Ten Things of Thankful

Yah, I am back doing the TToT!

So, what am I thankful for this week? They are going a few doubles from my Oh Hey Friday post. But it's my blog, so I will double some of them if I want.

1. Thankful for my Mini Break. I had a few days booked off, since my friend was supposed to come, but since she didn't couldn't make it, I decided to just leave it booked and hang out here. It has been fun watching movies, relaxing, and visiting family.

2. Thankful that my brother and his family have moved back. I have been having SO MUCH fun with them, and of course H, since they have moved back. I visited them three times since Thursday.

3. Thankful for Summer. I am trying to squeeze out the last bit of summer. I spent today (Sunday) reading outside, and loving it.

4. Thankful that fall is nearly here. PSL's, the colours, yoga pants, hoodies, You know the drill.

5. Thankful that our car is (sort of) working. It starts. It gets me (us) where we need to go.

6. Thankful that I was able to meet up with my friend and her family this week. We spent an hour a park and had a nice visit on Wednesday.

7. Thankful that my sister made it to her Destination safely. Don't forget to check out her blog.

8. Thankful for the many friends that I have made and connected with through this blogging world. I just checked, and that I have had over 100 views just today!

9. Thankful for fresh Veggies from my parents' garden. As I stated in Friday's blog, I got some veggies from my parents' garden. They are delish!!!

10. Thankful for great friends who are neighbours. Hung out with my neighbour/friend K on Friday night. Had hard Iced Tea and chatted and watched TV.


Good to see you back here again for TToT! We have TWO cars that are sort of working but get us where we need to go (usually).
Sounds like you had a nice week with family and friends!
The A Team said…
Thanks Dyanne!!! Yah, it is has been sort of hit or miss with me doing the TToT lately! I do love the link up, though! It makes me BE thankful!
Angie said…
All wonderful things to be thankful for. Checking out your sister blog now :)
Kristi said…
How nice to have family close by! My siblings are spread out about as far apart as we can be (and still be in the continental USA).
The A Team said…
Kristi, yah, we were all spread out,now we are all fairly close...which makes us all happy. Thanks again for stopping by!

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