Oh Hey Friday

It has been a BUSY week for me. Yes, I know have a more relaxing week than most, well, with all of my coffee-ying and spending time alone and all, and there are a lot of weeks where I just work, hang out at home (watch TV, read, etc), and go for coffee, so a person may think that ANY week with more than one thing that week is busy for me, but I AM used to busy weeks, believe me, but this week was EMOTIONALLY crazy for me, too. So let me just say that I am very glad it's the weekend!

I will do an account of the week in another post, but here are my top five for this last week!

1. A full day to/for myself.

I didn't mean to, but I ended up taking one full (almost) day to read and relax. I may have had a Starbucks drink or two. Pure Bliss!!!
2. Spending LOTS of time with Sister.

For reasons I won't explain on here, Sister has been in town a lot this week. So we have been spending time before she goes away to her Far, Far Away destination. She We spent time last last Saturday before I had to work, and she came back with me when I came back from the ranch on Wednesday. We have been having lots of fun and laughs ever since. We went to a pub, went to the park, I introduced her to FRIENDS, she introduced me to Sushi (ok, NOT introduced, since I had it before, but introduced me to Superstore Sushi.

3. Sushi.

Yes, I can actually say that I LOVE sushi now.

 Sushi in the park on Thursday.
K, this was technically taken today, but isn't it a pretty picture?

4. Swim n Sun

I had me some great time at my parents' pool on Wednesday. Even Mom came and spent some relaxation time with me.

5. Spending Time withe Grandparents.

Because of Grandpa's fall on their trip, they have been spending more time here than they were planning to. He has also landed himself in the hospital. That's no good, but spending time with them has.

Linking up with Karli for this weeks Oh Hey Friday.


amy johnson said…
Your week sounds like the best ever. And now I want sushi. and a starbucks or two. :)
Thanks for linking up with me and Karli!!
Kristi said…
Being able to spend (almost) an entire day reading is such a luxury. It's hard to get back to real life. :-)

Sushi is yummy!

I hope your grandpa is out of the hospital soon. I'm sure he appreciated your visits.
The A Team said…
Thanks ladies!!! I just saw these comments now..been off my laptop for a few days, and I don't blog on my phone :) Yah, it was a pretty good week...at least the first part of it..the weekend was pretty crazy. My grandpa is doing a bit better...will blog about it in a bit.

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