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Baby Talk, and my Diagnosis

So, tonight, I feel like sharing to the 2 people that read my blog:)

My friend, C, invited me out tonight w/ some of her church friends to a "Ladies Night Out" Dinner. I wasn't sure about going, but decided that it may be good for me. So, I went. The food was a bit expensive, but very good. C made sure that she introduced me to everyone else, and she and I chatted, and most of the night, i didn't feel ignored. But as I thought, eventually, the talk turned to kids, pregnancy, etc. I knew it would, as most of her (and me too) friends have children. It was hard, actually thought about leaving, but I decided to stay. I know I should be grateful just to be alive, etc, but I really am starting to feel the "gnawing", as I am getting older, etc. Most of my friends have children, and a lot of people have been having babies recently. Although I am very happy for them, I am still sad that we probably won't have any. To be fair, we haven't been considered "…


Just a quick one, as it is late...and I am sure that for the 2 people that read this blog, you already know that I spent nearly a month in (mainly) Vancouver General Hospital, the same hospital that I was born in, almost 34 yrs ago. In fact, in the final (private!!) room that I was in, I overlooked where I was born and stayed for the first 22 months of my life.

I am doing very well at home, with only using oxygen at 1 litre while and walking, etc. I have a sleeping (Bi-Pap) machine that I use at night (Anker calls it my Darth Vader mask), and I am actually getting quite used to it. I am sleeping quite well, and I am doing WAAY better than I was.

I am losing weight, and I am now thinner than I was when I got married, nearly 3 yrs ago. A lot of it was fluid, and currently, salt/water retention, but I will take what I can get!!

I also got a blood clot while I was there, and now I am on blood thinners for about 3 months, so that was a bit of a complication. I get blood take about 2x a week,…