Drama, Drama, Drama + AND a Weekly Update

I love the link from "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days" where they say "Drama, Drama, Drama" when one of the girls has guy problems, cries, etc. I thought it was a great blog title for this post, as my (our) last week has been!

The first part of the week was fine. Sat/Sun, I worked a graveyard shift, and then we celebrated our anniversary (I completely forgot to post about it...will do another post about it in a bit). I worked Monday, but I can't remember what I did Monday before I went to work. I probably relaxed a bit, like I usually do. Tuesday, I spent a day reading, both on our balcony and at Starbucks. Yay! Tuesday night, I decided that I would try and do something nice for my aunt/uncle/grandparents. More about what happened...

Not sure if I posted, but my grandparents, who live in Calgary, decided to fly out (with the encouragement and help of their daughters) to Kamloops. It is a central locale since D1 (my mom) lives two hours away, D2 lives in Kelowna, and D3 and her hubby and house sitting here in town. While they were still at the airport, Grandpa (who is already frail, walks with a cane, and is nearly 89), fell as he was getting out of the wheel chair the WJ provided him to walk through the scanner. EMS came to check him out and asked him if he wanted to go to their hospital (which they probably should have done), but they wanted to continue on. He was feeling well (or so he thought) enough to continue on. EMS said that they didn't think he had broken anything, so he thought that coming would be a good decision. It wasn't. Or maybe it was. We don't know. Well, to make a long story short, he had broken 2 ribs, and instead of doing road trips and exploring our town and doing fun things, they have stayed home. Well, they have gone to the doctors, the hospital, and to the drug stores! Grandpa had to go in the hospital on Thursday morning. He is doing ok, but still not close to getting back to Calgary. I am calling it "The Nightmare Vacation" that never ends". Oh dear. They are doing well, though, and D3 is doing AWESOME helping them out; cooking, driving them places, etc.

So, back to last Tuesday night....I decided that the best thing I could do was to make/bring a meal over to them, so that D3 didn't have to cook. I made chicken and brought potato salad, and a yummy crumble pie. She made veggies, and so that made it a meal. Yum. Anker was doing his project so he didn't end up going. We had a nice meal and time together.  Wednesday, Anker and I drove to the ranch so that he could participate in the big sheep move. We had a nice drive; the weather was perfect, and even the traffic wasn't so bad. We set up the tent, and I spent time in the the pool and read magazines in the sun. Mom came out and we spent time reading and swimming together. I always tell Mom that she is the reason that I am a magazine addicted to magazines. I think the first magazine I read was Good Housekeeping. I always loved their column "My Problem and How I solved It". I am so sad they don't have it anymore. Anyway...I will do a magazine addict post another time. I ended up bring Vienna back with me, as she was trying to catch the birth of the baby from a friend of hers, that she needed to witness in order for to be able to graduate from MW school. On our way back, we both decided to stop for supper. I hadn't been to this particular restaurant in years, which is weird, particularly since I have been living back in this area for 10 years. I had their Fish and Chips which was SO GOOD!

I have a lot of childhood memories of this place. This was also my first job. I was a bus girl/hostess. Yah, fun times. Anyway, we got back into town around 9, and Vienna wanted to go to a bar (let me say that she NEVER goes to bars, she is not like that at all...I then told her that she wanted to go a pub, not a bar..haha)  I wasn't  going to take her to any one of our bars in town (although a few bars down town are OKAY, but not great), as they are sleezey, so I thought I would take her to a pub (which is better, and where she really wanted to go to anyway). We went to a local pub that I have been to a few times (well, ok, once). We both ordered Shirley Temples. No food. This apparently raises concerns with the wait staff, who kept coming over and asking how we were doing. Oh, and did I mention that I had brought in a First Aid kit, since Vienna had cut her finger even BEFORE we went in. I mentioned to her that you are supposed to get the cuts while IN the bar (bar fight), not before. Not to mention that the place was well, pretty quiet. The only cute guys in there were NOt the ones for her. Oh, and we were sitting in the corner, and we were laughing. A LOT. That may have raised concerns. Or at least made them come over and ask how we were, and if we needed anything, Yah, I may not be able to set foot in there anytime soon. Hahah.

Anyway...we had a fun time, and came home and relaxed a bit with some FRIENDS episodes and went to bed. I introduced her to FRIENDS while she was here. I wish we could have spent an ENTIRE day watching them, but we just didn't have time.

Thursday, we thought we had missed the birth of L's baby, since my phone was on silent, and our LL cordless phone was broken, and we only had the corded phone, so we weren't able to have the phone in our room. Thankfully, it was a false alarm. Mom also sent over our aunt to make sure we weren't raped or murdered. Oh dear.

The rest of the day was great. We just relaxed and watched FRIENDS and we played on our laptops. Oh, and did I mention that Vienna made us eggs and did our breakfast dishes? Yah, pretty sweet.  This was also when we found that Grandpa went to the hospital. Drama #1.We then went off to find some lunch. We bought sushi. Have I mentioned that I LOVE this food now? Sushi in the park with my sister. Yum! I was sad that I had to go to work, but hey, what can you do? I dropped Vienna off downtown (later, she realised she had no idea why she was down there, but I thought and told her later that it was so that she could be closer to the hospital), and I went to work. She and I kept in touch via FB (she has no phone), and then she went for a walk downtown, which apparently scared Mom. I reassured her she was probably ok, since it is summer, and there are tourists everywhere. Anyway, afterwards, V was unable to connect online, which scared Mom, and even me a little bit, but she was finally able to connect via Skype. So everyone was happy. I picked her at the McD's downtown. Went home and we watched FRIENDS and went to bed at 2 am. True story.

Friday, was NUTZ. We slept in (yay!) and relaxed for a bit in the morning. We decided to grab brunch at Tim Horton's.  We had JUST sat down, when L called to say she was in labour. Drama #2 We quickly gobbled down our breaky and I dropped V off and I visited G & G. I stayed for a couple of hours, and then I ran errands, which seemed to take longer than they should have. I bought two CD's and a new cordless phone for our LL. I love Dallas Smith's CD and I also got Miranda Lambert's new one. I now have two CD's of hers. I ran a couple of errands, and went to work. I picked up Gramma from the hospital on my way back, and picked up Vienna at our Aunt's. Stayed up and chatted, and she told me about her experience from the day (she was able to witness the birth..so amazing!) and watched FRIENDS (we skipped a few seasons, and went to the ones where Rachel is in labour), and stayed up until 2 am. Again. And not a good idea. Oh well. Fun times anyway.

Saturday, we slept in again. Yay again! And was planning on relaxing for most of the day, when Vienna realized that she had to the midwife to sign a form she needed. We were a bit annoyed, but we decided to make a fun time out of it. Grabbed Timmies for everyone and she went to the library to print out the form (we don't have a printer) and went to the hospital. Had a nice visit with G & G and then grabbed Sushi and Starbucks on the way home. We watched FROZEN, and other than not being able to multi-task (I kept missing things in the movie) and getting Anna and Elsa mixed up (I had no idea it was a CSI-type movie.haha...lol), it was a fun movie to watch. I had watched it at work, but I hadn't been able to finish it, since I was well, working. Did I mention that we had Starbucks and Sushi? On a Saturday? That was sunny? With Sister? Happy Girls, we were!

After quickly getting ready to go, we left around 5:30, after grabbing gas, and Starbucks, of course for the road. I stopped half way to grab a few things for that night (chips, s'mores, etc, you know the important things in life), as Anker was still camping in the tent. When I came back to the car, Vienna had told me that Anker had had an accident with the quad. Drama #3. Mom was taking him to the hospital. As soon as I got there, Anker was just going to get x-rayed. Mom took Vienna home, and I stayed on at the hospital with Anker. In the end, it turned out that nothing was broken, but he was (and still is!)  very sore. I took him back to the ranch, and instead of sleeping in the tent, we stayed in the house (it has started raining, anyway). Sunday, I went to church, while Anker slept. Vienna had a final little speech to say before she leaves for Far, Far, Away. Came home and was FINALLY able to relax a bit. I read a magazine, a book, and I also napped outside in the front yard. We left around 6, grabbed DQ on the way home, and got in around 8.

So THAT was my week last week! Yes, it was pretty crazy!! I am hoping that this week will be a little less crazy!!!

I am sorry this is such a long and wordy post, but I had to get it all in there somehow :)


terbez72 said…
too hilarious that your mom is worried about V being in Kamloops when soon she will be in a foreign land! LMAO!!
The A Team said…
I know...that cracked me up, too. But she will be worried about her (we all will) while she is there, too. It wouldn't have been so fast, if V had had a phone...lol

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