, saw old friends, and generally had a good time. Mom is in Alberta helping out my gramma, so it was odd not having here there. We came back Monday, and hung out in the back yard, and then I went to the beach, with A, K, and H.
That was the second time that I have gone this year (the first time was with K and H last week), and we had a great time.

I also met up with my old friend (and MOH), Crystal. She and her family and their friends were camping in Clearwater, so when I found out that they were going to be close to where I was (thanks, Facebook)!, I asked if she wanted to meet up. We visited for over an hour, and I was sad to leave (I feel that when I am the ranch, I flip-flop/bounce btwn activities, and I hate it...always too much to do). We had a great visit, even though there was a ton of people there.
All in all, it was a great wknd, but sadly, not a lot of things got done here (the important blogging, journalling, watching our PVR'd shows, cleaning). Oh well..there's always tomorrow!

I think I will do a photo post soon, of some of the pictures that I have taken :)


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