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Linking up with A Mama Collective for this weeks Currently!
Thankful For/SO many things; For my sisters safe arrival to her Far, Far Away Destination. She had a great flight, and wasn't too sick on the plane, and she arrived safely. That our car is (sort of) working, that my hubby is cleaning up his junk from our storage room. It's a long and lengthy process, but I hope it will be done before winter.

Watching/ My 600 lb Life. I have a ton of stuff on my PVR that I watch when I am bored, or doing stuff on the Computer. So ya, I am watching that now. Good show, but sad.

Thinking About/ The sadness that is going on in the world, especially in Ferguson, MO. I am shocked and appalled.

Enjoying/ My job. Right this minute? Enjoying the morning of relaxation before I have to head to work. I should be doing things, but I don't wanna. LOL

Reading/ Well, this blog, obviously (and others in the link up), but I am still reading Danielle Steel's Power Play. I am almost finished.

Listening To/ The fan, the show that I am watching (see above).

Loving/ My brother and SIL being back in town. I hung out with them last night, and put H to bed, and then ended up looking after him for a few minutes while his parents went for a walk. He is adorable, and says the cutest and darndest things!

Looking Forward To/ Heading to my parents' house this weekend for one final weekend of camping. I feel like we haven't done much this summer, but we have had some nice camping trips, even if they were at my parents'.  I am also looking forward to Fall. Yes, I know it's a little early, as we officially have two more weeks before school starts (even if it does-teachers' strike), and over a month before it is officially fall, but I hear that Starbucks is coming out with their PSL's at the end of the month! Yay! I also am a bit tired of this HOT weather!!!

Proud of/ For the first time in well, FOREVER, I didn't buy my weekly magazines! It was hard for me to do (especially since Robin Williams was on the cover of PEOPLE), but we really can't afford anything super extra right now. I also am not eating out much (if I eat out alone, it is usually lunch at McD's or something) this week, though I did eat out yesterday.I have also made some good food choices this week (yesterday's lunch not being one of them)! I didn't have any TimBits (donut holes) the other day, and I usually try to have my drinks half sweet. I also only had one Reece's Peanut Butter Cup (and they were small) last night. It's the little things, people!


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