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First off, I would be remiss if I didn't mention the passing of the wonderful, ever so funny, Robin Williams. I was shocked (like everyone else) to find out that he had died on Monday morning. He was such a funny guy, and he will be missed. I think my favourite movie that he was in was Mrs. Doubtfire. I also liked him in Hook, and Patch Adams. The world has lost a great guy. My prayers and thoughts are with his family.

Yesterday, I attended the funeral, er, I mean Celebration of Life, for my Great Uncle, who died in early July. Since his daughters were already travelling at the time of his passing, this was the earliest that they could have done the service. I was wavering about going, even up to the last minute, and I am SO glad I went. We originally thought it was going to be a come and go tea, and maybe people sharing a few things (which is was), but it was more of a service-like style, which in some ways made it more meaningful.

Over 200 people were there, and his oldest daughter (the one who we are all the closest to) MC'd and did a great job. All four daughters shared, along with their husbands, and their kids. Also a few long-winded old teacher friends (20 minute speech, anyone??) (he was a teacher for years in Kamloops). The daughters sang a song, and there were lots of pictures, and his book that he had written (which I had forgotten about..oops). I was glad I went b/c I was the only great grand niece/nephew that was represented on the Phillips' (my dad's mom's) side. Yah, it was a little long, but it was great hearing about what everyone said about him. It made me miss him more. He was a much loved man, teacher, friend, father, husband, and grandfather. He served in WW2, contracted TB, and raised four lovely daughters. Oh, and did I mention that he grew up without a dad? His father died before he was born. He lived such a wonderful life.

After my dad's parents passed, they kind of became our grandparents. They came to our weddings (if they could manage it) and graduations. They would send us cards on our birthdays and sometimes at Christmas. He gave my mom tips about homeschooling (even when he wasn't partial to himself)we kids when Mom would get frustrated, and would spend hours talking to we kids. He loved hanging out with us all. When we were younger, they had a house on a lake in the area, and we would go and spend time there for a few days. Their house was so cool, and we had many happy memories there. As I got older, I would call them (thought not NEARLY enough), and we would chat for a bit. The last time I saw him (our great aunt is still alive), was at Vienna's grad a few years ago, and I don't even think I said hello. I wanted to take Anker there and have a visit with them for an afternoon, so he could tell Anker all about his WW2 adventures, but we never got there, and I am wishing that we would have just made time to go.

I could go on and on (and I may in another post) about how sad I thought the service was because as far as we know, he wasn't a Christan, and had raised his kids (and taught others) not to believe in God, or on now people, although they said great things about him, didn't say anything about his being in Heaven, or on we all thought that it was sad that he taught others that doing good things on earth was the most important thing, or that the people that did tributes to him didn't know his Jesus, and they thought that doing good on earth was the most important thing, but I won't, as I want to remember his life as he lived it; good. And I have to leave for work.


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