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MM/LL/WS Link Ups

Warning: Puppy pictures included in this post. Be prepared for cuteness overload!

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Happy Monday!!! As I write this, I am really tired, and I have no clue why. I could really just fall asleep. I am at work, so falling asleep is not an option:) We did get some new stuff for the store today, so I have been having fun going through that:) A couple of things that I didn't mention on Friday; My friend informed me that her and her family are moving back to town! They lived here about 5 years ago, and we lived (and still do) near them, but we never really took full advantage of it, so when they moved, I was sad. So, when she told me last week that they were coming back, well, I was very happy. It may have made my week!!! Hubby had an apt last week that I have …

Five on Friday/Random 5/Let's Be Friends Blog Hop

Linking up with the girls again for Five on Friday, and Nancy for Random 5. (please note, I had somehow messed this up, and it opened another page, and I didn't worry about it...I had done the ENTIRE post, and even saved didn't save, and it reverted back the original page..I am not happy!!!)

It is a lovely Friday! This Friday actually means something to me, as I have the whole weekend off:) It is raining..oh how I love fall:)

1. My weekly mags:) I am getting Canadian Living and Chatelaine delivered to my house, and I bought the other two last night. I love my mags:)   2. I mentioned this earlier this week that our women's Bible Study that we are doing Soul Detox. The first wk went really well, and I really enjoyed it. I borrowed the book-book, and I hope to at least skim through it this wknd. I also want to read and maybe even buy The Christian Atheist. I read a few pages yesterday, and it really seems to speak to us and where we are right now. It is also …

Throwback Thursday #2

I didn't link up with WW, and Midweek Randoms this week, because, well, I didn't feel like it;) Anyhoo...I will blog more tomorrow (five on Friday!), but for now, here is a pic for TT:)

I thought I could turn this, so I am sorry that it is on it's side. This is me on my 11th bday (I think). My two brothers are beside me.

Tuesday Muse #1

Just a quick (I promise!!) post to link up with Nancy at A Rural Journal. I don't think I have participated in this before, but I had a photo that I wanted share (well, I have a lot I want to share, but I will only share one). I actually shared it on my earlier post today.

This is what the temp was when I got up this morning, at 8 am
True Story. Here was the temps at noon. Yup. I am wearing pants. And I have the heat on at work:) Another true story!!!

Tell us Tuesday-Cooking Class/Show and Tell with April

I am linking up with  Courtney over at  One Fine Wire for this weeks TuT:) I have decided to do a show and tell (with picture) of what I made (up) last night for supper!! I thought it would be neat to TELL YOU about a new recipe that I tried (and made up), on TELL US TUESDAY. Get it?

First off, though a little picture from my phone to show you how cold it was this morning at 8 am:)
That's correct. 3C. That is COLD!!! It is now 10C.
We didn't have a whole ton to work with as far as groceries right now, and we don't have the money to buy more stuff until next Monday, but I wanted something KIND OF healthy, so I decided (after an hour of being home, laying on the bed watching JJ eps) that I would make an adult version of mac n cheese. Well, there isn't much "adult" in it, except garlic, onions, and Havarti cheese, which some kids may not like. But other than that, there isn't any "adult" ingredients. Sadly, I don't have any measurements (I ra…