More Mountain Pictures, and a Sad Announcement from Hollywood

I wanted to post some pics that Hubby took when he went up the later on in the week for the next sheep move. I won't be able to put them in order, but here they are. They are too pretty NOT to share...and he took these from his phone.

I apologize if there are a couple of duplicates. I messed up while moving them over from my picture file to here. Anyway, all of these pictures are taken atop our local mountain range where we take the sheep to graze for the summer. A few of them were taken early in the morning (the darker ones).
As I was perusing through my FB Newsfeed a few minutes ago, I came across a sad news via People Magazine. Although I never wish any ill on any celeb couple, I am always grateful when things like infertility, miscarriage, and stillbirth, child death are made more aware of. A year or so ago, we read about Bethenny Frankel's miscarriage with her then-hubby Jason Hobby.  I am glad she "came out" and discussed it to make us all more aware that these things do happen. So, today was no different when I came across this story. I am sad that this happened of course, but am glad that they chose to share it. She also has a blog, that I have started following (does anyone else follow celebs' blogs??).




hillary c. said…
thanks for stopping by my blog. that is a great idea to stop by the LU neighbor! Especially with a LU with hundreds of people on it... Pictures look great. Beautiful mountains!
augcott said…
First, thank you for visiting my blog and leaving your lovely comment. I'm glad you did because now I know where you are and I've become a "follower".
Your photos are lovely. I hope you had a wonderful time.
Love the mountain pictures. They are so beautiful.

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