LAST Week and Weekend's Update

Yah, I am a bit late, but hey it's my blog, and I can blog when and if I want to, right? I actually won't do a complete update, cause basically my life is relaxing, working, and running errands, and going to Starbucks and other coffee places, which is pretty much what I did last week. But just for fun (and because I can), I will do a quick recap of LAST week.

Monday, I slept most of the day, since I had worked the night prior. Hung for the day and watched TV and spent time with hubby. I think hubby made dinner.

Tuesday, was my day off. It was also the day of my Gr. Uncle's Celebration of Life an hour away. Since Dad and Mom were going, I thought I would hitch a ride. Ran a few errands before we left, and came home and relaxed in the evening. Not sure what we had for supper. I think we had steak.Yummy! I met my friend for coffee at about 10 or so. I think I went and grabbed a late night Starbucks and read for a bit, before I picked her up. Went to McD's and had a nice chat. I got to bed around 1 am.

Wednesday, I cleaned out our fridge. I know...exciting stuff. I said goodbye to my sister, as she was heading to Calgary, then Toronto, and then to DC. Ran home really quick, as I forgot a few things, and then grabbed a bite to eat at McD's and wound up seeing a friend, and we chatted for a few minutes. I grabbed Tim's and went to work. Work went pretty well. We thought the A/C was broken, so it was a hot few hours. My shift got changed for this day, so I worked 4-11, instead of 3:30-9.

Thursday, I relaxed, and went to work. I grabbed a Starbucks on my way. Went work from 4-11. Found out that A/C was working again..yay!

Friday was pretty much the same. Relaxed in the morning, and hubby and I went to grab a parcel at the post office, and had lunch at DQ. Yum! Visited the staff at the church, and grabbed my moms vacuum that she wanted me to pick up and drop off to a friends (long story for which I won't bore you with), and then went to work. I worked 4-11. Went to start the car as I was leaving work, it took a second to start. Oh goody. We had been having some problems with the car, but it was still starting (although it was resetting the clock at times..grrr). Thankfully, it started ok, and I went home, and relaxed until I went to sleep..another late night.

Saturday, I met my lady friends for coffee, which turned into lunch (as it usually does) at McD's. Went to start it up, and it wouldn't start. Oh Goody again. I tried 10 times, and it still wouldn't start. I went back into McD's and found that some of my friends were still in there. My one friend call her son, who tried to jump my car. It didn't work. I finally called BCAA, who came and was able to jump start my car. Followed me and then explained to us that the battery wasn't connecting. It still sounds funny when we start it sometimes, but for the most part, it is ok. Thank you, Jesus! I didn't feel like going out again that evening, even though my Brother and SIL asked me to come for a movie. I just relaxed and watched shows on our PVR. Didn't do a whole lot that evening.

Sunday, I worked 12 hours. It was a great shift, and I was in a great mood. And worked paid for Starbucks. Anytime that works pays for coffee ANYWHERE is a good day. Came home and relaxed and watched TV/Facebooked.

So that was last week and last weekend. I will update soon on this week/end.


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