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Our Staycation Vacation

I thought I would quickly tell you about our little vacay we did last weekend. It was a great time, even if it was short:( Hopefully, next year, we can spend some more time away. It was a beautiful weekend, and we are really glad we did it.

On Thursday, and Friday, I madly dashed around cleaning, and organizing. Friday night, Anker's sister K, and her hubby, C, and their daughter G, stayed here. After meeting up, and then bringing them home, they got settled in, and then took us out for supper at White Spot!! It was so yummy, complete w/ Blueberry pie!! We also ended up going to the small carnival held at the local mall. Sadly, it closed about an hour after we got there, but G had some fun time going on the rides w/ her parents.

Saturday morning, we just hung out, and Anker made breakfast, while we all watched Star Wars. We didn't bother to rush, and just enjoyed lounging around, and the visiting time together. We showed them downtown Kamloops (they are from the Coast). We took …