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 I wasn't going to blog today, but you know me and link ups:)

It is another beautiful day here in the Southern Interior. I posted this picture on my FB page that I had taken 2 years ago
I heart fall:)
I chatted with my brother today. You know, the one who left us Westerners to get his Masters:) Seriously, though, I am so proud of him:) That is a homeschool story in itself that I will tell sometime. Maybe. So, we had a chat today. I am still a bit down about looking for work/find a job. He was very encouraging, and had some suggestions for me, which was awesome. I felt better after talking with him.
I was thinking earlier today, that maybe this is where God wants me RIGHT NOW. I mean, sure, I know God wants more/better for us, but maybe this is what he wants me to be doing right now. I can still be looking for work, I may do some volunteer work in the future, but for now, maybe I am to be at the store. I mean, what's not to love? It is a quiet (which I wish it were a bit busier, but it is what it is, I guess) place to work. I can read, FB/Blog, and I LOVE Christian books/cds/movies, etc. I LOVE Christian Book stores!! (Heck, I love ANY Bookstore...I can be lost in Ch@pters for hours. True story). I love helping people find what they need or want. Anyway, I am going to try to not flip out (at least not for now) about my job search. There isn't much else I can do about it, anyway. The industry that I am in does not afford me the financial luxury of moving, unless it is a $20+/hr job, and/or unless they are able to financially help us move. It just isn't worth it. Hubby can't be where it is to cold, so moving North isn't really an option. (I mean, I am up for anything, and will totally go if/where God calls me, and if there is a door opened) But for now, I think we are to stay here, and I will keep doing what I am doing. I will keep praying and pressing in on the Lord, and seeking His will. Who says that His will isn't for me to be at the store? God does some strange things sometimes.
We put out Christmas cards today, as people were asking about them. Thankfully, she had a bunch from last year, so I put them out. Over 100 days until Christmas. True Story. You're welcome. Click on Christmas 2013 Countdown to get up to the second, well, seconds until Christmas..
So, I see all over the internet/social media that Chevron is all the rage. I started wondering what I was. I looked it up, as to me, Chevron is a gas company, but no, apparently, Chevron is also a pattern as well. Three things. Who knew? And who names these new patterns? Does anyone else think it is weird that there is a pattern and gas company with the same name? Please tell me I am not the only one who feels this way:)
Chevron Gas.

Chevron Pattern.
We have been having some great weather lately:) I love this weather..not too hot, but nice enough that a person can still enjoy being outside.
This is the weekly forecast:)
This was the weather a few minutes ago:) Sweet, right?
I got a PSL this morning. I had to:)
I am still sipping on it hours later. I like my mug, too, although I can't put it in the microwave.
Jim Parsons is on WDYTYA tonight. I love that show! Even hubby, who doesn't normally watch it with me, will probably watch it. It is also The Little Couple tonight. Again, it is one of the shows that hubs and I watch together...they are so normal (well, they are rich, but normal other than that!!). I love seeing their lil guy, too. Hubs gets a kick out of seeing him, too. I think should move to TX, just so I can babysit him. Just sayin', (Hey, at least it's warm there, right??)
TARC was good last night. It is down to the final 3 teams now. I think I am voting for the Tims father/son team. Jon Montgomery is doing a great job hosting, and while I wish the teams had gone overseas like the American TAR, I am really enjoying the beauty that is our wonderful Country. I am glad that they stayed within Canada.
Big Bang starts SOON! Season 6 comes out today...sadly, we will have to wait until the wknd to buy it. Oh well.
Y&R is really good right now. I wasn't really watching it for a couple of weeks (well, not as much, anyway), but last night, it turned really good (actually, it was good when they had Katherine/Jeannies Service).
VeggieTales is coming out with ANOTHER Christmas DVD. I think this makes about 5 Xmas dvds, now, or maybe even more.
Here are some things I saw on my FB newsfeed today, that I found very interesting, and good for a laugh (sorry, Miley).

                                              Well, Miley, you did bring this on yourself!
This takes me back when our family (while I was still living at home) was adding on to our house.

Love this...
I am so proud of all my family today (well, I am every day, but I was thinking of them all today). My parents, with their books (yes, BOTH of them will have a book out), my brother and his wife, and his photographing for famous clothing brands, and other brother, moving to get his Masters. My sister in Europe, on her adventure,  Lil Brother dong so much of the ranch work, and helping out Dad, Lil brother going to Bible College, and Baby brother at the ranch, helping the family and being a good pet-parent to his dog:)
Yup, I am proud, of of them.
Ok, Too much as usual...sorry! Have a great Tuesday/Wednesday!


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