Oh Hey Friday!

Happy Friday!!

I was going to do a post on BabyLoss (and I still might), but I don't feel 100% comfortable, since it isn't really my story to tell (I try not to tell too much about/of my family and their stories), but I still would like to talk about it, so I might (if they were bloggers, I might have them guest blog...does anyone else have anyone that isn't a blogger do a guest post?) do a short post.

But on to Friday!

1. Mini Break// I am on a 4.5 day mini break. I was supposed to have a girls get a away with my friend, but due to car issues, she wasn't able to make it.Since I already had had it booked off, hubby and I were going to the ranch, but we don't really have the money to do that, either. So we are staying here. It is nice just to relax and watch movies and basically do nothing for 5 days.

2. Meet up With Friends// Met up with a friend from out of town and her family the other day. Remember when I talked about Baby T? Well, it's his momma, daddy, and little sister, N. We had a fun hour in the park and had a nice visit.

3. Fresh Veggies// Mom gave us some fresh NON GMO'd, ORGANIC veggies from their garden. Yum! We were going to have a nice supper with them last night, but I didn't feel like cooking, and we really weren't that hungry.

4. A Casual Husband// Yah, he drives me nuts some of the time, but I LOVE that we a) don't have to specific time to eat dinner every night and b) we don't necessarily have to have meat and potatoes every night. Last night we had pie. And I had rice cakes. He had grilled cheese sammies.

5. My Lil Nephew// He (and his parents) have moved back here. I had fun the other night hanging out with him; playing with, giving him his bath, reading stories, and hanging out. He says the craziest stuff. I heart him.

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