Weekend Wrap Up

Does anyone else secretly glad when the new week starts? I am! I know, I am odd.

Anyway...I realized that as I was typing out last weeks update that I wasn't going to do them anymore, unless something exciting happens. I really don't know on how long I will be doing the weekend wrap ups, since most of the time, they are boring; or I work. But at least it's three days of writing about instead of 5.


I relaxed in the morning, and watched TV.  I went to K and A's around 2 or so. I grabbed some fun Starbucks drinks for us all on the way there. H was still sleeping so we just visited and waited till he woke up. I took H for a walk to the park (well, it was actually an elementary school playground, but same difference). He is such a funny kid!  He talks non stop and is always asking "why". Came home and hung out and we had a late supper. We had fish and chips, and green beans. Watched TV all evening (PVR'd stuff and a Mrs. Doubtfire), and then I had a shower.  At 10:30, my friend texted me and asked if I wanted to come up for a bit. She just got cable and was so excited. We watched TV, hung out and visited. I also had Southern hard iced tea. It was a fun night.

Saturday, we slept in, and watched TV. I know, we live an exciting life. We watched "The Book Thief" which was ok. Finally went out around 12 or so to A and K. Anker hadn't seen their house yet, and H had been asking him to come over. We had a fun time visiting and had lunch together, and then we went to Tim Horton's before we went home, and H went for his nap. I attempted to make these cookies. They did not turn out well.

You see, I didn't have any butter/margarine, and I wanted to make some chocolate chip cookie dough (and of course, make SOME into cookies) for my aunt and my pedicure party on Saturday, cause you have to have cookie dough while you're having a girly party. I didn't have any butter, so I thought I would check on Pinterest to see if I could find a recipe that didn't involve butter/margarine. To make a long story short, the dough looked horrible. Ok, I may or may not have done things EXACTLY the way they stated , but it just seemed a bit odd to me. I even commented on her post, and I have not heard back from her...hmm..:) I even added extra oil. Well, I went out and got some butter and I tried to revive it, but sadly, it didn't turn out well. It is now back to what it was its original intent was; dough.

Saturday night, I went to my aunts house where we did pedicures. We had such a fun evening. We had Ben and Jerry's ice cream, popcorn and pop..and of course, we did each others' nails. We also watched "A Simple Twist of Fate", which was weird. We ended the night by watching a few episodes of Big Bang Theory.

Sunday, I went to church, and then sat in the park and read magazines and tried to catch the last few rays of summer. I totally loved it.

Spent the later afternoon relaxing. Watched a couple of movies, and listened to music and downloaded new ringtones to my phone. (I already had a few, but somehow they got into another file, that I cannot retrieve to use as ringtones.

Well, I started this on Monday, and it is now Tuesday night. As usual, it is a long post, bot not as long as I was going to make it..lol.

Hope your week is amazing!


Angie said…
All my posts are long! I have a lot to say :)

Looks like a nice relaxing weekend
The A Team said…
I know..I always try to keep them short, but I never do!! Yah, last weekend was pretty nice!!

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