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I had a good wknd. Nothing too spectacular happened, but it was good. Friday, I worked and I went to SBX to grab some pumkin-y goodness (see my 5 on Friday, and TTOT Post for more info), as it rained outside.  I came home and went to my friend/neighbours house. We have been talking about getting together for awhile, so I thought I would see what she was up to. We ended up having a great evening...watching TV, going to W@lmart, eating ice cream:) I stayed up til 1 am!!

Saturday, I worked at all day, and came home and hubby had made dinner...ribs, corn and potatoes, yummy! I went to my friend/former co-workers place, as we also had been talking about getting together for awhile. We had a great visit, and yummy treats.

Sunday, I went to church, where they had a Pancake breakfast for the three different churches that meet there. The service was good, too:) I went to SBX to read and finish up my book. I am FINALLY done Nights in Rodanthe, and I had finished Sarah's Key earlier this week. I went home, and relaxed for a bit. Hubby warmed up the other taco pie from the other night. We watched 42, which was a good movie. Even if you don't like watching sports-related movies, I would suggest you try to watch it. Great lines!!! We also watched RED, as I had bought it for $5 the other night. Since RED 2 is in theatres, I wanted to watch it before we watched the sequel. It was a good night, and a god weekend overall.

I also got one my groups going (as in adding more people) again, which was fun. We have and are getting another M3nchies in town. I have heard that they are really good. It was my lil brothers bday yesterday...he is 16, now!!! So, hubby and I called home to chat with him and Dad, since we hadn't talked with them for awhile. Lil Sister is on her way (as we speak) to her adventure abroad. Am already missing her! Other LB#4 is starting Bible College....I think his first week went well. Mom and Dad are going out East for a wk or so...wish I could go with them, since their travels in Quebec (or as I like to call it, France with out a passport). I am SO jealous! I wonder if they will have some Poutine:) Not sure on how well their (Canadian) French is.

Well, that is all for now...Have a great Monday, and a great week! I really hope that my week goes better than last:)



Sounds like you had a good weekend minus the fact you had to work all day Saturday, however bonus when supper is already made for you....and it sounds delicious. Oh how I miss poutines!! Love them with what I like to call the squeaky cheese lol. Hope you week goes great!!! Also I could not find you on fb using your name. You can send me your facebook link via email at
Hi sky problem..i have been banned from adding ppl for a week..oops! My hubby calls it squeaky cheese, too:)

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