5 on Friday/Random Five

Happy Friday! I work today and tomorrow, so Friday isn't a big deal to me right now, but hey, it's still the wknd!!!

I woke up early (for me) and got a few things done before coming into work. Now that I am at work, I can relax, sort of:)

So, here are some Random/5 on Friday facts:

1. If you are my friend on FB, you will notice judging from my statuses, that I haven't had a great week. I just feel really frustrated right now about life, job hunting, etc. I am hoping this week will be different.

2. My lil niece is now officially walking!!! She was nearly walking when we saw her a couple of weeks ago. We are all so proud of her!

3. The Big Bang Season 6 comes out earlier than I thought. It comes out THIS Tuesday!!! Hopefully, C0stco has it for the same price as I got for ssn 5. Speaking of TV shows, I am also into Downton Abbey Season 2. I also may have to buy that series, as well. Season 4 starts in the UK soon. I guess this means  that it will air in NA in January?

4. I am really missing my family this week. Everyone is spread here and there, doing their own thing, making things happen. I am glad that I went to school last year, but I still wish that a job would come along that I really would enjoy. I could move (and I have been looking), but I don't think that it would be worth it financially.

5 Fall drinks are back at Starbucks!! Yes, I know. This makes me very happy!!!

 I may or may not have gone twice already to grab one:) My fav? Salted Caramel Mocha!
A great combo!! Their SC MCake Pop!!

5.1. I didn't blog about them, but I did make some really good Breakfast Cookies the other day. They don't look as good as the ones in the picture (do they ever?), but  must say that they turned out pretty well.


Happy Friday!!!


Rose said…
Oh, a new season of Downton Abby!!!
That will be wonderful.

Did you watch Call The Midwife? It is so well done...and I know they have did a new season of Foyle's
War....I just have not seen it aired. Don't let the name put you off...it is a wonderful series. I avoided watching it because of the name the first couple of seasons, then happened to start watching it without knowing what it was and was hooked.
Carol Z said…
I'm waiting for the new Downton Abbey, too. I staed to watch "Silk," and though it's not nearly as good as Downton I am enjoying it. Hope your weekend is a fun and wishes for a good week ahead.
Nancy Claeys said…
Gosh, I don't watch much tv at all anymore and haven't seen one episode of DA -- have seen a few Big Bang.

Keep your chin up dear -- the right job will come along. I just know it!
I can't wait for The Big Bang Theory, one of my favorites!

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